Shopping Monday’s With Emma


Monday’s are hard.
It’s difficult waking up after a fun weekend and facing 5 long work days.
Something that always seems to pick up my mood is shopping.  Whether I’m looking for the best deals or a favorite item, I love scouring the internet for the cutest and newest trends.
My daughter Emma has such a great sense of style… I thought who better to help all of us get through our Monday?
Without fail, every time Emma shows up on my doorstep she is always wearing the cutest outfits.  She has long blonde wavy hair that she curses yet somehow styles in the most fun way.
She motivates me to try new things and encourages me to step outside of my comfort zone.  So fun!  Emma has a knack for finding the best deals so I’ve asked her to pull together some of her favorite stores, categories and items so we can all indulge… (affiliate links used in this post)
A few of Emma’s favorite stores ~
Urban Outfitter’s, Anthropologie, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Madewell, Asos

Emma’s Fashion

Emma’s Beauty

Emma’s Hair

Emma’s Jewelry

Emma’s Home Decor

Emma’s Fave Jumpsuits

Happy Monday and Happy Shopping!

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Shopping Monday’s with Emma has become a weekly installment. If you’d like to read the most current version of this series, click here!


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2 thoughts on “Shopping Monday’s With Emma

  1. I love that perfume! Soft, pretty and feminine without being overpowering. So cute seeing you two together. Ps I bought the pictures that you have in her room and they look great! That’s for the recommendation.

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thanks so much! We love those botanicals also. That perfume is the best… it’s Emma’s go to!
      Hope you have a great day.