Sunday Autumn Decor and Cal…

Hello dear friends!
I hope you have been enjoying your beautiful Sunday and weekend!
I’ve been keeping busy finishing up a little Autumn decorating upstairs and taking on the project of painting my Dining Room chandelier from Restoration Hardware…
Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this chandelier the past few years I felt like the space needed a change.
I thought I’d mix it up a bit by painting it a layered texturized creamy white for added interest and to brighten up the space.
Fingers crossed that it looks as good as I’m hoping when done!  ;)

In the meantime I thought I’d share this adorable picture of Cal that I shot this afternoon…
Had many others that included more of the space but how could I not post the one that included his sweet face?
He always steals the shot!

Have a beautiful rest of your day! 


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6 thoughts on “Sunday Autumn Decor and Cal…

    1. Lol… Nor I! ;) Still finishing it! I’ve been horrible about finishing this project! Weekends with Giants playoff games and family are sooo distracting! ;)

    1. Hi Debbie, I love this green chair and actually had it made at Calico Corners. Picked out both the fabric and style of the chair. It’s become a family favorite and a great accent for my home. I actually have 2. 1 in the study and 1 in the Family Room. :) Hugs and Happy Monday! xo