White and Aqua Kitchen Love by StoneCroft Homes

I love white kitchens.  It’s out there, everyone knows and I’m not ashamed to shout it.  Today, while online I stumbled upon this gorgeous custom kitchen built by one of the most talented building teams in Kentucky,  Stonecroft Homes.  I love the way this kitchen exudes an old world feel yet stays current with the trends of today.  It’s classic and timeless.  I have family in Kentucky who have built some amazing homes…  All richly made with beautiful detail.  My cousin has one of the nicest and I’m crazy about all the woodwork and fine materials used.  This kitchen has so many beautiful parts to it.  From the marble to the built-in cabinetry, white painted floors to ceiling… nothing has been overlooked.  Enjoy all the eye candy shown below,  It’s definitely one of the prettiest kitchens I’ve seen in a long while.

Have a beautiful day!


Photos ~ Stonecroft Homes 


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4 thoughts on “White and Aqua Kitchen Love by StoneCroft Homes

  1. Such a beautiful kitchen. Can you please tell me what material the floors are that are painted and what type of paint was used?Thank you.