Summer Floral Art – Q&A with Georgianna Lane

Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneSummer is a time that I love switching things up – decor style wise. Being outside is a huge part of my days.. and now that my backyard/garden is almost complete and full of beautiful flowers, I want to bring a little more of the same inside.

If you’re familiar with my family room, then you are more than aware that the wall sitting above my mantel is in constant change mode. I’m always mixing things up with different mirrors, art, and accessories. To reflect summer properly, I knew that I wanted to work with my girlfriend – Georgianna Lane, on a special piece for this spot. I needed something that reflects my garden properly… especially since it sits opposite the garden.

Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneFor those who aren’t familiar with Georgianna Lane.. she is an incredible photographer who travels the world searching for the most beautiful scenes, gardens, and flowers. Some of the places she frequents includes France, London, and New York. (Another highlight includes Venice – Emma has a framed photo of hers from the City of Water)


Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneI met Georgianna through Instagram many years ago, and immediately fell in love with her style. The soft tones of her photography always grabbed my attention, and the details in each each shot made her work a stand out to me from the very first. She captures that romantic feeling with every scene and I fall in love with each stolen moment.

Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna Lane
View from Givry, a Paris Perfect Apartment, photographed by Georgianna Lane

Last fall, Georgianna created a special gallery wall of a collection of her photography for me to hang upstairs – and it’s been such a hit. I love that I can see it from every viewpoint in the house. People love it so much that she has created a special listing with the entire collection together for purchase in her Etsy shop. Click here if you’re interested in learning more.

Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna Lane

Q+A with Georgianna Lane

1. How and when did you get into photography?

My parents were avid photographers so we always had cameras around the house. I grew up taking photographs from about age seven but made it my full time career about 14 years ago. 

2. What inspires you?

So much! But I’m always inspired by beautiful gardens, architectural details, the Impressionist painters, and, of course, Paris. 

3. Where did you take this photograph hanging in my family room?

This photograph was taken in England, in a small village called Albrighton, not far from the home of David Austin Roses. The original image took hundreds of roses and hours of laying them out on my hands and knees. (Love this!!)

4. What is your favorite flower?

I love so many but my favorites are roses and daffodils, both of which I grow. One of my greatest simple pleasures is stepping into the garden on a June morning and being able to cut bouquets of roses for the house. 

5. What is one of your most special places to visit?

The gardens of the Palais Royal in Paris, France. 

6. What are your favorite things to photograph?

Roses, for their endless variety and beauty, and French architecture for it’s symmetry and grace. 


When I called Georgianna this winter to discuss collaborating on a new summer piece for my mantel – she immediately had so many different ideas. She has gotten to know me very well over the last few years and knew exactly what style images I would love, and what would fit my mantel best. A few of the photos she originally sent focused around everything that I love… architecture, detail and flowers – all combined. Some of the photographs were of a palace, others were of London streets full of trees during their full spring bloom. While I loved all, what grabbed my attention the most and what I felt would look best long-term in my home was a photograph that Georgianna had taken full of fluffy roses in my favorite shades of pale pinks, corals, and creamy whites.

Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneSummer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneSummer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneI loved the roses photograph so much that all Georgianna needed to do was color-match the photo to my home (by lightening the photo just a tad) and it came out perfect. Click here for my new photo –  she created a custom-listing for anyone who is interested in ordering the lightened version of my gorgeous photo. (Make sure to take advantage of the special 25% Coupon Code at the bottom of this post)

Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneBecause of the softness of the photo – I knew that all it needed in terms of framing was a soft white classic frame. I didn’t want anything to take away from the beauty of the flowers in the image. My friends at Framebridge helped me complete the piece with their white Montauk frame.. It’s a frame that I know well as I have several in my home already. It was perfect. Click here to be taken to the Framebridge site. Search ‘Montauk’ for my exact frame.. they make framing so easy!

Summer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneSummer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneSummer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneSummer Floral Art - Q&A with Georgianna LaneIf you’re looking for a new piece to hang in your home – make sure to take a look at all the beautiful photography from Georgianna Lane. I’m so excited to share that she is offering a 25% Coupon Code using the code – KRISTY25. Click here to view her Etsy shop where she also has several beautiful books that are a collection of her work. I happen to have a few and love all.
Georgianna is such a wonderful friend… I especially want to thank her for all the beauty that she has added to my home – I’ll treasure each piece for many years to come. :)
Oh and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram.. her photos inspire me daily! Click here to follow her.

Have a great week!




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  1. Your home is lovely! What size are the prints on your gallary wall? And where did you get the frames? I would love to do this on my house.