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I love setting our dining table during the Holidays…
As a matter of fact I usually keep it dressed for the month and add fresh flowers for each special night we sit in our favorite room.

I love adding little details to my table top like those of my classic silver mercury trees, white trees, candle holders, etc.  and I layer all down on my favorite runner from Pottery Barn.
I usually scatter baby ornaments along with some that are larger and beautifully shiny or glittery to add that extra sparkle.
The silver octagonal chargers are used instead of placemats…
When using a runner I often times feel there is no need to add the extra linens.
You appreciate and see so much more by using unique and beautiful chargers for people to set their plates.

I have mentioned before that I adore flower arrangements cut short and kept full in special bowls or vases.
It’s so fun to see what pretty berries I can find to add to the arrangement to keep it unique and colorful.
Adding cards such as the one seen above from Tiny Prints (Last day for 30% off) lend a more personable feel to the table.
It’s always a conversation starter and just to make it more fun I like to add a few funny blackmailing photos to the mix…
Why not?  Life is so much more exciting when families laugh and make fun of themselves.

There are some incredible sales going on with Christmas right around the corner so if you see something you like here make sure to grab it while you can…

Have a great Thursday night!
We are off to pick up our daughter at the airport …
She will be home for the month of Christmas and we can hardly wait!

To Shop this Look just click on the picture ~


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2 thoughts on “Shop for favorite Christmas Table Decor

    1. Hi Vickie, these items are simply sitting on a runner surrounded by the octagonal chargers from Pottery Barn. The link to shop for all items is at the bottom of the post. :) Thanks so much for commenting! Hugs! xoxo