Real Talk: Emma’s Weight & Health Journey

an older picture of me but I don’t have any new ones! (typical of someone who’s hiding weight gain)

Hi everyone! I feel like I haven’t posted a blog with my name attached to it in so long.. I like to contribute more elsewhere I guess ;) First of all I want to say – Hi I’m Emma, Kristy’s 23 year old daughter! Many of you may be new and not know who I am or why I’m here.

I work with my mom full-time as her creative director, but I’m a jack of all trades. Some days you may find me behind the camera taking shots of my mom wearing cute outfits, answering e-mails, helping style photoshoots, crafting up delicious recipes, making collages/boutiques/roundups of everything from fashion to furniture to jewelry, and more. Yes this is a DREAM job for me! I am such a creative at heart and I’ve always dreamed of doing things along these lines, so it is a blessing that my mom decided to take a risk and snag me as her partner in crime. I was her first hire, and it has been so much fun helping my mom turn this passion into a business.

Working with my mom has obviously been so much fun, but I don’t want to get into all of that today. Today I actually want to dive into a tougher topic that I know I must do for so many reasons..

Let’s Go Back…

Real Talk: Emma's Weight & Health Journey

Me and my best friend maddy at a concert


So… let’s rewind the clock back to January, 2013, when I was a senior in high school. I decided that I wanted to lose around 25 lbs and.. I did (and I looked amazing). But the problem with it was that I lost it in a completely unhealthy way. It was through a fad diet and the weight loss lasted months.. but when I began college in the fall of 2013 my healthy habits began to slip.

Real Talk: Emma's Weight & Health Journeyduring sorority recruitment the first year


I left for Arizona State University and I lived in the dorms. Like many typical freshman girls who lived without real kitchens, I ate so unhealthy. Plus, I fell out of the habit of going to the gym often, which didn’t help counter all of the junk food and alcohol (sorry mom) I was consuming. Basically, I fell completely off the wagon and gave in to everything. I ate whatever I wanted, whenever – and never worked out. Clearly that wasn’t the best idea for someone who wanted to maintain my weight. I was also completely overwhelmed by being in a sorority, school, having a long-distance boyfriend, parents living in a different state, and living on my own for the first time.

I gained around 20 lbs that first year of college, and never really got my momentum back. I’ve steadily continued to gain weight throughout college and until this last year – it didn’t really bother me too much up to a point.

Until I realized I couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing. Or when I went to go put on that ‘medium’ sized top – it wouldn’t even go over my head. I couldn’t fit into anything in my closet besides workout wear. I couldn’t even look in the mirror, because I didn’t recognize my own body & face.


Real Talk: Emma's Weight & Health Journeylast year with my boyfriend’s family.. who is that unhappy girl on the left? 

Real Talk: Emma's Weight & Health Journeythis photo from Florence last year gives me so much anxiety. 

And you guys. The photos above are from last year. I don’t even have any photos of myself from 2018 on… I can’t believe I let myself go this far. It’s so hard to admit to yourself that you have a problem – but I know I can finally admit it. I could scream it from the rooftops: I NEED HELP! 

I stopped caring about my appearance. For all of you who may follow my Instagram, or when my mom talks about me on Instagram (I always ask my mom never to show me on stories) because I always looked a mess. Hair frazzled, no makeup, yoga pants, shirt, and a girl who felt awkward in her own skin. Yet I couldn’t stop eating junk food, was too lazy to work out, and basically just gave up. It can be hard.. I go to school full-time, work full-time, and… any time for myself? I basically zoom to the nearest fast-food center, and zoom home to jump in bed and sleep.


Well… guess what guys. Things are changing around here.

I decided that I want to feel and look better. And in order to do that, I need to start being accountable for everything in my life that I’ve been neglecting. A really great way to start is to tell thousands of people, like you. Because now I know that maybe… even just by one of you saying: “hey… I feel the same way. and I want to live a healthier life too!” I will feel SO much better and work that much harder.

But really.. I’m going to do this. And I’ve started by becoming inspired. I’m inspired by those who just get up every morning and do it. They don’t make excuses, they just do it. Like Miss Remi Ashten who is a hugely popular youtuber – she started her own healthy lifestyle journey last fall. She has now lost over 50 lbs and looks amazing.


Where is this all going?

I think we all can relate a little – when you aren’t putting yourself first, things can get hairy and priorities will probably slip. I think by me opening up just a little about what’s going on with me will help me stay focused and driven with my goals.

I want to share my healthy lifestyle journey with all of you. I’m going to eat healthier and workout regularly. But I just want to be real with you. I want to share more of myself with you guys on the blog and IG (My mom always wants me to be on and I was always too insecure to go there). But I think it will be really good for me to step outside of my comfort zone and start sharing different things that I’m loving/healthy routines/recipes/workouts.. whatever!


For now I’m just going to leave it at that.. but thanks for letting me open up to all of you. :)


Til next time,




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131 thoughts on “Real Talk: Emma’s Weight & Health Journey

  1. Emma I don’t know you but am so proud of you! I am in the same “rut” and literally just signed up for the gym today. I decided that the motivation isn’t always going to be there and what I really need is to build dedication! Then hopefully the motivation will follow :)
    Looking forward to following along and sharing in the ups (and downs) of the journey!

