World Series Tuesday and Homegoods winner!

One of the greatest things about having kids when you’re young is that you get to be the one to host the World Series Party midweek.  Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area we take our baseball seriously around here and we couldn’t be more thrilled that the Giants are heading to their 3rd World Series in 5 years!
Whether you are a Giants fan or not you can’t help but admire the tenacity of this team and their incredible coach, Bruce Bochy.

To prepare for our big night we are serving cocktails from our favorite Williams-Sonoma ‘Cocktail Parties’ Recipe Book along with some appetizers.
It’s filled with so many yummy recipes that we rarely ever serve the same thing twice.
Standing next to the ‘Cocktail Parties’ recipe book is my new silver and gold dipped pitcher from Homegoods which is holding my gorgeous citrus colored hydrangeas.
I’m mad about this gorgeous piece as it incorporates all the colors of my kitchen.
Silver and Gold look incredible together when paired correctly as it is here.

On that note I’ll throw out a ‘Go Giants!’ and get on with our BIG winner of the day…

Owens and Davis and I are thrilled to announce that the winner of the $100 Homegoods Gift Card Giveaway is Kim from @ Kim_at_home on Instagram.
We are so excited for you Kim and if you could please email the both of us your address we’ll get your Gift Card off ASAP so you can begin spending. :)
Congrats again and thank you to everyone for taking part in our exciting Homegoods Giveaway!  :)

Have a beautiful day and hugs to all!



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14 thoughts on “World Series Tuesday and Homegoods winner!

    1. Oops! Just catching up Jen! You are so sweet! Thank you! Great 1st game, hard 2nd game! (wahhh!) Wish us luck for Friday!!! Hugs sweetie! xoxo

    1. So glad you took part! There will also be more Giveaways with another Large Christmas one later this season… :)

  1. Such an inviting and happy looking kitchen. I must get myself that Williams-Sonoma Cocktail Parites book! Hope you all had fun!

    1. Great time Charlene… :) It’s a beautiful cocktail recipe book and well… I don’t think there is anything I don’t love about this store! :) Hugs! xoxo

  2. Kristy,
    I live in Kansas City and am cheering for the KC Royals! What a great series it has been so far. The win in last night’s 2nd game was so exciting. My daughter was at the game.
    Good luck in the series!

    1. EEK! Such a hard game to sit through Julie as I’m sure you felt with the 1st. ;) Hugs and may the better team win! Lol… (Go Giants!)