Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy Wicks

Exchanging my Christmas tree with My Favorite Fiddle Fig 

One of the things that makes me sad after Christmas is taking down the tree. This time however I didn’t mind so much because it meant I was able to pull out my favorite fiddle fig tree again. I found my tree at World Market last spring and I love it! Not only is the shape beautiful but it looks so real.

I keep the fiddle fig in my living room so we can see it from every point in the house. It’s also nice to keep the green going year round. I have to say that I love not having to water a real tree.  This winter I picked up a basket from Homegoods to simplify the style a bit, and I love how it looks. I just found out that my tree is out of stock so I found a great back up for you.. Click here to shop.

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksBachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy Wicks

Shop my living room look by clicking on the items below: (This post contains affiliate links) 


Now it’s time to do a complete 180 and talk about my fave show – The Bachelor! 

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksArie and the girls via ABC

Every Monday night some of my best girlfriends come over to watch The Bachelor and catch up. We began this tradition when the kids were in the first grade (16 years ago!!) and we’ve continued our weekly get togethers ever since. I love to host and my friends love to be spoiled, so it’s a win-win for everyone. There is always a spread with candy, popcorn, snacks, and the most important thing – wine. Nothing fancy.. it’s all in good fun. Do you get together with friends to watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette? If so, what kinds of spreads do you have? Let me know in the comment section below!


I haven’t discussed The Bachelor much on my blog and I’m not exactly sure why.. The Bachelor is an indulgence that many have but are afraid to admit. Not me… I tell everyone then want to hear everyone’s opinion after each week. My friends and I love the drama, the backstabbing, the crazies ( always a few) and we love to fall in love right alongside each and every one of them. Jeff loves my Bachelor nights because it’s his night off as husband of the year. ;) You have never seen a man more happier than Jeff when he sprints upstairs with his wine in hand to have a little alone time with his Madden football on the PS4. ;)


Alright.. Let’s dive in to this season!! My plan is to post a recap a day or two after every show each time it’s on so keep an eye out in the future.

I’m assuming if you’re reading this you probably know something about the show so I won’t bore you with the details or the concept. Over the years The Bachelor has run everyone has been in love or disappointed with some of the choices of the front runner for whatever reason, but this time around I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. At first, I was sooooooo bummed that Peter (from the last Bachelorette) wasn’t named the Bachelor, but once Arie’s name was announced, I was thrilled!!! It’s been five years since Arie Luyendyk Jr. (former race car driver) was on a previous season of The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard and my friends and I felt he deserved a second chance. We really thought Arie and Emily would end up together. Instead, she chose the other guy (the wrong man) and Arie was left heartbroken and alone… After all of that we were certain that he would be selected to become the next Bachelor but he wasn’t.

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksArie via ABC


Started from the bottom now he’s here… (Emma reference… who is Drake??? Lol.. just kidding) Personally, I loved Arie when he was on the last time around and thought Emily had made a huge mistake. He was clearly the better choice over the other Bachelor, Jef Holm but that’s an entirely different subject and show. (They never worked out and she is now married to someone completely different) After The Bachelorette Arie became known as the “Kissing Bandit” because he kept sneaking kisses from Emily Maynard. Apparently he has “pillow lips”, a reference that still kills me and is brought up again and again in the show. Anywaysssss let’s get to it!


In last week’s premier show, we were introduced to all the girls. There were a few standouts – Bekah M, who has a cute pixie cut and spit fire attitude, Chelsea, the single mom (she received the first impression rose) who seemed to take up most of Arie’s time (I have a feeling she is going to be our villain this season… she rubbed me wrong right away) and Krystal, the fitness coach with the sex kitten voice and the best bod on the beach. The second episode (this week’s show) always scares me because it seems that every girl I loved from the first night turns into a complete wackadoodle and I’m left wondering where I went wrong.

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksBecca via Reality Steve

First Date

The first date of the season was a one-on-one and Arie chose Becca K. who is Publicist from Minnesota. Oh and FYI, just so you aren’t confused (because I was)… On this show alone there are 2 Becca’s/Bekah’s, 4 Lauren’s and 2 girls with a Jen/Jenna name of some sort… (future Mom’s may want to take note)
When Becca was announced for the first date I had to try and remember who Becca was from the first episode. I think ABC purposely downplayed her – something they do alllllll the time with the seemingly normal girls. She appeared really touched that he chose her and throughout the date she was sweet, funny, and relatable. Becca is the total “Girl Next Door” type.