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It was very brave and something that most people struggle with at some stage of life whether it’s college, having a baby or just getting in a bit of a rut. I put on 25kgs with each of my pregnancies and was amazed at the expectation of ‘bouncing back’ that seemed so prevalent around mums. It took 3 years from start to finish (for each baby) of consistent exercise & conscientious food choices. I look forward to seeing your progress as you go on this journey. Be kind to yourself and be consistent & if you have a blow out day just balance it out with exercise and good food choices the next. It’s not about too much deprivation! Goodluck xo

  3. Emma, you are amazing. Your courage is awe inspiring! I have a very similar story, and hit a low point this past February, which is when I decided to do better for myself. I started working out 3-4 days a week, drank 64 oz of water everyday (!!) and ate better (I didn’t go nuts but tried to remind myself that when I ate like crap, I felt like crap which is 100000% true). Well, four months later I feel FANTASTIC and YOU WILL TOO! You can do this! My clothes fit better, I have more energy, I can actually wear most of my closet again. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself. The hardest part is showing up. I will say I never weighed myself once, and I’m glad for that because that can be discouraging at times, but I DO wish I would have measured my waist, hips, arms, etc because there has been quite a difference in those areas but I have no actual numbers to prove it. So, just wanted to share my story to help encourage you. Be kind to yourself, celebrate the non-scale victories and be your own biggest cheerleader – you got this!! Can’t wait to follow in your journey!

    1. Sarah don’t be concerned about not having those measurements because YOU know how much better you feel and that’s what’s important!! Good for you on your journey! From just an IG follower – Annette ?

  4. Hi Emma Thanks for sharing your story. You are a young, beautiful woman with lots of people rooting for you!!
    Maybe your dad could come up with some tasty, healthy recipes for you? Just a thought!

  5. Oh Emma, you’ll get there. Being thin doesn’t come easy to most people. Some are naturally thin and some work a little bit at it and some have to work really really hard at it. And some of us give up on looking reed thin and just focus on the healthy eating and getting heaps of physical activity in. I’m sending you loads of best wishes for success. Xx

  6. Emma – Congrats on taking the steps necessary to get healthy and feel better. January 2016, I finally made the change. Started eating healthy and exercising (BBG by Kayla]. For someone who has NEVER exercised it was difficult, but I kept at it and slowly the weight started coming off. You will have ups and downs, but don’t let an off day ruin your goals. I feel so much better now and have the energy to do the things I want to. Best of luck on your new journey.

  7. Emma,
    How brave if you. Fitness and health in this fashion will be a rewarding happy experience for you.
    I am a wanta be photographer and blogger. I work in banking in senior leadership of a big bank. Feel free to follow me on Instagram. I posts lots of great food ideas. My boys are similar age as you and I mostly do it for them as they found the self in a similar sitautatin as you.
    I am also a Weight Watcher, I have also dabled with Whole30 but it’s really not a life style I can live long term with.
    I am citygirl217.
    Whether you follow me or not I believe in you and am inspired by you.
    I started recently following your mom based on a suggesting of a friend as my husband and I just recently downsized and am renitating a 2100 sq Ft condo. My taste is very similar to your moms style.
    Hugs and Smiles for your Health journey.
    My starting weight was 178 12/16 I am now 150 and I am 5’4 and 55 years old.
    Lori – Champaign, il

  8. Way to go Emma. As women we all struggle at some point or all points in our lives lol.. my weight has fluctuated over the years. At your age I was like you.. focused on school and partying and let me go. Now at 45 I think I’m in the best place ever. Not 100% happy with my body but grateful everyday for having a choice to eat healthy and love me the way I am. You are gorgeous first and foremost. Never lose sight of that !! Getting healthy is always a great idea but don’t focus on the scale. Focus on how you feel and the weight will come off naturally :). Looking forward to coming along the journey with you. We all will cheer you on ?

  9. I love this! I coach a healthy living group every month that focuses on a lifestyle change! I love your honesty!

  10. Hi Emma!
    I just turned 28 in April and am feeling the exact same way. I try to eat healthy and workout but when your boyfriend is the complete opposite, he literally eats anything and doesn’t gain weight or workout, so unfair, it is easy to fall into those habits as well. I have started this year to really turn around and work on myself. I am down 10 pounds so far! It is really exciting! I know weight is just a number when you are changing to a healthy lifestyle but I have so much more energy and I feel better. You can do this!!! =D I cannot wait to follow along on your journey!

  11. Wow Emma i am so impressed by you! Talk about a huge first step. I literally felt exactly like you described! I just lost 25 pounds this winter on top of challenging myself to 100 consecutive days of exercise. Some days that only meant getting my 10000 steps in but most days it meant that plus other exercise. I found an amazing woman on you tube – Lucy Wyndham Read. You r so busy pulled in so many directions- she has over 600 free you tube workouts that vary from 3 minutes on up so even if ur crazy busy u can always squeeze one in even if it’s just before bed. I kno u will b successful!

