Summer Giveaway Week 6 – (7/21 – 7/25)

Happy Monday everyone!

Today is Summer Giveaway week 6 and I’m thrilled because this week Williams-Sonoma is having a sale on one of my favorite items…
their scented candles. https://kristywicks.comI love all of the scents that Williams-Sonoma carries but this
Pink Grapefruit candle smells great in all spaces.

Today I have it placed in my kitchen along with my morning breakfast… whichjust happened’ to be pink grapefruit. ;)

Rules for the Giveaway are at the top of my Blog.

Make sure to enter for this yummy & useful home decor item!




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50 thoughts on “Summer Giveaway Week 6 – (7/21 – 7/25)

  1. My Aunt is obsessed with all sorts of grapefruit scented candles. If I won, I might give this to her. Then again, I love the color so much and everything from WS, so I might have to keep it for myself!

    1. Haha! Love it Margaret! You’d like this as it’s a very light scent but yummy too. Good Luck! :) Thanks for entering! xoxo

  2. This candle looks divine! What a beautiful scent to fill your home with, too! I would absolutely love to win this. Fingers will be crossed! :)

    1. It really is divine Courtney! :) Everything Williams-Sonoma does is great! Fingers crossed and hugs! xo

  3. I love following your instagram and blog! You have such neat ideas! This is a great give away! Hope I win (;

  4. What a way to start the day, Good health, beautiful flowers and surroundings and divine scent!

    1. It’s not too shabby Wendy I’ll say that! ;) Thanks for entering and commenting! Have a great Monday and good luck! xo

    1. Me too Shari! These are a nice light scent that I think you’ll enjoy! :) Hugs and thanks so much for commenting! xo

  5. I love candles and Williams-Sonoma so I’m sure this would be amazing! Sadly we do not have a Williams -Sonoma here so I’d love to win! Thanks so much for the chance!

  6. Love all your designs on instagram as well as on here. Once I get my own place I will put a lot of your ideas to use! Love it!!

    1. That’s great Heather! Love to hear it. :) So glad you are entering for the Giveaway! Hugs and Happy Monday! xo

    1. What candle isn’t great and then a Williams-Sonoma one? The best… Love them all! ;) Happy Monday Andrea! xo

  7. Kristy, this awesome Pink Grapefruit candle scent almost becomes tangible with the help of the beautiful decor and flowers surrounding it! I can smell it now!!! My favourite! Just a lovely, fresh, sweet but spirited fragrance for the summer months!! Enjoy!!

    1. Thanks Karen! I agree… Pink Grapefruit has such a great smell. :) These roses were also so beautiful and the exact color I needed! Thanks and Hugs gf! xo

  8. Another beautiful photo of your kitchen. I am enjoying reading your blog and getting inspiration. I love candles and thus crossing my fingers to win.

    1. Thanks Ingrid! So great that you are getting inspired! I love my kitchen as well and feel the lightness picks up my mood every day. :) Happy Tuesday and thanks again! xoxo

  9. I am over the moon after explicably discovering your blog showcasing your pristine home ! I am a candle lover and love WS to pieces … very classic and timeless … I am recovering from surgery and away from work so this would be a wonderful addition to my nightstand while I recuperate. Thanks for inspiring us !

    1. Aww I’m so sorry to hear that you had surgery but I’m glad you are recovering… :) Fingers crossed and thanks so much for reading! Take care and feel better! xoxo

  10. You have such a lovely home, thank you for sharing it with us! The closest WS is almost 4 hours away and I only get there once a year so I’m crossing my fingers to win this gorgeous candle :)

    1. That’s so far Tara! EEK! Not sure I could survive! ;) Fingers crossed and thanks so much for entering! xoxo

  11. Love the smell (and taste) of pink grapefruit! It was interesting to read you grew up in Washington, DC. I live just up the road in Maryland. It’s a great city, but I have to say Pleasanton looks beautiful and more to my liking!

    1. Pleasanton is a great place to have a family. I do miss parts of the East coast but I have to say NOT in the winter months. ;) Thanks so much Lori and have a great Tuesday! xoxo

  12. I’ve never seen these candles. I adore everything grapefruit. I have a Hesperedis grapefruit soap that is fantastic.

    1. That soap sounds Lovely! :) The candle really is a nice scent… fingers crossed and thanks for entering! xoxo

  13. Hi Kristy! I love pink grapefruit! I found a pink grapefruit scent at Illume candles many years ago, but they don’t carry it anymore. Good to know WS has them. :) Love your kitchen pic!

    1. Yay I’m so glad I went with the grapefruit one then Lisa! :) It is so pretty and Williams-Sonoma always has such great things. Thanks for entering! xo

  14. I am a new reader of your blog! Your home is so beautiful and inspiring! I love WS but gave not tried their candles yet. This one looks so pretty and fresh! I look forward to your uplifting blog posts. Happy summer!

  15. My all time favorite candle along with their other pink grapefruit scented products (hand soap is fabulous). So fresh — just like your kitchen pictures. You’ve had some of the BEST giveaways this summer :-)

  16. Love your blog and your beautiful home! I check in each day anticipating your next post. I love the light, citrus smells in summer also. I’m sure the pink grapefruit candle is yummy,,

    1. Wow, thanks Kim! I’ll be posting more often now that our vacations are all nearly over. :) Thanks for your comment and yes, that candle smells great as does all of Williams-Sonoma candles do. Hugs and Happy Friday! xo

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