Bachelor Recap Week 3 (+ A Roundup of the Cutest & Coziest Sweaters!)

Just when I was just beginning to fall in love with Arie after last week’s episode (click here to read my Bachelor recap week 2), I feel like I have to put myself on pause and rewind. Last week’s recap was so fun.. it was great getting so much feedback from all of you. I love it when you tell me what you’re thinking.. especially when we think along the same lines. ;)
After reading this week’s recap, continue to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

I have to be honest… this week’s episode was a hard pill to swallow. I loved last week’s show but this week… I was taken aback, pretty much from the very beginning when Chris Harrison reminded the girls that they don’t have very much time left – meaning… they needed to step up their game a bit if they want to be noticed. It felt like a cattle call of sorts… Another thing about Chris Harrison’s opening scene tonight. What was up with Bibiana and Krystal sitting next to one another? Weren’t they arguing and trying to kill one another just the night before?

First Date (Group Date)

Bachelor Recap Week 3 (+ A Roundup of the Cutest & Coziest Sweaters!) ~ Kristy Wicksvia ~ People 

All about the ring. As the date description was read from the first group date card, my friends and I died. It wasn’t hard to figure out that this was going to be some sort of wrestling or boxing situation, and I hate those kinds of dates more than anything. The next thing we knew, the girls were shown entering an auditorium with a wrestler/boxing ring placed center stage and Chris Harrison announcing (WWE style) Arie’s arrival as the ‘Kissing Bandit’. It’s one thing to be referred to by the fans as the ‘Kissing Bandit’, but ABC?

As Chris talked to the girls… two former women wrestlers popped out from behind a silver curtain.  The GLOW women played their roles like it was 1985. They scared me more than Bibiana’s tough act last week. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, one of the women began picking on all of the girls one-by-one. I’m all for having fun and I can handle sarcasm… but when you begin bashing someone’s name, then drag their mother into it like she’s in the ring too, everything loses it’s comedic value. I felt bad for the girls.. except for Bekah (the 22 year old pixie cut girl) who literally acts like she’s trying out for WWE. When one of the former professional wrestlers pulled one of the girl’s hair, Tia… I realized this was no longer a “fun” ridiculous date. It seemed instead like a stupid date that ended up hurting a lot of people’s feelings.

Bachelor Recap Week 3 (+ A Roundup of the Cutest & Coziest Sweaters!) ~ Kristy Wicks

via Life and Style Mag

Next thing you know the girls change into costume and play/wrestle in front of a crowd. Kenny (one of the guys from Rachel’s season of, ‘The Bachelorette) appears and all the girls seem excited. He “fought” Arie and “lost”. Nothing to say about that… ;)

During the one-on-ones later that night, you can easily tell which girl Arie liked/wanted to kiss based on the music. It’s funny because I have watched this show for so many years yet I have never noticed every detail like this before. (boredom perhaps?) What does this mean? Everything bothered my girlfriends and I as we were watching this episode – the conversations, the face-cupping, the sloppy kisses, and the music. After Bekah’s date was over.. I honestly felt like The Bachelor had hit an all-time low. (especially after the 22 year old jumped on him while they made out)

Second Date 

Bachelor Recap Week 3 (+ A Roundup of the Cutest & Coziest Sweaters!) ~ Kristy Wicks

Just before the second date begins, Krystal decides to have a one-on-one with Marikh by the pool. Krystal started talking about her friend’s 8th grade boyfriend falling in love with her like it happened yesterday. I’m lost… I don’t even know where to go with this except I do want to ask Marikh about her skincare routine, hair, and her amazing eyebrows!!! Lol.

On with the one on one date. Lauren S….who? My friends and I had no idea who she was and didn’t remember her intro from the first night at all. We were hopeful because she seemed very nice and she came across as smart.