  12. Emma, YOU are beautiful.
    I started my journey- again… March 5th. Today I’m down 15 pounds and I can feel the confidence starting to return. I want you to know – YOU can DO this!
    For me, it was learning new thought patterns. I eat for fuel now- not for comfort or convenience.
    Moving my body makes me feel better. Even a nice long brisk walk makes all the difference.
    Getting outdoors! The sunshine is like medicine for me. I have struggled with some depression over the years- If I can get outdoors and soak up the sun- BAM – I feel renewed!
    I’m rooting for you!
    Danna ??

  13. Emma!!! I feel you girl! I was one of those girls who has always had a super fast metabolism, that is till I had my two kids. My daughter and son are only 16 months apart which that in itself has been a major life changer, for the better of course! It’s a full time job chasin kiddos around and working, then of course trying to fit “me time” in there (ie going to the gym). I want to not only lose my baby weight from my son who is 6 months old but also want to teach my kids a healthy balanced way to live. I hate being in any pictures cause it just reminds me of how far I have yet to go, to be happy in my own skin. I think as women we put so much pressure on ourselves as well as each other. We need to empower instead of tear each other down. That’s what I want to teach and show my daughter, to always be empowering myself as well as other women. Emma, always remember we are our toughest critic, and you are so beautiful! You can do this, and will do this! So excited for you to start this new journey! You are inspiring me, as well as everyone reading this blog post! Just a little tip, I started working out at orange theory fitness and that has helped keep me accountable for going to classes, cause they push you and they charge you if you don’t show up for your scheduled class… that’s what I need haha. It’s hard especially when we compare ourselves to people on Instagram. Good luck again, and thank you for being raw and honest, we all need to be more like that!

  14. Emma, you are amazing and such an inspiration-especially to all the girls coming home from college now and realizing they look different than when they left! You’re such a beautiful girl & to put all this out there is brave & encourages so many other girls to be honest & feel happier for it! You’re blessed to have such supportive parents!! Great job & please keep us posted on your journey ?

  15. Everyone has to start somewhere! That took courage, Emma. I’m with you…let’s do this journey all together! ??

  16. Thank you for your honesty! I’m a 25 year old from NY and just graduated from *7 years* of physical therapy school. I didn’t even recognize myself in my grad pics and was so ashamed from my weight gain that I didn’t even enjoy my celebrating my accomplishments on grad weekend. I’m right there with ya, time to make a change! Mental, emotional, physical. You got this and you’re DEFINITELY not alone. Xoxo Missy from NY

  17. Go Emma! I’ve tried more weight loss programs than I want to admit! After watching “ The Magic Pill” I started Keto about a month ago & it’s the best for me! The POS items at the store don’t even bother me anymore! Best wishes you got this!

  18. Isn’t this all of us? Love love love this post. You are not alone. ❤️❤️❤️ I’ll join you!

  19. I completely relate! I lost a lot of weight before my wedding and felt so confident and then here I am 10 yrs later and I keep slipping. Throw a child into the mix and it gets even more hard to make yourself a priority. Can’t wait to see what healthy stuff you share as far as food goes. Thanks for opening up. This is relatable on so many levels. Support and Community is so important when trying to reach a goal.

  20. What a courageous post! I have been following your mom on Instagram for a while and enjoy all that she does. What a wonderful family you have. You are a beautiful young lady and I wish you all the best on your journey. You can do it! ?

  21. Thank you for this post. Even though I’m almost 46 years old I have a very similar story. I’ve been adapting a more healthy lifestyle since the new year and slowly but surely the weight is coming off. I also went to ASU! Go Sun Devils! If I had two pieces of advice for my 23 year old self they would be to take care of yourself! And it goes way beyond how you look. If you don’t take care of yourself you can’t be the person you need and want to be for all of the important people in your life. Also if I could stick in my two cents about how to have a happy marriage. After 21 years of marriage and watching many of the couples around me get divorced the one thing that gets overlooked but is so basic and simple is that you need to be kind to each other. Please and thank you and “Wow! You look great today!” goes a very long way. Don’t treat strangers better than you treat your husband. That’s one of the reasons I love your mom’s Instagram. She and your dad always treat one another in a kind and loving way, I’m sure in private they have their moments like we all do but I can tell they are happy. Good luck with your journey to better health. I’m cheering you on!!!???

  22. I felt so related to your story! It’s hard losing yourself… But it’s all about overcoming the issues and insecurities that are affecting you in order to live a happier healthier life! I am 25 and I am a mom. Previous to having my beautiful daughter, I was very thin and lived a healthy and active life, I guess I wasn’t thinking much about the postpartum stage as I secretly believed ir was going to he easy for me losing all that weight, well… Turns out I was very wrong! It’s been almost 5 Years and my weight is now even higher than when I was 9 months pregnant. It’s been SO dificult to go out, look in the mirror, fitting cloths… Its a long story but a few days ago I started working out and Ive been feeling SO good about myself and reading this today, YOUR story, truly motivated me to fight these insecurities and be the best version of me I can be! Thank You!! Wish you the best, Don’t give up! ?
    Greetings from Costa Rica ?

  23. You are an absolute doll and SO BEAUTIFUL! Good for you! We have all been there girlie – hard work and diligence always pays off in every situation! Xoxo

  24. Emma you are so sweet and i love the relationship you and your mom have. You can do this! I look forward to following your journey.

