Lamp Selections for Dining Room

Hello friends!

As may of you may remember I’m in need of a pair of lamps for my newly decorated dining room.  Recently I’ve purchased a new sideboard to replace my old dining room hutch.  The hutch as beautiful as it was never really fit the space properly and I have to admit.. I’m excited for this new piece.

The new sideboard was found at my favorite local consignment store.  Once it arrived at my home I immediately painted it and loved the way it shined.  It sits in the niche just the way I pictured and with the new mirror I’ve placed above…

Blue and white dining room with Edisto white beaded chandelierf rom Kathy Kuo Home.

I’m loving the space so much more than before.

All that’s missing are a pair of lamps to sit on my new sideboard… (along with rug, accent pieces and art… Lol)
I’m on the hunt and not exactly sure which direction I want to go.  Originally I had wanted lamps made of marble or alabaster, with an interesting shape.  I purposely painted my niche a soft blue/gray/green that I mixed myself to give contrast to the pieces that sit inside.  I thought the marble would stand out against the color perfectly but after looking at marble lamps and the cost…  I’m not quite sure I want to plunk out the amount required.  ;)

Instead, I’ve decided to look at other materials as well.

I have the new Edisto chandelier from Kathy Kuo Home made of glass beads with a champagne metal band and chain hanging in this space and a new drapery rod in a champagne tone from Calico Corners that is on it’s way.

I’d like to find a pair of lamps that are both classic and elegant yet also accent the other materials in the room. I bounce back-and-forth from the large gorgeous silver lamp styles to a more glass and brass combination.  I’ve even looked at Mercury but whatever I end up choosing I know they have to be large enough to give the proper weight in appearance to the deep niche yet not look too heavy for the thin legged sideboard. Tricky but I’m up for the challenge.  Another factor is my sideboard will require new cabinet pulls so whatever tone and material I choose for the lamps I will probably repeat with the pulls.

Several examples of lamp styles and sizes that I think look appropriate ~

Pair of green lamps in dining room
source ~ My Domaine

pair of lamps on sideboard in white Dining Room .
source ~ Rivers Spencer 

Ashley Whittaker Dining Room with Lamps on Buffet.
source ~ House Beautiful

Below I’ve pulled together a few lamps that I am drawn toward and wouldn’t mind trying.
Take a peek and let me know your thoughts!  I’ll let you know what I end up going with in the end… .
Have a great day!

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4 thoughts on “Lamp Selections for Dining Room

    1. I’m thinking the same thing Karen. With the round mirror I think I’ll probably go with square shades or more angular than round but as to the lamp… still unsure. ;) Thanks! xo

    1. Hi Debbie… Next time I need to number these! ;) Thanks for your input… I’m torn but whatever I do I’ll probably play opposite either the round mirror or the sharp corners. I’ll have to try both to see what looks best. Hugs!