Current Tunes – April 2019 Spotify Playlist

Hey guys! I’ve been getting so many requests for the music I’m playing in my stories that I’ve decided to pull together an April 2019 Spotify Playlist. I’m always looking for something new to listen to and while I play tons of music from the past, you’ll mostly find me gravitating towards some of the newer songs that have just hit the airwaves.

Current Tunes - April 2019 Spotify Playlist

Emma says that I’m usually one of the coolest moms around regarding music tastes.. ;) You’ll always hear something playing in the background while we’re entertaining, cooking or just relaxing at home. I love everything from pop, R&B, jazz and more. You’ll find me listening to all kinds of music and my playlists reflect this. Music sets the mood and vibe for every situation.. I love to listen.

I’m going to try to update my Spotify playlist as often as possible. I just started my account today.. so fun! Click here to listen to my Spotify playlist. Make sure to follow me if you want to catch any updated playlists as soon as they are published.

What are your favorite songs right now? Comment below!


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7 thoughts on “Current Tunes – April 2019 Spotify Playlist

  1. OK… since you asked.
    About 9 months ago, I was sleepily listening to Pandora, when a song came on that straightened my back. I was like What?!!
    What IS that song?
    Who is singing it?!
    WHAT language is it?
    All I’ll say is it’s the Official Song for Germany World Cup.
    I listen and watch the video Every. Single. Morning. now.
    It lifts my spirits. It fills my heart with hope. Sometimes I cry from the glory. I recommit each morning to celebrating life. I’m reminded of what’s possible.
    Will you feel the same way? I have no idea (but I’d love to know!) Here it is on Youtube >> (
    xo, Darlene :)

  2. Love your music list- I love to have music in the background – it sets a lovely tone & improves the mood in my home . Thanks so much

  3. I’m so glad you posted this and I hope to see more in the future. Several of the songs you’ve used on your Instastories of your vacation are ones I listen to, and haven’t heard anyone else play them! So I’m confident I’ll enjoy your choices. Thank you Kristy!