Weekly Cleaning Ritual

Weekly Cleaning Ritual

I grew up with a mom who made cleaning on the weekends a family affair. She would give each of us a specific task and we all participated in cleaning the entire house. It was important that everyone contributed. The best part is that we all did it together… “Misery loves company” as they say. ;)
What I remember more than anything however is how much happier my mom appeared once everything was clean and how much better we all felt when everything was beautiful. We all began to take pride in treating our homes the same way as a result.

Today, I actually enjoy cleaning my home for a variety of reasons. I find cleaning therapeutic and I love that before & after feeling. I also know how much Jeff and Emma appreciate everything looking spick and span.
I have never hired a housekeeper simply because I really do enjoy cleaning my home.

Disclosure ~ I am by no means an expert cleaner nor do I pretend to be an expert cleaner. :)

Weekly Cleaning RitualToday I’m sharing my weekly cleaning schedule for all of you to help give you a few ideas & tips that I have found work for me over the years. I have also added an estimated time allotment for each task based on my experience.. When looking at the times, keep in mind that I have a much smaller home now AND I am super fast. ;)

A few rules that we ALL follow:

  • Never leave dishes in the sink.. Wash them and put them in dishwasher straight away.
  • Don’t leave clothes on the floor (just take the extra 2 steps and place them in the hamper)
  • Anything you pull out, put back once you are finished with it (whether it’s food, makeup, shoes.. anything)

It’s surprising how clean your home can stay if you simply choose to keep these simple rules intact!

Do you have any rules you try to follow as a family to help keep your home clean? Let me know in the comments section. I’m always interested in hearing what others do…

Without further adieu.. here is my weekly cleaning ritual: (listed it order from my most favorite to least!)

Weekly Cleaning Ritual1. Vacuuming (Yaaaaaaaay!)

  • First of all, my life is soooo much better after the invention of the light-weight wireless vacuums. I am obsessed with mine because I can vacuum constantly without feeling like I’m lifting weights. My Dyson fits into tight spots easily and I to clean it I just empty the canister each time after I have used it. No bag required! Click here to shop mine. It lasts around 20 minutes per charge.
  • I vacuum 2-3 times a week. This keeps the house always looking amazing and even if it’s just a 5 minute quick vacuum in high-traffic areas.. you will feel so much better and your home will look beautiful.
  • I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a freshly vacuumed carpet with THAT pattern (you know which pattern I’m talking about!!) it makes a huge difference in how you look at your home.
  • I vacuum my sofas every time I vacuum. Don’t die.. I actually put the entire vacuum on the sofa and vacuum it. I think a lot of us do this because it’s easier than using that hand held piece.
  • I always vacuum under everything I can reach. I also move furniture out of the way. Vacuuming window sills & blinds is also important… 1x per week if I remember! This is an important step to follow because it definitely eliminates a lot of dust & dander (especially with pets).

Time: 30 mins (I have a smaller home now, so it doesn’t take very long. In my last home it took me a little longer but I like to try and get everything done as quickly as possible)

Weekly Cleaning Ritual2. Bedroom Cleaning

  • Every Sunday I strip each bed and wash all the sheets & pillowcases. I remember hearing Oprah say that she does this 2x a week… I wish! 
  • Depending on the quality of your duvet, make sure to wash it or send it to dry cleaner at least 1x per month or at least every other month depending on how much you use your duvet. There is nothing like a freshly ironed duvet & bed. I feel like I’m at a hotel when it’s cleaned!
  • I wash the mattress pad once a month as well or at least every two months depending on the season. Sheets get dirty so I can only imagine the mattress pads underneath. (Ewww)
  • I use a microfiber cloth to wipe all the various spaces in bedrooms. Remember to wipe down light bulbs & surrounding lamps because many forget but those catch a lot of dust. I dust everything, including under every piece of furniture that my vacuum cannot reach. Mid-dust, I take the cloth outside and shake it off – then continue cleaning until I’m through. I also use a duster and a Swiffer since I have hardwood everywhere.. :)
  • We have a rule to not take food upstairs to our bedrooms and this helps keep our rooms so much cleaner. We also only take glasses of water up each night. Another rule we follow… if you take a glass upstairs at night, bring it back down the following morning.

Time: 15-20 mins.