  25. Thanks for sharing Emma! A lot of people are in the same boat. I wish you the best of health, always!!!

  26. Emma I love you for posting this!! I can relate on so many levels. Looking forward to starting this journey alongside you! You’ve got this girl! -An Instagram Fan @tiffanyfox_

  27. Good for you Emma! The hardest part is to begin and you are on the right path already. I can’t wait to see what workout routines and meals you can share with us. You can do it!

  28. Emma I think you’re stunning in every picture I see of you so I’m kind of like, “Wait! Her weight is an issue?! What? Why?!” I fully support making changes to lead a healthier lifestyle but I truly believe happiness comes from within. You have so much to be proud of and thankful for including your appearance! I’m pretty sure you’re the engine that fuels your mom’s site and that is such a huge accomplishment! I’m excited to follow your health journey but please know that you’ll inspire others and what an awesome platform to have! Go girl! We’re all a work in progress, just remember to be kind to yourself.

  29. This is wonderful, Emma! You’re so brave to put this out there, and that is so inspirational. I also struggle with this; almost the same story except now I’m 31! I went through a year in my mid twenties that I trained for a half marathon and looked great, but let it all go. For me it’s always been work all day and school at night. I’m finally done with school and should spend time on myself but haven’t. You’re inspiring me to do it already!! I know you’re going to do great!

  30. Emma,I can relate in so many ways and I just turned 50! I have gained 50 pounds in the last 3 years and I want to fix it!! I can’t wait to hear more and I know you will succeed! I hope I have the fortitude to deal with my weight issues as well and look forward to your journey. Thank you for sharing. Doree

    Are you following the Keto diet?

  31. Oh I could have written thee exact words about how I’m feeling about myself right now. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone and there are people who are struggling every day too. Love this so much you are an inspiration!

  32. Been following your momma for some time now and have never commented- but I FEEL this- like to other people I still look ‘fine’ (thanks tall genes) but I’ve mastered little tricks like how to unbutton my pants every time I sit down. Also trying to get back into a healthy food/work/life/gym balance, glad to know I’m not alone!

  33. Emma! You are so very brave for sharing your story! There are so many who can relate and I’m sure YOU’VE already inspired so many by sharing your testimony! Good for you for making healthy changes for yourself. Excited to follow your progress! You go, girl! ❤️

  34. Way to go Emma! I saw my blood pressure go through the roof, knew I was too young to go on meds for life! So, I started walking! This was 8 Year’s ago! No meds! And I am happier & healthy than I’ve ever been! I’m quiet a bit older than you, ( probably why I love your moms post so much, I think she & I are the exact age) so get started now & enjoy a beautiful life of feeling happy & healthy!??

  35. You can do it, Emma! Just make sure this is what YOU want; otherwise, it doesn’t last.
    I have faith in you!!!!!

  36. Yes!!! I’m in the same boat at 49. My mom and Dad both passed away and I took the easy route of fast food and cocooning on the couch. I started taking care of myself on April 23rd and I am seeing results and feeling my old self coming back. I am in the boat with you! Go Emma!!!!!!

  37. Good for you Emma?? you are a brave young girl for sharing. I gained after my first child and haven’t gotten it off and she is now 29!!!!!! You will have so much loving support on your new chosen journey to go public. Hooray for you ?

  38. You are absolutely gorgeous! But you need to feel comfortable and confident! My story was about the same as yours as far as the timeline. I started gaining weight after high school. I got married at 20 and went straight into having kids at 22. I just slowly started gaining weight over the years. Next thing you know I needed to lose 45 pounds! All I can say is fad diets work….at first. But that’s it. They work and then you gain it back. I lost all my weight with the Extreme Fat Smash Diet. It told me what to eat, when and how to work out. I was working full time with two toddlers. I wouldn’t consider this a “fad diet” because it tells you how to continue on maintaining your weight once you hit your goal. But my body was used to the “diet” food so I did gain weight right away. So I had to diet for a couple weeks to lose it. Eventually I learned I have to always be conscious of what I’m eating and always continue to work out. I don’t work out heavily, just walk/jog and do a few toning exercises. But I think that’s the struggle for a lot of men and women getting older…we were able to eat what we wanted when we wanted and because our teenage bodies burning through it. And we have to find that balance as our bodies change into adult metabolism. Through experience and what I would call yo yo dieting I have learned that it’s best to start slow, don’t burn yourself out. And you have to be able to indulge sometimes. Once you start to lose weight and feel better (for me once I lost about 10 pounds) You will kinda be on a roll and just the feeling better will make you want to eat better and work out more. The struggle is the beginning and then keeping up the maintenance once you have lost your weight. But I know you can do it! Promise you, if I can do it you can do it! I struggled for a long time and never thought I could do it but I did. You can do it!!!!

