Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Valentine’s Day is one of those special holidays that celebrates love and those you care about. Every year I give gifts to a variety of people: of course I always give something to Jeff, my daughter Emma, and I always like to send something sweet to my mom and friends. Plus, the colors surrounding the holiday are some of favorites (Blush, pinks, and reds!).

I have pulled together a collection of the best and cutest valentine’s day gifts! Hopefully you’ll find a little something here to give to your special loves.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

1//. Tory Burch Crossbody – I love a versatile bag! This crossbody purse/wallet is the perfect solution for someone who doesn’t want to carry a large tote/bag or take away from their outfit of the day. It’s ADORABLE and it comes in 3 different colors too. Click here to shop.

2//. Gucci Sunglasses – Not only are these sunglasses super stylish.. but they are also over 60% off. The BEST gift! Perfect for upcoming Spring looks and I really love the color. Click here to shop.

3//. Kate Spade Stud Earrings – I’ve given a few pairs of these fun earrings as gifts in the past and everyone always LOVES them. They come in 6 different colors and make a statement with any outfit. Click here to shop.

4//. Blush Fitbit – This is such an ideal gift.. Jeff gave this to me over Christmas. Not only is it a smartwatch, but it’s great for resolution-keeping as well. Love! Click here to shop.

5//. Heart Fuzzy Socks – Yep, you heard that right. These socks are a must.. and make the greatest gift for a coworker or girlfriend when paired with flowers, chocolates or a Starbucks gift card. Click here to shop.

6//. Pink Saddle Bag – Found this adorable bag at Nordstrom Rack for under $20.. it’s so cute and the price can’t be beat!! Click here to shop.

7//. Barefoot Dreams Cozy Chic Throw – One of my favorite throws of all time… so soft, cozy and will always and forever make one of my favorite gifts to give. I have several for our Bachelor viewing nights ad the girls love them. Click here to shop (many color options).

8//. Date Night Bucket List – The cutest gift for any couple looking to do something different every date night! Click here to shop.

9//. Heart Shaped Pillow – Found this adorable pink fluffy pillow for under $20! Steal.. :) I gave one of these to Emma last year and she loved it! Click here to shop.

10//. Heated Slippers – These slippers can be heated up.. so when it’s cold out, you can be extra toasty! Love this idea!! Click here to shop.

11//. Voluspa Diffuser – The smell of this diffuser is amazing and I love the festive blush color! Gorgeous. Click here to shop.

12//. Floral Robe – The most gorgeous robe.. the floral pattern is beautiful. I know I’d love to receive this as a gift! (hint hint Emma or Jeff) Click here to shop.

13//. Flowerbomb Perfume Gift Set – The best gift set ever made for one of the most popular perfumes ever.. Such a great value, and it comes in the cutest container. Click here to shop.

14//. Yves St. Laurent Heart Lipstick – This popular lipstick is already amazing and now they have come up with a very special Valentine’s Day edition that I’m in love with. The colors are gorgeous and the pattern on the container is too cute. Great small gift for someone special. Click here to shop.

15//. Pink Swell Bottle – I love using Swell bottles and I love anything reusable & eco-friendly. Plus, this color is the cutest. I have this bottle and love it! Click here to shop.

16//. Initial Pendant Necklace – One of my highest rated gift ideas.. this gift is always a winner. Anything personalized is always special and the price of this necklace is incredible. I have given this necklace as a gift many times and the recipient always loves it. (myself included) Click here to shop.

17//. FujiFilm Instant Camera – One of my favorite gifts this year has to be the new instant polaroid camera. It has a retro feel in beautiful soft new shades that I’m obsessed with. Such a special gift that makes the best memories. :) Click here to shop.

1//. Ugg Slippers – This is one of the best gifts I’ve ever given Jeff (and Emma has given Zach!) and he wears his pair constantly. They are so cozy and soft.. love them. Click here to shop.

2//. Ralph Lauren Pony Pajamas – These PJ Joggers are so awesome! I almost bought Jeff a pair for Christmas but they were sold out of his size.. they are super soft and the polo print is great. Click here to shop.

3//. Rayban Sunglasses – Once again.. one of my favorite men’s accessories. Emma’s boyfriend has a pair of these and I find that almost all men look great in this classic shape sunglasses.. trendy but not too trendy! Click here to shop.

4//. Travel Kit – Such a classy looking travel toiletries kit.. Emma bought Zach this durable canvas kit for Christmas and it’s the perfect thing to bring on any trip! Not to big and not too small, plus it has a waterproof zipper… The price is also hard to beat. Click here to shop.

5//. Outdoor Beer Table – This thing is HILARIOUS and such a fun gift to give! It’s a little stand to stick in the grass.. with room for snacks and two beers. The perfect table to bring to a picnic or to lounge outdoors with. Classy and functional! Click here to shop.

6//. Table Topics – Everyone loves a good game.. especially one centered on fun table topics! This is such a great game to pull out when friends and family come over! Click here to shop.

7//. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit – SUCH a great and fun gift for someone who loves spicing up their food. It’s different and could be a sweet date-night activity. :) Buying this for Jeff… Click here to shop.

8//. Patagonia Zip Jacket – The ‘go-to’ jacket for all men. It’s casual, yet looks good.. and it’s a high-quality brand. Jeff and Zach wear their Patagonia jackets on a daily basis! Click here to shop.

9//. Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set – If your man likes to make delicious drinks.. this bar tool set is the perfect gift! It has everything they need to make delicious cocktails.. click here to shop.

10//. Jack Black Skin Saviors Kit – This skin kit saves lives!! It’s a game-changer. Both Emma’s boyfriend and my nephews have this kit and they all use it daily for great skin.. It’s made for all skin types and it comes in TSA approved sizes made for travel. Love that! Click here to shop.

11//. Noise Masking Earbuds – SO small and perfect for traveling.. they are great for sleeping/working out.. and more. Such high-end technology.. your man will love this. Click here to shop.

12//. Duffle Bag – The perfect gym bag or weekender bag. It’s a classic and looks professional. Click here to shop.


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