Weekly Cleaning Ritual3. Bathroom Cleaning

  • I clean my bathroom a little bit, every other day. I find that this helps deep cleaning days go much quicker.
  • I don’t know how this habit ever got started.. but somehow Jeff and I have gotten used to him cleaning the shower! He used to take long showers when we were first married so I began handing him the cleaner and sponge mid-shower asking if he would just clean it before leaving. He did such a good job I told him he was hired.  We don’t do anything that exciting.. We use the bathroom cleaner and a sponge, and clean the shower walls and floor. I also like to use the Magic Eraser made for baths where there is heavy soap scum areas/floor as well. This really gets everything off. Yes, I have marble.. but I can’t worry about everything. What I care about is making sure things are spotless! I’ll also use a bleach spray if need be.
  • I wipe my countertops with either a clean wipe or bathroom cleaner. (either Mrs. Meyers or Dow Bathroom Cleaner.. I have both and use whichever I grab that day) In the harder spots behind the faucets & drain.. I will even use a toothbrush to scrub! It’s incredible how well they work. But once again, I still use a magic eraser on everything afterwards. I don’t press really hard on enamel coated surfaces, however.
  • I clean the toilets with a good toilet brush & use a toilet spray. I also clean the floor around the toilet as well as the main areas of the toilet. I always spray bleach on the brush when I’m done.
  • I use windex to clean the shower doors, the glass, and the mirrors everywhere. We also squeegee our shower door every day! If you have a shower curtain liner, remember to wash it often. We throw the one in the guest bedroom into the washing machine. If they are made of the silky hotel material variety, they can also go into the dryer. (otherwise just hang dry).
  • I replace all toilet brushes every year or two. I also spray them with bleach over the toilet after use sometimes. If you use sponges.. I would recommend tossing those every couple weeks or so.

Time: 20 minutes per bathroom

Weekly Cleaning Ritual3. Kitchen Cleaning

  • The kitchen never takes very long to clean because we stay on top of it daily.. This is our most used room in the house and we are meticulous with the cleaning as a result.
  • We have sealed our marble counters – which helps protect them from stains and etching. (at least it tries to, marble is hard! Everything makes an etching or stain) Click here for my sealer.
  • As to cleaning our counter tops, we don’t use a whole lot of cleaner because we don’t actually do much on the counters. For safety reasons (bacteria, etc) we use cutting boards that we can throw into the dishwasher once we are through. We only use water to clean the counters.. sometimes I’ll add a bit of dish soap and water then dry them right away using a towel or paper towels.
  • I use both paper towels and dish towels for bacteria reasons and recycle what I can. (I know some don’t touch paper towels and that’s your choice)
  • Our range is a self cleaning oven so we don’t have to do much in regards to that. We do make sure to keep the bottom clear of any food, etc after each usage. However, if your oven is not a self cleaning oven then it might be a good idea to check out these oven cleaning tips.
  • For the top of the range, I use windex and a magic eraser on the tougher grimes.
  • I spray the sink with bleach once a week and after every time we cook with raw chicken.
  • I clean my glass pendants and glass cabinet doors twice a month using windex. I wear cloth gloves so I don’t make smudges on them when cleaning.
  • Every week before trash day Jeff and I clean out the fridge a little. This is huge and it really keeps us on our toes in regards to having a clean fridge.

Time: 20 minutes tops

Weekly Cleaning Ritual4. Living Spaces (Family Room, Living Room)

  • I dust twice a week with a microfiber cloth or duster
  • I wash/dryclean my sofa and chair slipcovers every few months (2-3 times a year and usually just before a holiday)
  • Wash all throws weekly/ pillow covers every 2 – 4 weeks (in sweater bags and I always hang dry unless it states dryclean only)
  • We flip and mix the sofa cushions and plump pillows every week for even usage

Time: 5-10 minutes

Weekly Cleaning Ritual5. Mop/Steam Floors

  • I really should mop/steam my floors more often than I do but it’s something I never want to do.. I’m not sure why. I have a steam cleaner that helps so much but I think it’s the rinsing and repeating that I’m not in love with. My steam cleaner is amazing however. Click here for my steam cleaner
  • I always fill my steam cleaner with hot water to help quicken the process
  • I throw the steam rag into the washer after using it.
  • I always drain my steam cleaner before tucking it away after using it.I never put the cap on so it can dry out properly.
  • I use nothing but hot water or steam to clean my floors. (yes they are hardwood… I don’t saturate them but I also don’t worry about that. Wood floors have been around for centuries)

