Special Holiday Giveaway and Interview with Kathy Kuo Home

Kicking off this Friday Favorite with Kathy Kuo Home and a Giveaway featuring one of her gorgeous home decor pieces!!

So excited to announce that today I’m teaming with the incredible Kathy Kuo of Kathy Kuo Home in a special Holiday Gift Giveaway of her Turquoise Agate Shagreen Box, valued at $298.
It’s such a luxurious gift for this special Holiday season for anyone who appreciates style and decor all in one piece.

RULES for Giveaway-

1. You must FOLLOW Both @Wicksnest and @KathyKuoHome on Instagram
2. Hashtag #kathykuohome on my @Wicksnest Instagram
3. You must  leave a COMMENT on this Blog post

Giveaway begins Friday Nov. 21st and ends Monday at midnight Nov. 24th.  Winner will be announced Tuesday, Nov. 25th

A little about Kathy Kuo~

As you already know I have a real adoration for Kathy and everything that she’s a part of.  Her online boutique is gorgeous and rich with beautiful unique items from all over the world.  Whenever I need something that is really special or one of a kind, I know to first look at  It’s vast collection of eclectic styles of home decor, furniture and lighting is easy to navigate because of the way in which they’ve divided all pieces into existing collections.  Shoppers have the opportunity to stay within one collection if so desired or the ability to mix collections to make their home more personal and individual.
Make sure to take a look at all 6 collections – French Country, Industrial Loft, Rustic Lodge, Hollywood Regency, Global Bazaar and Coastal Beach.  I dare anyone to not find something from each collection that they like.  Who knew I had a little Hollywood Regency love? ;)

Kathy’s Blog- The Kuotes Blog~

Another feature Kathy has included on her website is a link to her Blog that offers ‘design ideas for an inspired life’.  I love this and appreciate that she offers her shoppers and readers the guidance and inspiration that so many of us can use.  So many times I’ve taken a peek just to see what she’s up to…

My Interview with kathy~

Wicks Nest~
You are known for your design of new products as well as for Interior Design… which is your ‘true’ love?


My true love really is making people happy and seeing them smile (sorry, so cheesy!).  When we have clients email us and tell us about how they refuse to have anything other than “KKH” appointed products or how they feel when they finally have their living room, DONE and they can finally entertain/ host, and it is a REFLECTION OF WHO THEY ARE, I feel so honored, and humbled that we are still able to make an impact in this way.

Did you have a mentor?

I think my largest influence on my design style and love for furniture and sculpture has been my 3 D teacher at RISD – Merlin Szozas – he taught me everything about the nuances between space and form, all without “teaching” it in an academic sense-  He never gave me answers, as he would revert the questions back to myself, since he knew I had all the answers already – it was up to me to intuit and go through the process of finding the solution.  

Wicks Nest~
Who are a few of the celebrities you’ve worked with and have any surprised you of their knowledge of decorating and design? ;)

I can’t talk about that… :-)  Let’s just say that, they come with TEAMS, and by teams, I mean there are lots of deciding factors that don’t always include the actual design.  

Wicks Nest~
You are 1 of 3 judges on Rowhouse Showdown on FYI.  What are the talents that each of you bring to the critique of the teams?

Rowhouse was such a fun project- we all bring equal parts design and technological know how to building and decorating.  Jim Bronzie knows everything there is to know about construction- down to what a bag of grout should cost.  We used to call him the “Rain Man” of Home Depot.  He knew exactly what home owners were looking for when buying and selling, and his designs definitely reflect a contemporary, elevated aesthetic.  

 I bring the design component- I think my background in product/ furniture and interiors was important in critiquing scale/ambiance and overall spatial layout considering the function of the room.  

 Carter – he’s been working with his own hands since the beginning of home renovation shows – (original carpenter on Trading Spaces) – aside from knowing exactly how a TV show is shot, he also has excellent taste and knows how to guide the teams in a direction that encourages them to explore different aesthetics and materials.  

What is the 1 color that you like to add to every room? 

These days it’s gold and black.  But not always together.   :-) Ask me in a month, and that may change.  I’m more of a what’s one TEXTURE that you like to add to every room, and for me that would be something hand made/ vintage.  It adds soul to any room. 

 Wicks Nest~
How would you best describe the interior style of your home?

It’s eclectic + glamorous.  It’s bold modern yet clean with hints of global and vintage and approachable and cozy.  I have a 2 year old and an English Bulldog so we need a very livable space.  

Wicks Nest~ 
If you could take anyone on as a client who would you choose?  And why?

I am really intrigued by the Middle East and all the opportunity that a blank slate provides.  They are in the midst of an architectural boom, and their culture and heritage is so rooted in tradition, some of which are represented in their architecture and some of which are not.  I’m intrigued by being able to bring an element of tradition, nostalgia and glamour into any new development projects in the Middle East.  Did I tell you my favorite cuisine/ travel locales are Turkey and Morocco?  So much texture and beauty there.

Loved all of Kathy’s answers and I hope your as inspired by her as I am. 
I’ve included a clip of Kathy along with some pictures of Kathy and some of her projects below. (one of which is the Warwick Hotel’s International Flagship hotel in NYC)  

To learn more from Kathy herself in an interview on FYI click HERE
All photos courtesy of Kathy Kuo Home



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74 thoughts on “Special Holiday Giveaway and Interview with Kathy Kuo Home

  1. I’m buying my first home in 2 weeks and this would be the perfect gift to win!! ☺️ I follow both your pages and am so inspired by such beautiful decor and style! I’m 25 and just had my first home built and so excited to start this adventure!!

