Summer Inflatable Pool Floats

This Spring Break I found summer inflatable pool floats that everyone is crazy about… the favaorite?  The glorious white inflatable swan!

Sometimes it’s the smallest… or maybe I should say… the biggest things that get my family excited.  Even though my swan is almost as big as my little pool it’s by far the most popular raft we’ve ever owned.  Last year I looked for the popular swan and pink flamingo floats a little too late in the season and as a result they were all sold out.  Soooo upsetting!

This year I made sure to get ahead of the game by ordering mine as soon as the floats became available.  It doesn’t matter what age you are, there is just something about the whimsical shapes and sizes that make these pool accessories a hit with everyone. With our mild California climate, I plan on leaving our swan in the pool year round. These floats are so fun to look at and great conversation starters for backyard parties… They really do bring out the kid in all of us.

KRISTY WICKSI’ve pulled together a selection of several of my favorites for you below… I am ordering another just to keep the peace in my pool. ;)
Happy Monday! xo

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