Time: 30 minutes


Favorite Cleaning Tools and Materials

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32 thoughts on “Weekly Cleaning Ritual

  1. That is the exact cleaning system I have. I have never used my counters for anything food related. I have cutting boards also. I love a spotless house and once you get into a habit of doing those things above, it really isn’t hard. I also agree with the cordless vacuum. I don’t know how I’ve ever vacuumed without it. loved this post. xo

  2. Great post Kristy. I’m going to type this up and put it shower presents for new brides!
    Sorry to be a pain. I have searched your website and that of Lamps Plus to no avail. What light bulbs / candle wattage / Kelvin scale is best for the kitchen? I just can’t get it right. I’m not very knowledgeable in this area and would really appreciate your help. Thanks so much,
    Alexis from ??

    1. Awww… You are so sweet Alexis. What a wonderful idea!

      I love 2700 kelvin for a warm soft glow everywhere. Hope that helps. ;) Hugs! xx

  3. This is exactly what I do, except I do it only on Saturdays with loads of laundry in between and if I have any life and energy left in me I continue on with hosing down the patio and backyard.
    Love you to pieces!

  4. Loooooved this post!!! I can’t wait to put some of your time saving cleaning tips to use this week! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post , now i feel the need to go clean!!! I better flip my cushions, i haven’t done that in awhile. Thanks for the great tips, love your beautiful home?❤️

  6. I enjoyed reading about how you keep your house so clean! I love to use vinegar and dial soap. I clean everything from the shower to my windows with it. Inexpensive, and not as toxic…that’s if you can stand the smell of the vinegar!

  7. Thanks for this info! I need that stain with 4 kids and a dog!! And dark hard wood floors! ? Have you heard of the Norwex cleaning supplies?? They changed my life with cleaning. They are microfiber cloths. They clean mirrors soooo well! No sprays and then you have a shine cloth! I use them on my faucets, counters, mirrors, stainless appliances! Look them up!! I love love love them!!!

  8. Hi Kristy! Thanks so much for sharing your cleaning routine! I feel exactly the same way as you do about a squeaky clean house! I was raised by post war European (Italian) parents that did everything themselves (no cleaning lady needed!) So, to begin with, my favourite cleaning products are those that kill every type of bacteria or germs: bleach, Vim, Mr. Clean or Lysol by the jug, and just plain white vinegar. Oh, and I forgot the Borax for laundry (I add about 2/3 of a cup to my laundry load of whites, with bleach, and the liquid detergent. My whites come out more sparkly and dazzling white! Especially great for teenage boys’ white sweat socks! Stains are removed!)
    I vacuum EVERYTHING! Pretty much everything you mentioned, and even the bathroom fan in the bathroom ceiling, and the heat exchange grills on the walls; I vacuum baseboards every time I vacuum 1 to 2 times a week, and the trim above doors, the tops of curtain rods, and lamp shades. When I remove/ change my sheets once a week, I vacuum all the mattresses in the house, as well as the sides, and the inside of the bed side rails. I use a central vac system, because I have 3 kids and a small MaltiPom dog, so it’s a high traffic home. It’s new, only a year that we’ve lived in it, but I’m still finicky, lol! Occasionally I’ll also remove the grill from furnace vents and vacuum a bit inside the aluminum furnace pipe as far down as the vacuum nozzle can reach. Then I’ll go over it with a damp cloth. Occasionally I’ll also run the vent grills under water as well, and give them a freshening rinse, then let them air dry before putting back on the floor vent, or just tap dry with a rag. My other cleaning routines are all very similar to yours. The only thing I do a little differently is my mopping technique: I use a terry cloth towel (medium sided, not large bath size). It’s not one I use for showering; it’s one that’s meant just for mopping. I NEVER mix the two together! This could also be an old towel that you DID use for showering, but one that you’re thinking of throwing away. Repurpose it for cleaning your floors! I throw it in the washing machine after each full-house cleaning use. And I re-use it crispy clean again the following week when I mop again. How I mop floors: I fill the laundry sink with warm water and Mr. Clean or Lysol, or half a cup of bleach (for ceramic/porcelain tiles only!). Make sure the water solution is more parts water, NOT 50/50. You don’t want to gradually fade your tile grout, which can happen after years of over bleaching your tile floors. On a weekly basis I just use the Mr. Clean, but a couple of times a year I’ve done a good disinfecting and used the bleach. Anyway, I soak the towel in the soapy water solution. Wring it just enough that water is no longer dripping from it, but not too much that it feels dry either. I fold it once, like a square, and then use a mopping device to push it around my floor in even strokes. If you find the towel slides off the mopping device, then wrap the towel around the mop head. The terry cloth scrubs the tiles much better than store brand mops, and it kind of mimicks the velvety rag that you see on steam mops, except the terry cloth on a towel is a little more fuzzy so it grabs dirt a little better. The nice thing is that, with a towel you can pause during your mopping, turn it inside out or flip it on the opposite side, making the process more efficient. (I find the rag on steam mops too small to be able to do that. Plus they’re stuck on with Velcro, so it’s always the same face of the cloth that’s wiping the floor) Every time the towel needs soaking, just soak it in the laundry tub water. That method also allows you to see how dirty the water gets at each re-soak. Yes, even though we thoroughly vacuum before we mop, you’d be surprised how much thin thin residue of dust is still on the floors. Mopping this way allows you to grab all of it, and see with your own eyes, how murky the water becomes at each re-soak. Now, the soapy water needs to be changed after every 1 or 2 rooms you mop. For hardwood floors, I use the same process. Thoroughly rinse the Mr. Clean out of the rag (or use a separate rag if that works better for you) before starting the hardwood floors. The cleaning solution I use for hardwood is half cup plain white vinegar + 3/4 water-filled laundry sink. You could also use a little squirt of Palmolive liquid dish soap in the water if you prefer, in place of the vinegar. These mopping techniques are what my mama and grandma used to use, and they made our floors squeaky clean and fresh-smelling all throughout the house!
    Anyway, hope you enjoyed my tips! I loved reading your blog too!! Always a pleasure! Feel free to email me back if you have any questions!

