Christmas Decor and Family Tradition….

christmas tree in the study. https://kristywicks.comThis has been such a busy week!!  I’ve begun pulling out some of my Christmas decor and while doing so thinking about the direction I want to take decorating this holiday season.  Looking at everything I realize that I’m not the type to change my complete look and style with each new season.  Rather, I’m a bit more selective and only add new pieces if I find something really special.  While I love and appreciate those who constantly mix things up… I find that we are a family who cherish our Christmas and holiday traditions… even down to our classic Christmas tree.

Having an only child we have found that our family traditions matter more than anything. We have always wanted our daughter to feel connected and loved through the ways in which we celebrate this special season…  Our family is one that never takes anything too seriously and so it may not be surprising for you to find that we approach decorating our tree in a sweet and corny way.   Usually there is a family movie playing in the background… think Sleepless in Seattle or A Christmas Story and while watching, one person unwraps the ornaments while the others hang.  We always have so much fun discovering each ornament as it’s unveiled and every piece seems to have some silly memory or story attached to it.  Suffice it to say… we aren’t short of laughter.

This sweet picture of Cal sleeping on the sofa in my study is a perfect example of our home life….  This shot from last year makes me smile so much.  We miss this guy terribly and loved decorating around him as he slept.  He never minded the ornaments piled against him as we unwrapped each one and laid them on the sofa.  This captured moment with our beautiful tree in the foreground reflects exactly what Christmas means to us….  Love.

While I’m all about ‘keeping with tradition‘, every year without fail I do seem to find something I can’t live without.  It’s my nature to shop… I just can’t help it!!  ;)  Below you will find some of the new seasonal holiday decor that I am currently loving.   I find that I have been leaning more and more toward white lately and some of the icier colors look so pretty against my white painted walls.  For those who crave color?  Don’t worry… more colorful seasonal decor to come later this week!

Have fun shopping and have a great day!


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