Searching For Lilly Pulitzer at Target!

lilly-pulitzer-target-924x462How exciting!  Lilly is back!!

One of the biggest events since Nate Berkus first joined the team at Target and made the tortoise shell the hottest new home decor item has finally arrived…

Lilly Pulitzer, goddess of Palm Beach summer resort attire and the well known designer of the infamous, ‘Summer Shift Dress’ has allowed her beautiful designs to bless Target stores everywhere and the world has taken notice AGAIN!

Known to be the master of pink and green ‘floral preppy’ Palm Beach attire, Lilly, a lover of all that is bright, fun and happy is far more than just a clothing line at target…   she’s a Lifestyle.
Target has done it again by introducing Lilly in a variety of ways…
Her weekend upscale style designs can be found in Home Decor as well as Clothing and Accessories for Women, Children and Babies.

All Lilly… All the time!

This is huge for those of us who refuse to let the, ‘LBD’ or Little Black Dress dictate all that is classic. While I tend to lean toward clean looks, there is just something about the Lilly Pulitzer style that lifts my spirits.  On a personal note, my Mother recently informed me that she purchased her first Lilly to celebrate regaining her ‘pre-baby’ shape after I was born.  She went all out!!  Not only did she buy the pink and lavender shift but matching headband AND matching slides.  This was a special occasion for her and she wanted to celebrate this moment properly… with Lilly!

LillyPulitzer1heritage_06_2 heritage_02_7I in turn can’t wait to continue the Lilly legacy by adding a few of her Spring pillows to my sofa or her floral hammock to the yard.

main.original.585x0lilly-pulitzer-target-14-924x462 o-TARGET-LILLY-PULITZER-facebookI adore that Lilly has maintained her direction through the decades.  Her Target designs are still light hearted, colorful yet remain classic.  Being a lover of ALL fashion, it’s so exciting that this iconic style that hails from Worth Avenue in Palm Beach is now available at an affordable cost through this joint venture.
Indeed Target does it again and this just proves it.


I’ve listed a few of my favorite items from the Lilly Pulitzer Spring Collection below that can you either find in most Target stores or online…
If you’re a little late to this Palm Beach resort inspired train then there’s no time like the present to jump on the Lilly bandwagon!!

Shop Lilly Pulitzer For Target ~


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2 thoughts on “Searching For Lilly Pulitzer at Target!

  1. its not available, though. There were 245 people in line when the store opened at 6 a.m, and it was cleared out of Lilly in five minutes. People just marched in and bought whole racks of things. Their web roll-out was even worse. Target really botched this one. It’s a shame.

    1. Wow… What a bummer to hear Anne! I get so frustrated when things aren’t available that I really want online and in the stores.. Especially when it’s advertised as much as this was. I’m hoping they will fill the stores after hearing all of this. Thanks so much for commenting. Hugs! xoxo