Saturday’s Hallway view…

Thought you might get a kick out of this shot I took earlier today…

I was taking a few pictures of the Hallway to show off my new silver vase from Homegoods and this little guy caught me as I was sneaking out the door.
I guess I should have named my Blog, ‘Cal’s Nest.  ;)

Hugs and Happy Saturday everyone!



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12 thoughts on “Saturday’s Hallway view…

  1. I love that silver vase! And do you happen to remember where you got that “W” hanging from the lamp? It seems I’m always asking where you get all your pretty things. :) I was just telling my hubby I need to start looking for more silver vases because I just love the look of them. I really want to find some mint julep cups/vases too. Hmm…I think a trip to Homegoods is in order. ;)

    1. Hi Lisa! :) The ‘W’ is from Pottery Barn. Anytime they get tags like this in I snatch them up. ;) Thanks so much and… you definitely have to make a run to Homegoods. ;) haha… Hugs! xoxo

  2. Awww look at sweet Cal, he looks so sad, I hope he is feeling better!!!

    Side note- what I love about decor/design bloggers is that you get to “meet” lovely, talented women who love their homes as much as I do!! And most of all the inspiration, kindness, and interaction!! Thank you for all the days you put a smile on our faces with your beautiful spaces!!!!

  3. Hi Kristy,

    I follow you on Instagram and saw that you apologized for including lil Cali in your pictures. I actually really LOVE seeing his sweet-lil-sleeping angel face on each picture, he enhances your beautiful home.

    I hope that his time here on earth with his family is filled of joy, love, and pain free.