Up Up And Away With Gray Malin

Up Up And Away With Gray MalinGray Malin has been one of my go to inspirations for getaway photography for as long as I can remember… His images always bring a smile to my face. With every shot I’m whisked away to one of his incredible destinations and I find myself instantly relaxing. Recently Gray asked if I would like to share his Bon Voyage series in my home and make a little debut on his blog answering a few Q & A’s. Gray felt his Bon Voyage series was the perfect fit for me since I had been a flight attendant for years and I had to agree with him. I jumped at the opportunity. I adore Gray and have admired his creativity and approach with his photography, as well as his playful fun attitude. It’s an honor having the opportunity to share his beautiful art in my home.

Up Up And Away With Gray MalinUp Up And Away With Gray MalinUp Up And Away With Gray MalinUp Up And Away With Gray MalinUp Up And Away With Gray MalinTo read Gray’s Lifestyle Q & A feature with me click here.

The guest room is a space that I love to fill with family and friends. It’s a light and airy room that’s relaxing for everyone who sleeps over. The Bon Voyage series gracing the wall is so fitting! Most who visit are travel obsessed with many still working in the industry. As a matter of fact my sister and her husband are both Pilots for United so the stories still flow. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this view that Gray has so accurately captured – an interesting passenger sitting in the window with a specific drink in hand, heading to who knows where. Each and every person with their own story. Gray’s portrayal is spot on. You can tell a lot about someone from the elbow down and by their drink of choice. Take it from me.

I loved my job as a flight attendant and through it, I have met so many different people that I never would have interacted with otherwise. It’s amazing the things people will tell you when stuck on a flight for several hours. Especially when you are the one in charge and responsible for their next bathroom break and drink. ;) Gray’s Bon Voyage images capture the mix perfectly. For those interested in ordering a print of their own – you can enjoy free framing & shipping through April 10th by clicking here.

Up Up And Away With Gray Malin

In-flight Stories:

Along with sharing Gray’s art I thought it would be fun to share some in-flight stories from my days of flying as well. Just like Gray’s portrayal in his photographs.. with every person you have sitting in a seat, you’ll have a different experience. A little history about me.. I flew for American Airlines for 17 years and then another 3 for Virgin. I had so much fun with my job and with it came the opportunity to meet tons of celebrities and VIP’s during my flights. More than I can count and some of which I have very special memories of.

Paris Hilton –

I’ll never forget the time the Hiltons came on board and Paris was with them. She gets a lot of bad press and although she’s done some controversial things, such as her infamous video that was reminiscent of the things you’d see on somewhere like, I didn’t expect her to be as pleasant as she was. She was very sweet but as soon as she sat down she threw her eye shades on and went to sleep. Once we landed I couldn’t help but notice their row was a disaster. (mind you.. flight attendants do most of the cleaning) She was going to leave it that way but her Mom (Kathy) stepped in and like all moms do.. told her to go back and pick everything up. I think she saw the look on my face. Lol. Paris was so sweet about the entire incident it didn’t bother me at all. However, I have to say… she was in her mid 20’s. Enough said. ;)

Nick Jonas –

I had Nick Jonas all to myself for 6 hours from Miami to SFO… Yes!!! Ok, there were other flight attendants on board but I was the one who served him in First Class the entire time and talked to him… about Emma. Ha! (Of course I tried to set them up) He ran on the flight last minute because he was busy at a charity function and he felt so bad that he apologized over and over again for having made us wait while they brought his luggage on, etc. I loved his self deprecation and modesty. He talked tons and was very open.

Steve Martin –

For someone I idolized for being hysterically funny… Steve Martin was soooooooo serious and not happy on the day he stepped onto my flight. I have no clue why he wouldn’t crack a smile but for a man sitting in First with tons of people waiting on him, smiling at him, and being extremely nice… he was not a happy camper. It took me a few hours but I finally got him to melt. He loosened up and actually thanked me with a smile as he got off the plane. Man my job could be hard sometimes. ;)

Cindy Crawford –

The first time I had Cindy Crawford on one of my flights she arrived at 6 am with no makeup on and with her 2 year old son.. I can’t tell you how beautiful she is!! Incredibly disgusting how some people can look that good au natural ;) Her son was just 2 and I remember her being so laid back as a mom. He didn’t have his shoes on when he walked on and he was a roll out of bed mess. So funny. She asked if I would watch her son while she got organized and I remember running around with him the entire boarding process… he was that cute. I loved that she was so girl next door and sweet.

Johnny Cash –

On a flight from Nashville to.. I can’t even remember where, Johnny Cash and June Carter stepped on board and sat in first class. He was exactly how you would envision him. Dressed entirely in black and as cool as can be. He ordered coke after coke and I’ll never remember that voice. Soooo deep and smooth.

Kathy Lee –

Kathy Lee Gifford is as fun in real life as she is in the air. She rolled onto the plane with no makeup on, in sweats and with her 2 kids and nanny. She was hysterical and after she woke up she came to the galley and helped us bake chocolate chip cookies for the other first class passengers. I remember her standing in the galley in her socks while eating cookies with us and just talking abut life. She is such a great person. Loved her!!

Ryan Reynolds –

I was working the New York to SFO flight when a familiar face walked right up to me in line at security. When I locked eyes with him… I immediately melted. Btw, Jeff is fine with this.. he isn’t the least bit worried. ;) It was HIM. Ryan. I have always had a thing for both Ryans. The other being Ryan Gosling. At any rate I was so excited and happy as I walked to the gate thinking he would be sitting in First Class with me working the trip but then he walked past me (after smiling at me) and headed down the other jetbridge toward the LA flight. Wahhhhhh. I couldn’t believe it… The future was almost ours. ;)

Benecio Del Toro –

Very sweet man who acts nothing like the crazed characters he plays in the movies. He loved my girlfriend and I so much he spent 4 hours talking with us whenever we headed to the galley. My friend was single and he called her a couple of weeks later for a date. I never did get the scoop on how it went.

Florence Henderson (Mrs. Brady) –

I love Florence Henderson from the Brady Bunch She and her daughter came on board and sat in coach. First class only had 1 seat available so they stayed together and sat in the back. They were so cute and it was obvious they were very close. Florence was completely unassuming and beautiful. She was as adorable as her character on the Brady Bunch. She even offered advice to one of the girls I was flying with and gave the girl her phone number. Who does that?

The Gray Malin Prints I have:

Up Up And Away With Gray MalinThe First Lady
Up Up And Away With Gray MalinThe Queen
Up Up And Away With Gray MalinThe City Girl
Up Up And Away With Gray MalinThe French Queen

images via Gray Malin


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4 thoughts on “Up Up And Away With Gray Malin

  1. What a great story. I met Florence Henderson once, myself. She was so sweet. I’m a bit “Hollywood Obsessed”. ;)
    These stories were great to read!

  2. Great stories Kristy! Cindy has a cottage near us (in Canada) so I am always on the lookout for her when we go to town.