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https://kristywicks.comMy favorite asked about piece is on sale and I couldn’t be more excited…

So many of you have made comments about the sweet elephant in my family room… he’s on sale right now at Pier 1 and still one of the cutest side tables I own. For some of you who may be new to my Blog, when I first bought this little guy, I posted a few interesting facts about elephants which I never fully realized …
What really gets to me is the love and respect they have for one another ? They live to over 70 years (just like us) and have the most incredible memories ? They cry, play and laugh with one another and they have greeting ceremonies when one has returned from being gone a long time ? When one dies they gently touch the bones of the dead with their feet and tusks to say goodbye ? they ‘always’ remember a spot where one has died and will stop and stand completely still and silent for several minutes when walking past out of love and respect.
Who can’t appreciate an animal that has so much consideration for it’s own?

I’m sharing a few of my other favorite side tables that are also on sale below.  I can’t seem to have enough side tables in my home.  If there is one thing that bothers me more than anything… it’s not having a place to put my glass.   To shop these tables, simply click on the picture and you will be taken to the site.

Happy Tuesday!



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