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksArie and Becca via Life and Style Mag

They left the mansion on a motorcycle, (one of many machines they keep trying to tie Arie to) then drove to a beautiful home where she was surprised by celeb stylist, Rachel Zoe and a rack full of gorgeous clothes. Arie also surprised her with Louboutins, (luxury designer shoes with red soles for those who are unfamiliar)  Neil Lane jewels, etc. if that wasn’t enough. It seemed a little formulaic (anyone remember Cinderella?) but hey, who doesn’t love a dress up party? Everything was selected for a date later that night. Of course she looked amazing in everything. I mean if you’re going to select one girl out of the bunch to try on all of this she had better look amazing right? ;) One thing I have to say that I appreciated about Arie is that he seemed to know what all of these things were. Jeff wouldn’t know a red sole if it ran across his face. ;) He comes across as a little metro at times with his soft spoken voice and his innate sense of fashion.. I like this vulnerable sophisticated guy. Race car driver turned stylist? Why not.. Oh and did I mention Becca gets to keep the dress, shoes and earrings?

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy Wicks
Earrings from Neil Lane – image via People
Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksArie, Becca, and Rachel Zoe via Rachel Zoe

Later that day they went to their formal attire dinner where Becca opened up about about her family and life. I loved how real she came across from the first minute but during dinner when she talked about her father passing away when she was younger… I immediately fell in love with her. She seems incredible, real and stands out amongst the rest. She obviously got a rose and I’m going to be rooting for her throughout the season!

My Opinion: I love Becca. She seems like someone I would be friends with and comes across as very genuine. I really think there is a spark between them.. and I can’t wait to see more of her. Becca gets an A+!

Arie came across as extremely nice and caring during his time with Becca…even if he is a little too into the fashions for me.

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddsle Fig Tree - Kristy WickKrystal – image via ABC

Second Date 

Home town date… wait what? The second date is almost always a group date but this time around Arie switched things up and chose Krystal (the fitness buff) for another one-on-one.. From the beginning of the show Arie had said he wanted to do things differently, his way and he surprised everyone, including all of us with this next one-on-one date and with it’s location.

At this point I remembered I loved Krystal from night one as she seemed sweet. I just wasn’t sure if she was being real or not so I was excited to see what she would be like on a one-on-one. The two flew to Scottsdale where Arie lives and grew up because he said he knew that she had never been there before. I was so shocked. This doesn’t normally happen til the end of the show…

He gave her a little tour of his home town.. then they went to meet the parents. We couldn’t believe it. Nooooone does this. Why take her to meet his parents this early on?

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksArie and Krystal – image via ABC

I have to say when Arie’s mom came into the room I died because Krystal looked so much like her! They do say that people marry someone who remind them of their parents. ;)  After the parent get together, the two of them went to dinner where Krystal opened up about her difficult past. She said that her parents divorced when she and her brother were young and they provided no love or support for them so she ended up raising her brother. He now lives on the streets of L.A which causes a lot of pain for her. Her story was really sad… at that point both Arie and I were butter.

Krystal’s story was touching. I could see that Arie cared a great deal.  As a mater of fact, Arie impressed me with his listening and concern on both dates. He’s very close with his family and it’s obvious that he is a caring person. Krystal got a rose and I was happy about it.


My opinion: I didn’t think I would like Krystal as much as I did at the end of the date. Once I heard her story I immediately felt like I had judged her a little too harshly and I had her all wrong. I was surprised however when Krystal went back to the house and the girls began to drill her on the date.. and she gave up no info. On one hand, I can see why she didn’t want them to know anything but on the other hand there seemed to be something a little off. She came across as private but also a little competitive. Hmm…

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy Wicks

image via ABC

Third Date 

Disclaimer – I hate the group dates. There is always a stupid theme involved where everyone is vying for the Bachelor’s attention and the competitive claws come out. Girls are pitted against one another which is always a turn off but I get that it makes for good TV. On this date the show had the girls in a demolition derby of some sorts where the cars rammed into one another until the cars could no longer drive. It was dangerous and ridiculous. No man is worth a concussion. The only thing I came away from this is that one of the girls left with whiplash and another has childhood nightmares from a bumper car experience gone bad. LOL Hated this entire date.