    1. This would be the perfect gift for you then! How exciting. Love that feeling of moving into a new home! Godo Luck and thanks so much for entering… xoxo

  2. I’m so glad I found both wicks nest and kathykuohome before christmas so I can get some amazing decor ideas!! Thanks for the inspiration;)

    1. So happy you found us as well, Erin! Thanks so much for entering and for your sweet support. Good Luck and Happy Friday!

    1. It’s so beautiful Candice and the texture is really special. Love anything that offers more to a space and this does so in spades. Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

    1. It’s a beautiful piece for anyone who wants something unique and beautiful. So happy you’ve entered! Good Luck and have a beautiful Friday! Hugs xoxo

    1. Thanks Melissa! Love the color in this box as well and the agate on top makes it even more special. Thanks so much for entering and have a great Friday! Hugs xoxo

  3. Opps i meant turquoise shagreen agate box!! Its absolutely beautiful & i would love to add it to my home!! ✨✨

    1. Thanks Kate! Love Kathy and I feel after interviewing her that I’ve had a lesson in Interior Design. She is a wealth of information and such a sweetheart! Hugs and Happy Friday! xoxo

  4. My mom just shared this awesome giveaway with me, because she knows how well it goes with my room!

    Turqoise is my favorite color and gold + turqoise were born to be together! Love this beautiful box, and I enjoyed reading this interview. Thank you!

    1. It’s really a gorgeous box Ann! So happy you’ve entered the giveaway… :) Have a wonderful weekend and Good Luck! xoxo

    1. So funny Barbie! I also think it’s swoon worthy! And it’s a piece that will look amazing year round. Classic in style yet so unique! Thanks so much for entering! Hugs and Good Luck! xo

  5. So glad I discovered wicks nest through kathykuohome on Instagram. Love the decorating ideas so beautiful & love that vintage feel. I subscribed to your website. Can’t wait to read more. And following you on Instagram of course. Thanks for the opportunity to win this Beauty. ;)

    1. Thanks so much Francesca! I’m thrilled you found me through Kathy Kuo and I’m so excited that you’ve entered our Giveaway! It really is such a great Gift that’s unique and beautiful. Hugs and I wish you all the luck! xoxo

  6. I’ve been a follower of yours on Insta for quite some time – I more than love your home and use a lot of your photos as inspiration. Now I’m so glad I found kathykuohome thanks to this wonderful giveaway – I can wait to get even more decor ideas! Thank you for the inspiring inspiration…and all the pics with Cal! xoxo

    1. HI Johanna! So happy you’ve entered and I really appreciate the fact that you’ve been following me for so long. It really means so much to me to have the support of my followers. Kathy Kuo is such a talent and full of inspiration… I’m happy you’ve taken a look at her site as well. :) Hugs and Good Luck!!! xoxo

      1. thank you so much for your sweet reply – good luck with the white walls although i do have to admit i love the blue and will miss it. somehow i hope you do paint a tiffany-ish color somewhere. have a happy Sunday!

  7. What a gorgeous box! And it’s one of my favorite colors! I actually didn’t know about Kathy Kuo until I started following you Kristy in Instagram. I fell in love with your blue vases and that’s how I found out about Kathy Kuo’s website. It’s awesome that both of you have partner for this giveaway!! Good luck to whoever wins this! It’s so exciting!! :)

    1. Hi Juleny!!! Yay! So excited you’re entering this Giveaway! Aren’t those jars beautiful? Thanks for noticing them. I’m sure Kathy would love to hear how much you liked them as well. She has been so amazing to work with and I’ve adored all of her items since ordering the gorgeous steel top table in my kitchen and side chairs a few years ago. Loved her whole attitude and willingness to help me. :) Good Luck sweetie and have a great weekend! xoxo

  8. Kristy… Always love seeing your home decor pics in IG. My mom has a similar color scheme as you with all that turquoise, whenever I visit I’m always reminded of you! I’d gift the box to her if I won

    1. Hi Jessica! How are you beautiful girl? So glad you’re entering. :) That’s so sweet you’d gift it to your mom… Love that! Hope you’re doing ell. Miss you and your incredible humor! Hugs! xoxo

  9. Love the style/design of #kathykuohome AND yours! Such beautiful pictures and a great interview!! Instagram: mr_edward_duff

  10. I can think of 10,000 places to put this gorgeous turquoise shagreen box! Loved the interview with Kathy. Great information and inspiration. Wish me luck! ;)

    1. Great Karen! So glad you like the interview! I love the box too! It’s really a regal piece. Good Luck and have a great Monday! xo

  11. How gorgeous! I am following you both on Instagram (@fairyfractal) and I #’d the post. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

    1. Thanks anita! So glad you like it too… It’s a gorgeous color and the texture is so beautiful. Hugs and Good Luck! xo

  12. Oh wow! I’ve just found your blog, and I’ve been following along on Instagram! Your home and style are just amazing! Perfection! I was wondering if you take all your own pictures because they are gorgeous!! I’ve been blogging for about a year now and I would love if you would stop by! Happy Thanksgiving! Xo Kathy@The Daily Nest

    1. Hi Kathy, how sweet! I’d love that. Your encouragement is so wonderful. :) I do take all my own pics… I’m thrilled you like them. You know how it is, for every 1 there are 20 more that weren’t nearly as good. ;) So excited you’ve joined our Giveaway! Good Luck and have a great week. xo

    1. Mine too Tracy! :) Love it all… So happy you’ve jumped in and I wish you all the luck! Hugs and have a great Monday! xo

  13. Very pretty. Your IG has inspired me. Your home is peaceful. Passion for boxes! I’d be honored to win such a lovely gift.

    1. Thank you Mary! I’m so happy you’ve entered. Really appreciate your support and your sweet comment. Good Luck and thanks so much again! xoxo