Thanks for all the Love…

Wanted to take a moment to share these shots of Cal and his girlfriend Zoey who lives next door.
I grab her occasionally when her parents are both working and the two are side by side the rest of the day.
A little story about these two friends…
They love being together so much that whenever I open the front door to let Cal out he immediately runs around the corner to their front door and begins to cry for Zoey.
Without fail, she always hears him and barks on the other side.
Cal then takes off to their side gate where Zoey meets him.
I always have to open the gate so they can see one another.  :)
It’s honestly the sweetest thing ever!

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the concern, love and all the sweet comments on Instagram and Facebook.
Cal is unaware of his tumor and not in any pain…
We don’t know exactly how much time we have left with this little guy and we’ve been told that when it’s time…
he will just slip away without any knowledge of what’s occurring.
In the meantime we are just taking it day by day knowing that every moment we have with Cal is a gift.

Hugs and lots of kisses from Cal!


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19 thoughts on “Thanks for all the Love…

  1. I have such a fondness for Cal given I just dropped my baby off At CAL for her freshman year from the east coast. Prays for Cal and his loving family. i also had neighbors who shared back yards with Canines named Billy (boxer) and Suzy (miniature terrier), it was so touching to watch them together. They actually got depressed when they didn’t get to see one another. Best, Rosemarie

  2. I’m so sad. I fell in love with Cal the first time I read your blog and saw him in the pictures. He’s just precious.

    Hugs to you and your family.