Immediately she was whisked away in a limo to the airport where Arie was waiting for her. They flew to Napa Valley, then they hit a winery. Upon arrival, they poured themselves a glass of wine and walked through the vineyards. Living in the SF Bay area, I’m able to visit Sonoma & Napa often. Jeff and I actually visited the very same winery last summer – it’s beautiful. It seemed the perfect date.

During the beginning of their conversation, everything was going beautifully until Lauren never. stopped. talking. the rest of the date. She seemed very nervous as she kept mentioning to the camera. She kept talking and talking and talking until she finally brought up her mother’s eye infection. We were snoozing, Arie was snoozing, and none of us thought she would get a rose. She didn’t. Bye Lauren S!

Date 3

Bachelor Recap Week 3 (+ A Roundup of the Cutest & Coziest Sweaters!)via People

The final group date sounded like the girls would be doing something with dogs. All the girls are happy except for bumper car girl. (remember last episode?) She begins to tell us that not only did she have a traumatic bumper car experience (you have to follow my recap from Week 2 to fully understand this), but she also had an issue with dogs after she was bit as a young child. (not funny I know but she kept talking about how this really affected her… years and years later)

Fast forward to the beginning of this date… The girls arrive at a park. Everyone’s excited except for bumper car girl, who keeps talking about her horrible situation. I don’t know why, but ABC felt the need to show us a re-enactment of the entire scene involving someone’s sweet little baby and a cute growling little dog. LOL! When the girls began their dog show act for the date, all the little children in the audience watching began crying… none of the dogs would do their tricks. Bumper car girl was cast as the “Pooper Scooper”.. enough said.

Bachelor Recap Week 3 (+ A Roundup of the Cutest & Coziest Sweaters!) ~ Kristy Wicksvia Newsweek

Later that night Arie and all the girls spent more time together after their doggy date. Arie immediately pulled Chelsea aside. She is the single mom who was given the first impression rose. He’s clearly into her because he sounds happy when he talks about her.. At this point I’m thinking they might have a true connection.

Bumper car girl/ Annelise really wants to get a kiss from Arie during their one-on-one conversation this night but rather than playing it cool… she comes across as extremely nervous. She doesn’t take cues very well, because once they sit down and begin talking, it’s clear that Arie isn’t into her. He won’t even look at her in the face. Chelsea intervenes and he looks thankful. It’s sad, and I feel bad for Annelise because she seems so sweet. (she just hasn’t a clue!)

Becca (pretty girl who had the very first dress up date with Arie) and Arie have a little time alone tonight. They honestly seem like a natural fit and he laughs genuinely when he’s with her, which is so important. Watching them gives me a little flutter because it reminds me of my relationship with Jeff. Plus, he said that she looks good in yoga pants… what girl wouldn’t want to hear that?! Lol!

After all that… Arie ends up giving Chelsea the group date rose, which I was surprised about. The target on her back is only getting bigger by the day…

Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony 

All of the girls are on edge because it’s week 3 and things are getting tougher. Girls see that other girls are gaining connections with Arie, and it’s stressful for them. Bibiana comes up with an idea to set up a little special space for she and Arie to have some one-on-one time with candles & a bed by the pool as well as a telescope to look up at the stars.

Arie and Lauren B. happen upon Bibiana’s romantic setup, and have no clue it was from her. They talk about how cute it was, and start kissing when Bibiana comes out and greets them. Arie asks for 5 more minutes, and she ducks and leaves. Arie ends up using the daybed as a fun spot to chat with all the girls except for Bibiana. I actually felt bad for her.

Nothing else really happens in this episode, except Annalise (bumper car girl) attempts to kiss Arie and he full-on rejects her. It was really sad, and he actually decided right then and there to take her to the limo and have her go home. I felt for her because that must have been mortifying. I don’t even remember the last time a bachelor rejected a kiss.

At the end of the show, Bibiana was sent packing. Just when I was actually beginning to like her a little more…  I heard she’s taking part in the Bachelor’s Winter Games. (Airing in Feb) Maybe she’ll find a cute ex-contestant to fall in love with!

