Throw Obsessed!

Throws in Cabinet

Can we talk throws for just a minute? I’m throw obsessed!
The other day I was in the middle of picking up and folding at least 3 throws that my daughter and her friends left out on the sofa and as I was putting them away I glanced around my home and counted at least 7 that I could actually see.  If I really looked around my entire home I’m sure I could count over 20.

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I have throws and quilts everywhere!  On sofas, on the arms of chairs, in the family room cabinet, on the ends of beds.  I guess you could say I’m a bit throw obsessed? ;)

throws Blog - FR
Do you have a quilt or throw on just about every chair or end of every bed?  We seem to use them for everything!

throws blog- study

Throws are cozy and give a feeling of being welcome in your home for family and guests.  Even during the summer season we still use them.  When my daughter has her friends over they always seem to grab a throw and the same goes for my girlfriends during our weekly Monday night Bachelor viewing… yes, we’re completely pathetic and watch every week with wine in hand! :)


I buy most of my throws at places like Homegoods, TJMAXX, and Target.  I just get such great prices at those stores I have a hard time splurging elsewhere!  However, when there happens to be a sale at Restoration Hardware or Pottery Barn… I’m ALL over it!   There’s just simply no reason to break the bank when you can find throws easily and inexpensively OR at the very least on sale!  (my favorite phrase!)

throw blog - masterI not too specific as to where I place a throw.  I add them on certain chairs and sofas if I want to bring in an accent color or different pattern to a room.  I can’t believe how much of a difference it can make!  Not only does the addition of a throw add that special splash of color which seems to tie everything together but it also provides texture and interest.


On the end of every bed I always add a decorative quilt or throw because I find that it just adds that something extra to my clean white Restoration Hardware Duvet look that I tend to lean toward.  It’s a great way to give it that ‘complete look’ and it’s such an easy change that you can make from season to season.

Throws can make everyone, family and guests included,  feel special.  Just by making that little addition and periodic change throws and quilts give a room a more personalized or seasonal thought out feel.

Take a look around your home and count the amount of throws or quilts you have laying around… You may be surprised at the number!

~til next time!


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4 thoughts on “Throw Obsessed!

    1. Thanks Jen! I’m in love with being comfy and I love wearing dresses so we are a match made in heaven! ;) Lol. Thanks and loved talking with you today! xoxo

    1. Haha… I still love color. ;) You would be surprised at how much color I have decorated my homes with throughout the years. Who knows what I’ll be doing next… xx

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