Shopping Monday’s with Emma – Back To School

Hello everyone and welcome back to Shopping Monday’s with Emma!

This week’s installment is all about August’s main event.. ‘Back To School Shopping’.

Preparing for the start of each new school year has been the highlight of every August for as long as I can remember… My mom and I love the entire process of looking for the cutest most colorful school supplies, finding the perfect new backpack and snagging the year’s hottest new fall trends.

From elementary school to high school, I remember my mom and I heading to the store ahead of time to pick out the cutest styles… While I found some of my favorites, others were sold out and I was forced to settle for something different. Now that online shopping has become so much easier, back to school shopping is far less stressful and the selections are endless. It’s way more fun to shop the back to school season this way!

As I’m heading back to college soon I’ve decided to also include a few Dorm Room necessities today. I’ll write more about preparing for this exciting adventure in the near future so stay tuned!

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School Supplies

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Bright and fun school supplies are very in this year. From the cutest planner ever, to an adorable lunch bag, you’ll be the coolest girl in school. (Mom, please let her be the coolest girl in school!)



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Backpacks have always been one of the most important parts of back to school shopping for me. I always felt my backpack had to represent me in one way or another. Whether it had bright yellow pineapples on it or a simple black design… it was nice having a brand new backpack that said something about me that year.


Back to School: Girls Fashion (Under 13)

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Shopping for your cute girl? Nordstrom had some great options for the little ones this year. Dresses, jean jackets and more!


Back to School (Boys Fashion under 13)


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Want to be cool and look the part? Plain jeans, a smart tee, and slip on vans are the hottest trends for little boys this fall.


Back to School: (Women’s Fashion 15 & up)

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Since I am heading back to school in a couple of weeks, I really think I need to go out and buy all of these cute items for myself. When I’m at school, I love to be trendy, but also comfortable while sitting in class.


Back to School (Men’s Fashion 15 & up)

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For men, this fall is all about blue and black tones.


Dorm Accessories sneak peek:



Have fun back to school shopping!











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