  9. Great tips for maintaining a clean house! I always try to make sure the kitchen sink is cleared of dishes and beds are made daily before I leave the house in the morning.

  10. Hi Kristy-I loved reading things and got some great tips! The other day you did a story where you were cleaning your stove top. I just caught a glimpse of it and when I went back to fully watch it, it was gone. Can you tell me what you were using—was it Windex and paper towels?
    Thank you!

  11. This was an amazing cleaning post! I never thought I could get just as much motivation to clean from reading a cleaning post as I do watching cleaning videos on YouTube! But I did…so thank you! Your home is beautiful and I can clearly see why. You’re truly showing gratitude for it by how you maintain it. :)

    Question: Where did you find that beautiful towel/hand towel floating shelf in the bathroom? ?

  12. Loved this post! I do many of the same things! I especially like the part about vacuuming the sofa 2 to 3 times a week. I wasn’t doing mine as often. I also was only dry cleaning it once a year but now you have me thinking I could do that 2 or 3 times a year. I totally agree about putting things away as soon as you are done with them. I make sure that whenever I leave a room, everything is clean and put away. I don’t like to get up to a messy house! The only thing I will add is that I make sure to file away any paperwork at the end of every day. Staying on top of paperwork is essential.

  13. Until your post, I never thought of using the vacuum on the couch. Oh my goodness, what a time saver. I don’t have the Dyson but I have the Shark version. I, too, vacuum 3 – 5 times per week.

  14. Kristy we have very similar cleaning styles. I have both the cordless Dyson and the Shark steam vacuum, love both! I always just stay on top of cleaning so it doesn’t become overwhelming. And my mom has us clean on Thursday nights but then we were rewarded with going out to eat on Friday night. I love a neat and clean home. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. Hi Bonnie – thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting! I loved that you shared your tips.. it really does help when you keep to a schedule!! Our moms sound one and the same.. :) xo

  15. Krist,
    You have to try the Norwex cleaning products. They are environmentally friendly, no chemicals. The enviro cloths and polishing cloths are the best! No more windex! They changed my cleaning life! Love your home and blog.

  16. This post was so helpful! Especially how you clean your wood! We recently installed the same Pravada floors that you have and their pamphlet that came with the wood says to “never wet mop the wood.” I wasn’t sure if that meant to never use even a mop dampened with water, and I didn’t want to have to buy the bottled wood cleaners. I think I would go through a bottle a week! So happy to see what you do! Thank you sooo much!