I refuse to give up hope for the show even if Arie is making it a little difficult this week. What do you all think? Do you like the makeout/kissing bandit? I’m on the fence…


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37 thoughts on “Bachelor Recap Week 3 (+ A Roundup of the Cutest & Coziest Sweaters!)

  1. I used to be an Arie fan but he’s turning me off. He is the kissing bandit 100%. I get that there has to be a physical attraction and connection but he’s getting right in there with every girl ?.. I don’t know. It’s a turn off for me. He is coming across so fake in my eyes. Even when he says goodbye to the women who don’t get a rose. Not liking this Bachelor at all.

    1. Hi Anna,
      I full agree! It’s very disappointing how he’s kind of disconnecting from the girls he isn’t interested in and it’s not nice. I get that you have to cut people, but there is a way to do it and he’s rubbing me wrong. Thank you for commenting… xx

  2. I agree with you! Silly dates and what else bothered me was the fact that he didn’t walk the girls right to the limo. They had to walk by themselves. Not cool.
    Hopefully next week is much better!

    1. Hi Cindy,
      yes!! I agree.. everybody deserves to be walked to the limo & given a hug. I feel like all the other bachelors have done that, so I don’t get why Arie hasn’t. Not impressed with the dates either! Hopefully next week is better. Thank you for stopping by. xx

  3. I thought the contestants and Arie were victims of stupid producing! That was an impossible show to watch (but of course I kept watching, eyes and ears half closed.
    Sad night of the Bachelor. I still like Arie. Next week better be a better show!’

    1. Hi Nikki,
      Let’s keep our fingers crossed that he came across not in the best light. I think it had to do more with the type of dates that they went on – I’m sure he’s a nice guy. The edit of him didn’t come off well. Thank you for commenting and stopping by the blog – xx.

  4. I did not enjoy Monday night’s episode. I felt that the women were really degraded by the show. I hated the wrestling segment. It was horrible. This episode was pathetic & it made the women act so desperate to get attention from Arie. If a man really likes you, he will pursue you. These women are trying way too hard to get Arie’s attention.

    1. Hi Karen,
      Totally agree. I felt the same way while I was watching it, & the whole thing made me cringe. I hope the dates will be better next week. xx Thank you for commenting and reading my blog!

  5. I had many of the same feelings. The kissing is getting mortifying, enough already. I know a source close to Lauren S. that said Arie was very boring and wouldn’t talk,,,,, they had her drinking all day which may account for her odd behavior during the one on one. I am put off actually and not looking forward to next week…. but I will watch :)

    1. Hi Doree,
      Wow this is so interesting because I was telling my friends that as the date progressed she seemed not herself at all. That makes total sense, and Arie not talking probably made her more nervous! Thanks for the dirt ;)

      I’m optimistic that this was hopefully a one time bad episode, and hopefully next week will be better!

      Thank you for stopping by the blog, xx

      1. Yes, me too, hope next week gets better. I forgot to mention that sleep deprivation also came into play. Apparently they wake them up really early and they have to stay up late too ?. Did you notice many of the girls weee upset that Kauren S. went home. She was a great girl and got along with everyone.

      2. I hadn’t heard that… I would die without sleep. Karen S. seemed really nice. An insider mentioned to me that she was really drunk by the time she was talking to the cameras and that’s why she kept talking on and on…. I’m not surprised. xx

  6. His kissing is ridiculous!!! Who wants that much tongue action?!?
    He’s not my Fav at all. There’s something about him…. couldn’t pinpoint it on Emily’s season and now again. I think he’s too competitive- it’s a game to him.

    1. Hi Cornelie,
      I hope not! So many people take time off work to be there. I hope he’s there for the right reasons.. I can’t imagine how he must feel because he didn’t come directly from The Bachelorette like most Bachelor’s do, and maybe he’s not used to the cameras yet. Hopefully things will get better! Thank you for reading my blog, hope you’re enjoying the recaps :) xx

  7. Arie licks his lips EVERY time before he goes in for the kiss. I can’t unsee it now. He reminds me of the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood ?