  39. Emma, you go girl! That had to be very difficult to share and you are very brave!!!! You are beautiful, no matter what you weigh. Pleeeease really know that.
    I highlyyyyy recommend yoga, both for the strength and energy it brings, and also for the psychological peace it brings! Look for a friendly place and start with a couple private lessons, maybe with your mom too! That will help you understand yoga. Vinyasa yoga, notttt the hot type (!) Is great. Peaceful and kind.
    I would also go to an Endocrinologist (NOT just a GP) and get your thyroid checked, ANDDDD your female hormones!! You will see. Having even a single hormone off even a little bit can cause weight gain and fatigue!
    Regarding food: the easiest and best long term food plan I use is I only have carbs one hour per day. It works incredibly well for keeping my weight normal and for keeping me energetic! I get the “goodies” I want, just not all day long. The carb hour can be any hour, it’s up to you. But 60 minutes max. That leaves you eating proteins and good veggies the rest of the day. Plus you can have fat, and that plus protein will keep you feeling full :)
    Anyway, again —know that you are an awesome, beautiful young woman!!! Life is wonderful, and you are on your way to feeling better!!!

  40. Hi Emma. I think you are beautiful anyway but I know it is important for you to feel beautiful yourself. I wish you all the best in your journey to a healthier life and I will be inspired by you. We all have things we need to work on ?

  41. Thank you Emma for taking that first step! I’m 48 and have recently lost 60lbs. I need to lose 60 more and I’m bored with what has worked in the past and am looking for something that I can use and develop into my lifestyle. I look forward to following you on your journey and being inspired by your progress and cheering you on every step of the way!! We can do this for ourselves to feel better and most importantly e HEALTHY!!

  42. First Emma, you are beautiful RIGHT NOW! I have been in your shoes…in fact I live in them :). Hiding in plain sight, or at least trying to. Your journey to a healthy lifestyle is a great beginning. Be kind to yourself, as you go. You got this! We are all with you and most of us will be joining you in this…I know I am! Let’s go Emma!

  43. I commend you for your honesty of an issue that most women struggle with at one point in our lives. Emma, you are beautiful and you will be happy with your body again. I will cheer, support and follow your journey. Kudos!

  44. Emma, I think you are great!!! You are an inspiration to me and I am over 60!! I will follow you they this journey. You go girl . XO

  45. I’m so proud of you I just recently lost 40 lbs too. Feel so much better. I got a ct and they saw so much plaque in my arteries. I wasn’t going to last long at that rate. Congratulations on your new journey it’s so hard and not easy.

  46. Emma❤️❤️❤️❤️?????you are amazing!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️????and so much much more than any number on a scale ❤️❤️❤️❤️But I understand about getting healthy and in right there with you❤️❤️❤️????supporting you in every way from a stranger in the internet ?❤️As a mom I’m so inspired by your post and beyond proud of your vulnerability bravery and courage ❤️❤️❤️❤️This is going to reach many people’s heart and inspire them just as it did me❤️❤️❤️❤️You are amazing and a world changer!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️?????

  47. Looks like me 18 years ago… When I leaved my parents And boyfriend for college! It took me years to realize that I was messing with my health.
    Now i lost all the weight, And I have a beautiful daughter Emma just like you. I never comment on blogs, i’m writing you from Paris in France :) your story is similar to mine, keep on the good work, stay focus! Love.

  48. Oh you are not alone! It’s hard juggling it all and think the best help I have gotten is through Weight watchers (hurray Oprah)! There’s an easy app and I can input my Food and Portions and EXERCISE! Hooray! Also, there’s a blog that is similar to Instagram….what I love is “even restaurant food” is on the food app and calculates point per day!!

    I love your blog and your family is darling! Just remember it’s a balancing act for all of us!!!!❤️

  49. You’re so brave! I sincerely look up to you for being so vulnerable. I feel like you were taking the words out of my head and putting them on paper. I feel you and can relate to you so much! I recently read this and thought it would be nice to share:
    It takes courage to learn in public.
    It takes courage to practice in public.
    Most people won’t do it.
    But if you do, your courage will be rewarded 10x. Because you’ll learn 10x faster. and you’ll also gain huge respect.
    We can be your support system and help encourage you!

  50. The same thing happened to me when I was in college as well. It’s hard to stay healthy when your sorority makes tater tots for lunch 3 times a week! The summer after I graduated I took a year off where I educated myself on what “healthy” is and successfully made it a lifestyle and not a “diet” or “phase”. It took awhile. But I’m so glad it happened the way it did. Find something you love to do and stick to it. You’ll get there, it just might take time. But enjoy the ride as well. Try new modes of exercise, eat the jackfruit curry. You never what it may turn into. Best of luck to you!

  51. Oh Emma !! Perfect timing ! I had just had the same talk with myself that you have and
    IT IS TIME !
    Let’s do this together ?
    Hugs Dianne xx

  52. Full of admiration for your openness and honesty. All power to you Emma for taking control of your life. You have inspired me to do the same.

  53. Your Beautiful Emma! I always enjoy seeing and hearing you,your Mom and Dad!You have what it takes to do this! I admire you and will cheer you on as you reach your desired weigh.Being Happy and Healthy along the way! I wish you success on your journey!

  54. So much respect here, love you, love your mom! You got this, it’s hard, I’ve fought this fight my whole life And let me just tell you having someone in your life that loves you no matter what is a blessing but it’s also a curse, you don’t push yourself because they love you unconditionally…I’m your moms age and I’m 6ft tall so I carry my weight very balanced but go up and down every year, it’s a struggle, I’ve decidec it just needs to be an every day thing, I have an app that I track my calories every single day and I think that’s what’s keeping me somewhat on track .
    Good luck to you sweet girl, my daughter is just 25 last week & we have a very similar relationship as you and your mom…there’s nothing better
    I’m rooting for you & will be happily following your journey.

