Simplify and Organize Your Kitchen Decor

I’m always asked to help my friends streamline their kitchen counters. One of my pet peeve’s is clutter anywhere but in the kitchen it’s so distracting and in the heart of the home I feel things should look open, clean and organized so your space is always ‘guest ready’ and beautiful. Something as simple as keeping utensil holders and canisters in groupings of similar shades goes a long way in a narrow space like that of a kitchen counter.  Not every appliance is used every day in our kitchens so there’s no need to leave everything sitting on top of the counter where it takes up space that you may otherwise use for something else or better, simply leave bare to give you that light and airy feel you are craving.
source – Sarah Sherman Samuel

Kitchens and living rooms are often designed as one big open space with just an island or table separating the two. If you have a busy kitchen with a lot of accessories that are of a mismatched color… it’s distracting and takes away from that grandeur feel that I think a kitchen should reflect.

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Even the smallest kitchen can look elevated and more classic when careful thought is put into consideration with each choice.  It’s not about size or quantity of items but detail. Personally I feel that every room that bleeds into another should complement the overall space in a seamless and effortless manner rather than detract.  Family and living spaces already have drapes, pillows, filled bookshelves and all other types of decor that need to be considered.
When you have an all-white kitchen like I do many think adding more – whether it be in color or the amount of accessories is better.  I say it’s the opposite. Less is best and simplifying is always more welcome in a space that we dine and entertain in.
source – Beth Webb
source – Old Seagroves Homes

Instead of filling your home with so many things, let your finishes have the space to speak for themselves and shine… be the pièce de résistance so to speak!

I have a selection of white and metal decor in my white kitchen. The metals match the hardware and finishes that I’ve chosen to use in my space and the white looks classic and elegant.
For color, let your fruit and flowers make the statement or a neatly lined collection of glass bottles of water. They always adds a touch of elegance.
source – Style At Home
source – BHG

None of my recommendations are ‘rocket science’ difficult but my own method for feeling a little more like Martha Stewart.  Her kitchens always make me happy because she keeps everything uncluttered and in similar tones and as a result everything looks cohesive and elegant.

Below I’ve pulled together a few items that I think add to rather than distract from the kitchen.  When choosing to place things on your counters or island remember that small groupings in a similar tone or palette always make more of a statement.   If it’s a pulled together look you are after than you will want to keep these steps in mind as you shop and take that second look at your own kitchen.


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8 thoughts on “Simplify and Organize Your Kitchen Decor

  1. I love the way you placed your wood cutting boards! Even though it’s a kitchen tool it works great as a decoration. I like the lamp that you have in the kitchen too! I haven’t ever thought of using one for decor in the kitchen.

    1. Hi Sally, Sarah mentions that it’s a Calacatta marble from LA. I love the way it compliments her cabinet color and fixtures. Thanks for dropping by! Hugs! xo

  2. Your metal and white decor idea are great. It looks gorgeous. I appreciate your advice to make sure the colors of the walls, cabinets, and floor colors match. Thanks for sharing this nice post.

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