    1. Hi Fiona,
      LOL! I’ll have to pay attention next time to this.. He really is a ‘wet’ kisser. It’s grossing me out!!

      Thank you for reading the blog, xx

    2. Oh my gosh! I noticed how he always gives his lips a quick lick before he goes in for the kiss! It grosses me out!!!!!

  8. I fell asleep from the start of that horrible wrestling date until the rose ceremony and didn’t even replay it! I deleted it! Horrible episode and this Bachelor is not coming off well in this season. And the girls climbing on top of him yikes! Girls don’t be surprised when a man gets the wrong idea! All of the screaming giggling and crying. Almost want to make myself check out of this season! Xo

  9. I cringed the whole way through with only one eye on the screen! It was so uncomfortable. The degrading of the women was awful! I’m not sure why the producers would think that was acceptable! I’m not liking Arie at all. He hasn’t had a meaningful conversation with anyone yet and is coming across as very shallow. I’m not sure if I’ll continue watching. I’ll give it one more chance next week. Thanks for your update.

    1. Thanks Gailene… I couldn’t agree more. I really feel that he must be coming across a little different than how he is in real life. Fingers crossed things get better. ;)

  10. Nobody has mentioned Jenna at the rose ceremony. She straddled him and gave him the sloppiest kiss and he was all over it. I had to fast forward. But she looked completely wasted. I imagine the alcohol flowing is in abundance during these dates/ceremonies.

  11. Completely agree with your comments. There seems to be something missing here. Class. Perhaps dignity and respect, too. Last night, Jimmy Fallon remarked that “he makes out with everybody”! His guest commented that she’s always thinking in terms of diseases and germs and there’s a lot going around there. :-D Better things to do…like checking out the sweaters in your blog!

  12. Perfect recap, Kristy!
    We didn’t care too much for this weeks episode, but NEXT WEEK’S (when Bekah reveals her age) looks like a winner!
    I like Arie, he’s really sweet… I just don’t know if I would have cast him as the bachelor!

    1. Good point… He does seem sweet. I think he’s just not used to having so many crazed girls after him all at once. I can’t wait for next week. It’s my birthday that Monday… that HAS to be good luck! ;)

  13. Hi Kristi just recently found you on Instagram I am new to that as well and so happy to have found you! I don’t know a lot of people that indulge in the bachelor and it was really fun to watch along with you all and hear the comments. I agree there’s just something about the season that is not clicking with me and I have a feeling we will be disappointed in the year one hour he is not with whoever he chooses. Looking forward to your next post! My favorite thing about Instagram is there is so many people out there as interested in home decor is I am so fun!

    1. Hi Marla,
      Thank you so much for stopping by the blog and following me on IG. Isn’t it weird.. I really hope that it doesn’t continue to be like this, this season. And thank you so much for commenting!

  14. I wasn’t A fan of this episode either. I get the premise of the show is to basically pit girls against one another but this just seemed a little too much. Pulling each others hair?!? And if you don’t like it you’re a poor sport? It was over the top… even for this show. Hopefully next week is better….! Thanks for your recap!!

    1. Hi Erin,
      I so agree with you.. Ugh. I don’t know why it had to be this way.. I thought this season would be better. Thank you for stopping by & reading! xx

  15. It hasn’t been a stellar Bachelor season. I would have thought from the Bachelor in Paradise fiasco that they would have been a little more sensitive with how women are treated – themes of group dates, Ari’s dismissive personality, the heightened emotions…it’s what happens when you pot people against each other for affection. So many personal issues with this last episode. My girlfriends and I think Bachelor needs to really think about their branding and the image of women they’re portraying. I love a good sarcastic banter, but a lot of this stuff is just too personal. Not a fan of this season for sure.

    1. Hi Tammy,
      I completely agree.. I so thought it would be different especially after the BIP season. (Ugh.) I’m going to keep watching it and hope for the best but it’s hard…. xx