    Jennifer Luckey
    (Southern Calif)

  55. Thank you from a fellow struggler! I was naturally thin until about 5 years ago. I could relate to everything you wrote. I too finally decided to get healthy, and not focus on dropping weight. It was hard in the beginning, and occasionally some days it still is. I’m doing it though, and seeing/feeling results is so worth it. You are going to be an inspiration to so many. You got this!!!

  56. Emma I love this! I’m 53 and also never want to be in pictures. I have had 4 kids and never got the baby weight off. Honestly for me the weight helps me hide. I don’t want to hide anymore! I have a beautiful 5 month old grandson that I want to be healthy for!!!!! So I’m on board with you! By the way you are beautiful! I know that’s hard to take in but you really are beautiful!??

  57. Wow! Well done Emma! Beautiful regardless of where you are right now! You got this, you have amazing support and the viewers who will be cheering you on all the way…cheers to a healthier and happier you ❤️

  58. Emma,

    You are inspiring me! I have also struggled. It is time to take care of ourselves. I will be on the journey too. Thank you for sharing your truth. You have a lot of love and support here.


  59. Oh Emma, SO MANY of us relate!! You sound inspired and determined and you have inspired me! Food is a very very difficult “vice” because unlike drugs or alcohol, we have to eat food every day to survive. Abstaining isn’t an option.
    I believe you will receive LOTS of encouragement here, and thank you for being so real and sharing. I truly believe that shared experiences on any level (personally or parenting) help so so many people because it’s so crucial to know “it’s not just you” facing an issue…..

  60. I’m going to have my daughter follow you! She’s 26 and has struggled as well! Thank you for sharing!

  61. Good for you being so vulnerable Emma and deciding today’s the day for change!! The best advice I got 5 years ago when I started really focusing on my fitness was “get dressed for the gym, drive there, and then decide if you want to work out” and you always will!! I also love the app my fitness pal for food tracking and my Fitbit to get those steps in!

  62. Emma, you are beautiful inside and out! Reading your story was like re-living my daughter Sara’s journey. Instead of going into all the details I will just say if you ever have time, look her up on Insta:
    She has lived your story, and come out the other side. We lived in Pleasanton and she graduated from avhs! Good luck !

  63. Hi Emma! You ARE beautiful! I always enjoy when you team up with your mom. I totally understand the feeling and how hard it is to get to that point where we actively /emotionally are ready to make a change. I started in February by walking 10,000 steps a day. If I don’t have them by 8 pm, I literally jog in my dining room! I hold myself to it. I also started to cut wayyyyy back on carbs and sugars and replaced them with an afternoon snack of homemade kale chips or fresh raspberries with a dollop of coconut cool whip. You have taken a BIG step today. We are here to cheer you on and encourage you. Excited to follow your journey!!

  64. Emma, first and foremost know that you are beautiful right now ❤️….weight does not define you. That being said – I congratulate you on wanting to take charge and change your lifestyle to become healthier and have goals for obtaining a weight that will make you feel healthier and proud of yourself! Your courage to share your personal story will also help so many others. I think you are adorable and love the few times you are on your mom’s IG stories – either with just your voice or the few glimpses I’ve seen of you!! Would love to “see” more of you! ?❤️? Best wishes on your journey ?

  65. This really , really touched me!! My daughter is 20 years old and struggles with her weight. We moved to southern calif her freshman year. She started HS not knowing a soul. She tried out for the Basketball team , made varsity as a freshman and the same day blew out her ACL. Due to allergies she was not able to have surgery. She has healed but can no longer participate in the sports she loves. Her weight has continued to go up. As a mother I want her healthy and to feel good about herself. Hearing how you feel makes me so sad for you, her and any other beautiful girl feeling that way!! We are doing Weight Watchers together and I lost the 20 lbs I needed to but I’m going with her every week to the meetings and cooking and eating healthy like we should be for the rest of our lives!! She is doing phenomenal on it , but I let her make the choice to join. I said I was going to get healthy and drop 20 lbs and invited her to come!! Thank you for being so honest about your journey and it’s nice to hear it from a young lady’s perspective. You are Beautiful and I wish you the best on your Journey?

  66. Best of luck to you Emma! So many of us can relate to everything you said. I also reached this point in my life and I joined Weight Watchers many years ago. I lost 38 pounds and managed to keep it off as long as I attended weekly meetings. Without the meetings I gained weight back. Losing weight is not just a health game, it is a total mind game as well. I have talks with myself all the time. Losing weight, exercising, eating healthy is not always easy, but it is so worth it!!! Mentally and physically I’m a different person than I was when I began this journey. I could never have gone this without the support of my WW group and an amazing leader. I need the accountability of my weekly meetings to keep me on track. Your are a beautiful young woman and I wish you all the best on your journey!

