Townpool’s Nantucket

I’m in love with Townpool’s Nantucket.  Not many of you know this but I grew up on the East Coast, Washington DC to be exact.  I love the East for it’s history, stunning sunrises and the many beaches and islands which are spectacular… especially during the warmer summer months.   I’ve had the fortunate experience of traveling to one of my favorite states, Massachusetts many times.  I’ve gone to the Berkshires quite a bit as well as Boston and it’s surrounding areas from my days spent with long layovers as a Flight Attendant.   Massachusetts is one of those states that is beautiful no matter where you are but on the island of Nantucket, with it’s small size of 3 x 15 miles and 82 miles of shoreline… it’s hard to not fall in love with it even more.

Nantucket is a tiny island but don’t let it’s size fool you.  It may have only one town with no stoplights or fast food restaurants but it’s so chock full of historical sites that the entire island was declared a ‘historic district’ in the 1970’s.  It’s a quiet island with a mellow night life that respects it’s townspeople and surrounding island beauty.  There are just a couple of clubs that offer live music but it’s the daytime that brings this place alive.  Nantucket is full of festivals during the busy summer months, one of which includes their very own Film Festival.  It’s a place that celebrates the beauty of it’s location and the creative arts that seem to shine in it’s presence.

I stumbled upon Luke from Townpool through his Instagram, @townpool sometime last year and ever since then, I look to his feed for inspiration and beauty.  It’s the perfect pairing for both my morning cup of joe and wine at night.  Luke takes you on a journey every day with his sweet Aussie Shepard, Rhyse beginning with a striking sunrise capture and ending with an incredible sunset or nighttime photo just before bedtime.   I look forward to seeing the houses, the fisherman and the town streets.  Luke personalizes everything with shot and each moment is conveyed perfectly.  He doesn’t write nearly as much as I do when he posts… instead he lets the pictures speak for themselves.

When looking through the Luke’s photos you can tell he is someone who loves photography and has a great respect for his art and this special island.  He says there isn’t a mistake that can be made when taking pictures… it’s about photographing things you love whether one is an amateur or trained professional.  Most of his pictures are taken with his iphone and there isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t find something new to capture.   It’s obvious that Luke from Townpool doesn’t want to be a spokesman or Captain of a ship…  merely a bystander who happens upon a moment, captures it and shows it for all to see.

The waxing and waning of time in Nantucket ~



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TownPool Favorites –

Favorite Nantucket Beach –  LB 23 (a secret beach), Cisco Beach (not secret)
Favorite Food on Nantucket – Seafood Platter from Sayle’s Seafood or Burger at Jetties


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2 thoughts on “Townpool’s Nantucket

  1. Hi Kristy! I absolutely love your blog and your style I grew up in Mass and had to leave 15 years ago. I am so homesick these pirctures nearly made me cry!lol Thanks for sharing; I’ll check out more of Luke’s work. Have a great day – Jeannette