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy Wicks

Bumper Car Girl – image via ABC

Rose Ceremony

Rose ceremony/ Cocktail party nights are always entertaining… This is when all the girls and their claws come out for one last chance to win Arie’s heart and the chance to stay looking for love. Krystal who already had a rose and was set to stay, spent the night interrupting everyone else’s last bit of time with Arie. I don’t get this girl… Just when I’m I pulling for her… with each, excuse me, I was ready to toss her rose. Bibiana (adorable, albeit a little angry executive assistant) also had enough and let her know… “If I’m with my man, you better back the f— up, that’s all I gotta say. I really think at this point, no one’s going to respect your time. You just dug a big a– hole for yourself.”  :O Yikes! Krystal may be selfish and a little crazy but Bibiana scares me. LOL

Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree - Kristy WicksI’m scared of this hand – image via ABC

In the end 18 girls are left and I can’t wait for next week!! Arie seems so much more together than some of the other Bachelors of the past. Definitely caring and an amazing listener. While some may think it’s strange that Arie took Krystal to his parent’s house on the second date, I find it endearing and smart. It shows he is tired of messing around and wants to see how she reacts around his family. They are his support system after all. Once you are married.. life becomes all about family and his age of 36 reflects that he knows this. I like having an older Bachelor this time around. He knows what it is he is really looking for… (And btw, the age difference doesn’t really bother me as my parents were 14 years apart and were happily married for over 40 years)


Thank you for reading and let me know if you liked my recap of this episode of The Bachelor! I’d love to do more of these – so please let me know what you think.





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36 thoughts on “Bachelor Recap + My Favorite Fiddle Fig Tree

    1. Hi Kim,

      That is hilarious. I just traded down to a small because everyone said the other one was too big!! I need to find one in the middle I think… thank you for leaving a comment! xx

  1. Oh the bachelor…definitely a guilty pleasure that I watch each week haha. I’ll definitely be reading your weekly recaps :)

  2. Kristy! I LOVE that you enjoy Bachelor! I’ve been a fan since the beginning and became more so when my daughter was selected and flown from here in the Palm Beaches to Hollywood after going to audition. She met the executive producer (told she made it!) but at the time didn’t know it was “Juan Pablo” and my daughter said she just couldn’t do it. I’m so THRILLED and adore Ari! I wrote the show several times asking to make it CLASSIER and have better bachelors like in the beginning. We went to a small luncheon with a couple of the guys from Bachorette after fundraiser and saying it nicely Ari is the BEST Choice! I doubt it was my writing but sure many felt the same. I picked the same girls! And Yes the Villian too! Looks like the BEST “Most Dramatic” season ever! Ari’s best friend is married to a NFL Miami Dolphins cheerleader and my daughter cheered for them too, darn I wish she met him before Bachelor or went on show! Love to have him in the family! ? Kristy we can SO talk Bachelor!! Love it! Thanks for the GREAT recaps! Love & Blessings, kathy

    1. Hi Kathy,
      What a crazy story!!! So fun and I completely back up her smart decision to not go on Juan Pablo’s season… ;) Great minds think alike. I’m hoping that the season just gets better and better. It is all about us isn’t it? ;) Hugs.