  67. Emma,
    Thank you so much for sharing. The struggle is real girl! The more weight I have gained the more I just want to lay in bed. I realize that is just not living life. Looking on IG and looking at everyone else live their life just gets old. In March I joined Weight Watchers and I don’t know why….but something was just different this time and I have lost 18 lbs. Every single day is a struggle. Find what works for you and just take it one day at a time. I actually want to go places now because I don’t feel like a busted can of biscuits in everything I put on (yes I am from Texas). I still have a ways to go, but this time I am not giving up. I know what giving up looks like, I want to see what sticking with it looks like this time. Prayers for you and your journey and thank you for being real! XO Crystal

  68. Oh Emma.
    I could not relate more – I just finished my last year of university – I was in school full time (teacher education) and also worked after school/placement everyday including both weekend days. In my “free” time, I slept. I used to be so active and health conscious before I began my program – now I can barely recognize myself. I have closets full of clothes I can only dream of fitting into. I’ve finally decided to do something about it. I am now exercising each day – I actually took a summer job that would force me to be active.
    And of all things I just joined weight watchers – they have an app that has been so helpful and it is allowing me to regain control and perspective over what I am putting into my body in a healthy way! Can’t wait to join you on this journey of putting ourselves first again. You’re so brave for sharing.

  69. Hi Emma I don’t know you but I’m sure most of us know your struggle or something like it! I have a soon to be 35 year old daughter and we just had another talk today about knowing your self worth, it’s so important as a woman to know your value!!! Good luck to you and please keep sharing, we are all here for support and to empower one another!

  70. I love the honesty! Even at almost 35 years old and having 8 year triplet boys motivation and dedication is a challenge! I wish you all the luck! I can’t wait to see updates!
    Amber Sanderson-Brady

  71. Yes, girl! ?? I coach people through a 30-day Healthy Living program and help them develop lifestyle changes by focusing on health rather than weight. I’d love to give you more info if you’re looking for some accountability, guidance, education, meal plans, recipes, etc. ❤️

  72. Girl,
    First of all I want you to know that you are beautiful just the way you are. It is fine to want to get healthier, but please don’t put yourself down. You are great!

    That said, I have been in the same place many times, and what I have learned is that it’s not about how you look (although it is nice to see results), it’s about how you feel.

    My advice is to not change everything all at once. For instance, don’t go Paleo or something (at least to start). For me, tracking my food and exercise in My Fitness Pal’s app, helps me immensely. I’m 5’1 and I set my calories to 1500, but I try to be between 1200 and 1500. I have a rule that I can eat anything as long as I track it. I find that helps me make better choices. I lost about 60 pounds because I had been on high dose steroids that made me gain weight.

    I also think that if you aren’t already exercising, start with like 30 min, three times a week. Find something you like. For me, it’s private Pilates lessons on the machines. Then I wanted to do more, and now I walk my dogs everyday too.

    I am certainly not perfect, and I have some weight to lose, but I’m much happier than I was 60 lbs ago. Just don’t go crazy with it or put yourself down. Start with small changes you can maintain and grow from there. You’ve got this, and you shouldn’t hide, you are beautiful!

  73. You are such a smart,amazing person and so kind to share your journey! You’ve got this!

  74. Bless your heart Emma. You are giving me inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know you can do it and so can I. Thank you again. Marcella

  75. Emma you are so sweet and take after your mom. Thanks for sharing your story, you will get to where you wantvin your weight but it will take some dedication. I work out almost everyday and most days don’t want to. Allow yourself some cheat days and you be fine. Keep up the great job. You and your mom ate awesome?❤️

  76. Hi Emma!

    ?? to you for your bravery to share and for tackling what can be a painful issue that so, so, many people (women, girls) struggle with. While you are not alone in this, it is also a deeply personal issue, too. Thanks for being courageous because your story really spoke to me and clearly to others. The community of women supporting women is just awesome!

    I too have struggled with my weight my whole life. A few years ago I lost a bunch of weight, was super active and feeling great. Now, I’m 45 and in the past 18 months between my life changing pretty dramatically I gained back the 50 lbs that i had worked so hard to lose.
    At first, I jokingly called the first 15lbs “my happy new relationship fat”. Lots happened between that 15 and staring at the scale at the Dr yesterday. And there are some legitimate obstacles and some excuses. Rather than beat myself up I’ve committed my energy to turning this around.
    Like you, I feel very committed to making adjustments to get healthier and happier inside out.
    I’m here rooting for you and following you along and I know that you can make your dreams a reality.

    Thanks again for putting this out there, you are giving through doing that and clearly receiving lots of support. Through posting here, you and your mom are also helping to take the rose colored glasses off of social media and that is such a breath of fresh air. Kudos!

    Best wishes on your journey.

