How I spoil my guests in my Silver Sage, Blue and White Bedroom

I hope you are all enjoying a beautiful weekend! 
We had such an incredible time at a good friend’s wedding last night and have been enjoying a lazy morning with yet another friend who surprised us with an overnight stay in our guest bedroom.
I always keep my guest bedroom ‘friend and family ready’.  I can’t tell you how many last minute unexpected guests we have.  I love that and always want to encourage all of our friends and family to visit as often as possible so I try to make this room one in which they can truly feel appreciated and spoiled in.

I love this space for it’s coziness and luxury.
I purposely went all out with gorgeous linens from Restoration Hardware and Bella Notte and pulled the entire space together with my Silver Sage painted sleigh bed and side tables.  While I’m not usually one for matchy matchy everything,  I felt this space would embrace the seamless look that only a painted bed in the same color as the walls could offer.

I wanted the bedding to shine yet I love the lines that a large wooden bed can provide so I chose to paint it with RH’s Silver Sage paint and distress it just enough to show the curves a bit.  I had originally thought about painting the mahogany bed a black color like my own upstairs or even a cottage white like my daughter’s but instead decided that I wanted the bed to have a sophisticated and elegant look which didn’t compete with the crisp white bedding and simple home decor I have in the space.

I love making guest’s feel welcome and always try to provide them with a warm and inviting feel from the moment they arrive.  I’m a big believer in having a basket of goodies on the bed that includes bottles of water, special little shampoos from my favorite L’occitane store (Verbena being my favorite and one I fell in love with while staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore with my hubby) and then last but not least, a few munchies to tide them over until dinner or breakfast.
We also try to bring them coffee in bed whenever possible.
Who doesn’t love that?  :)

We adore everyone who takes the time to visit and always want to keep them coming back…
My Mom has taught me from a young age that people visiting should be reminded of how special they are and how much you appreciate their visit.
She always makes every guest as well as her 3 children feel spoiled and welcome with every visit…
I truly love that.

Have a beautiful Sunday and think about those who visit you...
Do you spoil them and make them want to keep coming back?
Hugs! xoxo


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3 thoughts on “How I spoil my guests in my Silver Sage, Blue and White Bedroom

  1. Your guestroom is just beautiful and anyone would love to be spoiled by the space and by you!
    We’ve had probably 50 overnight guests since we moved into our home last year and I like to think they all feel pampered too :)
    My favorite compliment has been ‘Your house is so beautiful AND comfortable” (by several). If one’s home is nice to look at but everything is too precious to touch, no one feels comfortable. I’m sure your guests say the same and love to be made to feel welcome and at home.

    1. You are so sweet and so right Valerie… Making someone feel special and welcome is the most important thing. You’ve had so many guests! You must be an amazing host. :) Hugs and have a beautiful Monday!