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April Book Club Discussion

April Book Club Discussion Kristy Wicks

Hi all! We’re back with another monthly book club discussion… This time we are SO excited to talk about our April book, The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian. Click here to snag a copy from Amazon. 


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I loved April’s book choice so much that I ended up reading it in a couple days.. Emma on the other hand read the entire book in just 1 day! That’s when you know it’s a good one. ;) 

Many of you may already know (some may not) that I was a flight attendant for 20 years for a major airline – just like our main character, Cassie. From the minute I started reading the first page, until the very last – I felt a kinship with our heroine. The author clearly did his homework on life in the the airline industry! Let me just say… it’s a wonderfully crazy world full of travel and intrigue. While a flight attendant’s life is completely scheduled on one hand, it’s full of freedom and exploration on layovers. You’re a part of the crew when working on the plane, yet completely independent to do what you want and with whomever you like during your layover. Many visit family and friends while others tour cities and take advantage of meeting new people like Cassie did during her time away. 

There were so many things that we liked about this story – clearly the author is a great writer. Chris Bohjalian has written over 20 novels. His novel, Midwives, was one of Oprah’s Book Club selections back in 1998. With this book, The Flight Attendant, the New York Time’s newspaper discussed how Bohjalian came up with the idea for the book… ‘The author said he flew from Armenia to New York City with a layover in Moscow.. he was always interested in aviation and the “aesthetic beauty in the rituals around which we drink: the colors, the bottles, the glasses.” He was sitting in a bar during his layover and asked the bartender for napkins and a pen. He wrote the first 3 pages of the book on those napkins…’ (Read more about the write up here

Some of the details that we liked most about this book: 

  • The Flight Attendant was a total page turner. From page one to the very last, we were completely invested and engaged with everything Cassie went through.. her struggles with alcohol, her anxiety over losing her job, her worries of getting into trouble with the FBI to even the Russians coming after her… The ending was shocking! The entire last chapter threw me for a loop. I didn’t see it coming.
  • The accuracy on the airline industry life and the flight attendant job description was amazing. I felt like I was back on a layover myself reading this book. Everything was so accurate… from the descriptions of the work life, the layovers, even the van ride conversations back to the plane. You genuinely felt like you were a part of every moment in Cassie’s life, as a flight attendant. Bohjalian did a wonderful job with his research.
  • The inside look at father/daughter relationships is real.  Cassie was always looking for the casual one night stands rather than a long term boyfriend. You understand her pain with the well written explanation of her childhood and the relationship (or lack of relationship) that she had with her father. I was happy that Cassie found love and the family she craved in the end through her daughter.
  • The cost of excessive drinking.. Alcohol abuse can lead to a life spiraling out of control as we learned through Cassie and her constant blackout situations. The fact that Cassie couldn’t say with certainty that she didn’t kill Alex is just one example. We were happy that by the end of the book Cassie turned her life around and gave up alcohol.
  • The travel life really is that good… Traveling the world with Cassie was a definite highlight. The descriptions of Alex’s hotel, Dubai, Rome layovers and NYC.. all felt so adventurous and glamorous.

The one issue I had with the book was that there was so much about Elena throughout.. I felt her quick demise was so unexpected that it didn’t really make sense. Also, the ending felt a little rushed… All along, the book had a rhythm until the last chapter. Not sure if you felt the same?


What did you think of the book? Were you on the edge of your seat to the end? What did you think about the flight attendant life that the author depicted? I have to mention… the real flight attendant life isn’t that bananas and out of control. ;)

May Book & Synopsis:

Emma and I both love Mary Higgins Clark and we are thrilled that she has come out with another book…

I’ve Got My Eyes on You by Mary Higgins Clark

Click here to order it from Amazon, download it for a kindle, or listen to it on audible!

A new thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author and “Queen of Suspense” Mary Higgins Clark.

When a terrible crime shocks a New Jersey community, all signs point to one suspect. But if he’s innocent as he claims, it means the murderer is still out there…

After throwing a party when her parents were away, 18-year-old Kerry Dowling is discovered lifeless at the bottom of the family pool. The police immediately question Kerry’s boyfriend, who—despite proclaiming his love for her—was seen arguing with Kerry that night. As neighbors and classmates grieve the loss of their friend, Kerry’s 28-year-old sister Aline, a guidance counselor, searches for answers. She’ll do anything to help the Detective Mike Wilson learn what really happened the night Kerry was killed.

Was someone watching Kerry the night of the murder? For Aline, the truth could be deadly.

This is a thrilling investigation asking what we truly know about the those we trust, and the secrets lying in even the most idyllic of neighborhoods.



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4 thoughts on “April Book Club Discussion

  1. My heart went out to Cassie. I’m a single parent but still understand a little the singles life. Some of the choices she would make would cause me to slap my head and say, “Why?” We have all been there though. What startled me even more is to discover Alex may have been looking to become involved with Cassie instead of the other way around… and NOT for good reasons!! I was stunned by this and even the FBI’s report of Megan and her husband being informants for Russian Intelligence. I kept checking on my knowledge of Cossack from where I teach “The Most Dangerous Game.” I didn’t feel Elena’s death was rushed but the irony of how she died the same way she had caused Alex to die. Such a lovely suspense novel! I will keep Bohjalian on my radar at the library!

    1. So many good points Jennifer… especially surrounding Elena! Bohjalian is definitely a favorite of mine now. I plan to look out for him in the future! :)

      1. There was a lot about Elena and her past in the book. I felt it was the authors way of giving us the history of Russia. It felt like he wanted us to see it through Elena’s eyes growing up. Her character was very aware of the danger she was in but still she didn’t protect herself going into Cassie’s room.

  2. Oh my I didn’t see the ending either!! It was a real page turner.
    It pleased me that Cassie felt affection for Alex. She did have good instincts although how did she miss Buckley!!
    I was left with questions like paternity. Did she go to Alex’s family to confirm. Or was he the only one she didn’t use a condom with? Maybe she checked and her child didn’t match the other two lovers. I am a detail person.
    Loved the book and I hope to read some more reviews. I will get Mays book for sure because you ladies know how to pick a good book!