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It’s a beautiful day when you receive a new book from an author friend you admire…  My sweet friend, Melissa Michaels, Author, Blogger and Interior Designer extraordinaire has written her second book and I couldn’t be more excited!   Melissa asked if I would help celebrate the upcoming Nov. 1st launch of her new book, ‘The Inspired Room’  by participating in an Inspired Home Tour with 36 other Blogger friends and…  of course I said YES!  :)  I adore Melissa and originally fell in love with her warm approachable style through Instagram…  I have since learned so much more about this very talented designer through her blog,  The Inspired Room and her very successful NY Times best selling 1st book, ‘Love the Home You Have’.

The inspired Room Tour and Anthropologie Giveaway.
I was immediately drawn to Melissa’s comfortable approach in her book…  While reading it I felt as if I were listening to a friend.  I was struck with how we both approach decorating and making changes to our homes in a similar manner.  We both yearn to create spaces that feel warm and inviting yet also maintain a classic and stylish look and feel.  Although Melissa and I are constantly switching things out in our homes, I love that her book offers helpful advice on how to do this by starting with what you already have as well as offering examples on how to create a home on a budget.

The inspired Room Tour and Anthropologie Giveaway.
Everything can be accomplished by paying close attention to detail and recognizing that changes made to your home don’t have to happen ‘yesterday’ or on a grand scale… Rather than rush, baby steps built on a solid foundation can be the best direction to completing a successful space.  This foundation should also, ‘reflect the family’s adventures as we create.’  Melissa emphasizes that the changing process in our homes need not require a professional.  A direction is one thing but the process doesn’t have to be perfect.  Sometimes the process reflects real life… Our changes may need change and we need to learn to be flexible and understand that sometimes it takes awhile to get our homes to the level we want.

The inspired Room Tour and Anthropologie Giveaway.

‘Quality over Quantity’.  I’ve heard this countless times from my Mom while growing up and as a result I approach everything in this manner…  especially with my direction towards decorating.  In her new book, Melissa states that she feels that it’s important when approaching decorating to strip away all things that have no real meaning or don’t add beauty to really see what needs to be added.

Melissa feels it’s important to, ‘use what quality pieces you have to become the building blocks for your style’.  There are so many welcome tips in this book to help guide you when uncertainty with your decorating process steps in… The helpful hints prod you to gently move forward with your changes but remind you to stay true to yourself and your family.  I love that.

The inspired Room Tour and Anthropologie Giveaway.
You can Pre-order your book with this link

New Office/Man Cave, Inspired Home Room,
By taking part in this ‘Inspired Room Tour’  I had originally planned to show you one of my completed rooms.  Instead, I thought I would show you a space that I’ve not quite not finished with so you can understand where I am in the process.  This room has taken forever simply because I have been busy with other projects and budget has made me hold off a bit on ordering certain pieces.  I’d rather get it right than rush the process and as a result, it’s only half way finished at this point…  I’m so happy I haven’t taken the easy way out and filled it with things I don’t love just to complete the space   :)
 New Office/Man Cave, Inspired Home Room,
This upstairs bedroom used to belong to my daughter but now that she’s away at college we’ve decided to switch it to an office/man cave for my husband.  He occasionally works from home and we thought it might be nice for him to have a place to call his own.  It’s a small space that I didn’t think I would have any difficulty decorating but we’ve changed direction a few times…  I’ve had to put some grand plans aside due to cost (wood floors) and instead approach the room with a more realistic approach to budget.
 New Office/Man Cave, Inspired Home Room, https://kristywicks.comWe somehow managed to include quite a bit in this small space… There’s a little seating area that holds 2 leather chairs, an ottoman and side table, a work space, and a media cabinet housing my husband’s large TV.

New Office/Man Cave, Inspired Home Room, https://kristywicks.comAll furniture except the dark leather chairs was kept light for a more open and uncluttered feel.  The chairs help ground the space and my husband has always wanted something along these lines…  To soften the smooth leather and introduce pattern I’ve added wool plaid throws to each chair along with pillows for texture.  Little features and details like the brass nailheads on both leather chairs and desk chair coordinate with the beautiful copper brushstroke lamp from my dear friend, Jana Bek Designs.  The large rustic clock with iron numbers over the desk pick up the black tones reflected in the cabinet pulls on both the media cabinet and trim on the drapes.

 New Office/Man Cave, Inspired Home Room,

I still need to add artwork over the leather chairs, a barn door to cover the Jack and Jill bathroom and I’m currently looking for a large fake Longhorn piece to hang over the TV.  While we are loving this space, I’m still not finished but as Melissa states in her book, everything doesn’t have to be perfect or rushed.  My sentiments exactly!

New Office/Man Cave, Inspired Home Room,
The Inspired Room Tour.

To sweeten this exciting Blogger Inspired Room Tour and to help involve YOU in the process, Melissa is inviting all of you to participate and give you have the chance to win a $300 Anthropologie gift card!  You will find all details by clicking here.

The inspired Room Tour and Anthropologie Giveaway.

Thanks so much for checking out my newly converted room.  I’ve learned so much through this process and Melissa’s new book, ‘The Inspired Room’ reinforces everything I believe…  It’s a unique, relatable book about creating a real life home on a budget… starting with what you already have.  It has lots of photos and tips that help guide you when decorating and in making your house feel like home.   Isn’t that what we all aspire to?  Thanks Melissa!



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16 thoughts on “The Inspired Room Tour

    1. Thanks so much Julie! It’s not a large space and I don’t want to make it too busy. Men love laid back rooms so I’ll keep it relaxed for the most part but I may introduce a little more color through pillows and throw changes.. Probably weekly knowing me! ;) Thanks for dropping by! xo

  1. I will be receiving my Inspired Room any day from Amazon. I ordered it several weeks ago. When I looked at your pictures I realized the best way to put my throw and pillow on the leather chair. I already have changed it:)) Many thanks for the idea.

    1. Yay Kathie! I either throw it over the back or over the arm depending on how much of the leather I want to see… Jeff is more into the brown than me so I’ll probably go for the ‘distraction mode’ most of the time. ;) Thanks for dropping by! xoxo

  2. Oh, how did I get so lucky to have such sweet friends in my computer! I would love to be your neighbor! So fun to see your hubby’s new man cave, what a treat for him! I’m sure he’s going to love it, it looks like such a cozy and comfortable space. Thank you for sharing my book, too….I cannot thank you enough! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Melissa! I’m crazy about your beautiful book and can’t put it down. You are so talented I’ve decided we need to be besties so I can follow you around all day and take notes. ;) Hugs and Happy Friday sweet friend! xx



    1. Hi Joyce! The clock I have was found at Aaron Brothers and I grabbed it off their wall on sale. ;) If you google large rustic wall clocks you may find something similar if not the same piece. Good Luck and thanks so much again! xo

  4. This ‘man cave’ is awesome! My hubby would be so thrilled if I made his offie look like this! You have such talent Kristy! Can’t wait to see the progression of this room…I know it will be stunning!

    1. I’m dragging my feet on certain parts Shauna… My art direction keeps changing but whatever! ;) I’m ok with it. Hugs and thanks so much for dropping by! xoxo