    2. Hi Kathy,
      What a crazy story.. I completely back up your daughter’s decision to not go on Juan Pablo’s season… what a mess LOL! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope it’s the best “MOST DRAMATIC” season ever too. Oh Chris Harrison, always getting my hopes up. xx

  3. I couldn’t have written this any better! You completely read my mind summing up this entire blog beginning to end. I’m excited to see where things go for Arie this season. I look forward to reading
    Your thoughts moving forward, as always. ❤

  4. My family and I couldn’t believe how much Krystal looks like his mom…soooo similar! Maybe a little too similar…& kinda creepy. I know she has a touching story, but I just don’t feel she’s genuine. I kinda feel like she uses her brother’s situation to make herself look “caring” and humble. I’m on team “pixie cut!” :)

  5. Definitely agree with you regarding the group dates and that particular group date! It was ridiculous.
    Am going to enjoy reading your recaps! Would love to see the spread that you put on for your friends too!
    Also great post on living room.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Thank you! I definitely need to share one of my bachelor spreads with everyone. Maybe I’ll stick that in a future post about the recaps. That group date made me cringe inside and I definitely wasn’t a fun of the date idea in general. ABC what gives? Thank you for commenting. xx

  6. Loved your recap. I think it would be fun if you did a little vlog instead of a blog! Like a long ista story since you’re so great on camera.

    1. Hi Mia,
      Thank you so much! Maybe with my new camera I’ll begin putting out vlogs… but that is a completely foreign concept to me and I’ll have to figure it out lol. xx

  7. Yup… keep doing these my friend!!! Loved reading your recap and how cool that your parents were 14 years apart!

    I am actually super excited about this season and I think as far as women go they have never had a more attractive cast! Arie isnt my cup od tea but he seems right for the job!


    1. Hi Kristen,
      Thanks for stopping by my blog my friend!!! I agree.. whether Arie is your cup of tea or not, I think he means well and is ready. I’m always a team LOVE person. The girls are so gorgeous this season.. I agree. xo

    1. Hi Mary,
      Thank you! I’ll definitely have to do that. I need motivation from every angle lol. I’m sure she is a nice person – but it’s weird how ABC edits sometimes. I feel badly that it’s out of everyones control.

  8. Loved the recap!
    The only thing about Arie is his kissing “style” is toooooo much!!!
    Can’t stand the hands in the hair and on the neck …. no not for the first kiss! He goes for the huge makeout right off the bat! Yuck!
    Anyway other than that he seems nice.
    Keep up the recaps! Love it!

    1. Hi Becky,
      This made me laugh out loud because when you think about it – it’s true. It’s different. For the first kiss maybe it’s a little much but he has the whole “kissing bandit” thing to live up to. Maybe he’s overcompensating. xx

  9. Hi Kristy,
    I got that pretty Restoration Hardware tree for my bedroom at Christmas time. All the Christmas dec are put away except that. I love it and I can’t put it away yet.
    I love the Bachelor show. After watching him kiss a couple girls I can’t watch the kissing anymore, the camera man zooms too close! Ewe. I didn’t know Arie lived in Scottsdale. Somehow I missed that. I work in Paradise Valley, AZ and my bosses son went to the same high school at the same time as him.
    My husband walked in the room the same time Bekah M made her entrance the 1st night and he stopped in his tracks and goes wow, who’s she? Then the next morning at work we were talking about the show and my boss (who watches, LOL) says that girl with the short hair is really cute! I laughed and later said to my husband what is with her that you find so attractive. He says, I don’t know, sometimes when a girl like that walks in a room you go wow, she’s cute. Ha! I don’t know about that Krystal?? Too soon to tell. I love my Monday night TV between Dancing with the Stars and the Bachelor. Nice way to unwind after the dreadful Mondays.

    1. Hi Penny,
      Oh my gosh – I wish I worked at an office where all the men watched the bachelor! LOL. I actually adore Pixie cut girl (Bekah) and think she is the girl next store that every man adores. xx

  10. Thanks Kristy. I too love The Bachelor and admit it is my guilty pleasure.
    I agreed with most of your post. I think the Group dates are usually stupid also and thought the bumper cars was a dangerous idea. I really like Becca, the long haired one, She seems normal. The short haired one seems to me like she is out to find fame and fortune and is an actress wanna-be. Although Krystal does have a sad background, she seems extremely fake and phoney to me. Her voice is very irritating.
    There seems to be a few decent girls in the group,but it is the same few girls who get all of the airtime. It will be an interesting season……..

  11. Love your recap and the Bachelor! You and I saw things very much alike. I enjoy following you on Insta! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Kristy, you nailed it!!! I feel the EXACT same way about Becca, Krystal and Bibiana! The part about Bibiana did make me laugh out loud! ? Looking forward to the next review!