Autumn Rug and Pillow Trend


I’m wild about all the Scandinavian styles but one of my favorites has to be the draping of man-made furry throws on chairs…
source – Home Girl London
source – Quellejoy
source – Lena Turlutter

It seems as if no place is spared when it comes to decorating with fur in my Scandinavian friend’s homes on Instagram.  Throughout their many pictures I find furs draped or casually strewn on chairs, benches, sofas and beds.  I’ve seen furs layered one on top of the other on the floor and even on their dog beds but seeing them outside in the garden has to be one of my favorite looks yet.
source – Sandblomman Interior

Of course so much of this style has stemmed from the history and location of these countries.  The basic need for warmth and coziness is nothing to laugh at when you endure long cold winters like they do.  While the rest of us consider furry throws and rugs to be one of this year’s biggest design trends… it’s a necessity and way of life for my Scandinavian friends.
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I’ve decided to finally pick up on this cozy style and this year I’m determined more than ever to find an array of man-made furry rugs and throws to layer within my home.  It seems as if one can never have too many.  Not only are they luxurious and beautiful but they provide so much texture and warmth to every space.  Important especially when your home is decorated and painted in all white like mine is.   In this case, detail and texture needs to be considered even more so with decorating…  The furry look provides so much of that and I can’t wait to see how it looks with my seasonal decorating.
While looking at some of my favorite shops I’ve selected some fur pieces in mixed prices and styles for you to shop…  I’m really impressed with how much faux fur decor I have found.  Believe it or not my list has been scaled back!  ;)

Have fun shopping my fluffy furry choices and let me know if you find something you like… Tag me on Instagram with your piece or leave a comment here!  I’m sure I’m not the only one obsessed with this cozy style. ;)



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