  77. Emma–I began to gain weight my Sophomore year in college and was never able to get it back under control. Its so hard to stay motivated. Almost 20 years later, Ive been extremely overweight 1/2 my life and have missed out on so much b/c I’m embarrassed of the way I look. Don’t let that happen to you. Good for you for making the decision to make a change. You are stunningly beautiful, but you need to feel good on the inside as well. I wish you the best of luck. You seem to have an amazing support system. You’ve inspired me to try to make better choices as well :-)

  78. Oh my gosh Emma, first of all hi! Second of all congratulations for being so brave & open & taking such a huge first step, and thirdly this was like reading about myself. I was always a nice size 10 (UK Size) throughout university & the first few years of my career then after I got married my weight crept up & up. Now, like you, I can’t even look at photos of myself. What makes it worse is my husband & I are going through IVF & I need to lose weight to try & help my chances after a miscarriage last year. I just have zero motivation but every night in bed it’s all I can think about! That & having a baby of course. I feel like you’ve given me massive inspiration to also make a change. I’m a bridesmaid to my friend next May too & im determined not to be the fat bridesmaid! And with another IVF cycle probably coming this autumn I need to do something! So let’s do it!! I know it’s time for me & hearing about how you’re doing it will inspire me massively. Thank you so much, this post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Hugs xxxxx

  79. Good for you! We’ve all been there and some of us are still there. We’ve got your back! You can do it.

  80. I can relate so much! I think it’s so refreshing to see another “side” to the blog (even though I hate you’re dealing with it!) It’s tough mentally for me and I also don’t post pictures and when I do it’s neck up. Best of luck to you on this journey and I look forward to following along as I’ve started a healthier lifestyle myself in the past few months!

  81. Hi Emma! This is an amazing post and you are so brave to be so open about heath and weight gain. You are completely relatable and you’ve inspired me to stop saying “I’ll be healthy tomorrow. I’ll work out tomorrow.” I’m getting on my treadmill now! I can’t wait to follow your health journey and see all your recipes and ideas. You and your Mom are so wonderfully down to earth and just a joy to follow on IG and the blog. Cheers to your successful road ahead! ?

  82. Oh Emma! I am in tears reading this blogpost. Thank you so much for sharing such intimate details about your struggle with your weight. I am a 41 year old woman and I can totally relate to every single thing aforementioned. It is so hard. ?❤️❤️

  83. Emma,
    How beautiful you are! What courage it takes to open up your heart and life like this to so many of us. I think you’re wonderful and look foreword to seeing your healthy life journey unfold through your posts. You are going to smash it girl. You’ve just encouraged me today to keep at it and put my health and well-being ahead of other things. Thank you for sharing.
    Take care and God bless you,
    Naomi Hanna
    An Australian Livjng in Bangkok Thailand

  84. You are so very brave! The part that really stood out to me was when you said you just have to get up every morning and do it. After my son was born I started working out at Orange Theory Fitness it was hard in the beginning but it quickly became something I just would get up in the morning and do. My morning routine! You can totally do this! Find something that will become your routine! Also, read Dr. Axe new book, Eat Dirt. It will change your life! Best of luck!

  85. Emma,
    Thank you for sharing. At 45, I’m a lot older than you, but I have the same struggle. Don’t give up, you’re on the right track. The first step is coming up with a plan and it sounds like you’ve done that. And don’t be so hard on yourself. Good luck!!

  86. Hi Emma!

    Thanks you so much for sharing your health journey with us. I’m also struggling with my weight and can’t believe I’ve let it go for so long. I’m 34 and it feels like my metabolism has really slowed down and my bad habits are not helping. I’m lookibg forward to seeing your journey and being inspired by it! Wishing you much health and happiness!

  87. Yippee!! I needed to hear this!
    You inspire me! Although I am waaayyyy older than you, I,too, have those issues!
    I’m excited to get onboard and can’t WAIT for helpful hints and healthy recipes!
    You’re a doll! ❤️

  88. Emma so happy your succeeding in this healthy journey. I am also at age 59 after breast cancer and weight to 230. I’m now 160 and still have some to go. It’s taken years. Harder the older you get so glad your making healthy choices now?❤️ By the way your beautiful!!!!

  89. Ahw I love this Emma! We are the exact same age, and we have a very similar journey with weight gain. I blame my weight gain on my birth control, but if I’m real with myself, I have crappy habits. I’m excited to hear more about your journey and I am feeling motivated to join you! Can’t wait to see more!

  90. Emma, you are so relatable and brave. I am much older than you and constantly struggling with my weight, working full time with an hour commute each way with kids at home. I’ll try and do it with you, thank you for the inspiration

  91. Wow Emma – what an honest and inspiring post. I commend you and I think putting your desire out there will help you to be accountable. I am 56 years old. I have always been a “bigger girl”. A couple of times I have tried to lose weight – minimal success. Just about a year ago, a friend told me she and her daughter had just joined Weight Watchers. I thought “I could do that” so I joined too. You know what? I am doing it. I have lost over 50 pounds and managed to keep it off. I am a work in progress. Every day is about making choices. I am trying to add in more activity to my day. But, for me, the system works. I use the app to track my food. I go in to be weighed every week. I am so much happier with my body now. I only wish I could have convinced my 25 or 35 or even 45 year old self that this was possible. You can do this. You really can. We’re with you on the journey.

  92. You are beautiful Emma, just like that, with extra pounds or not, do whatever makes you happy, good luck

  93. Emma. You are inspiring. I’m going through the same thing. It is always good to hear others that seem to have it together that have struggles too. I feel you on the anxiety with pictures. It is so crazy when you go stretches of time and there is no record of you in family pictures etc. I want to be proud and feel well. I wish you all the best. Thanks for sharing.

  94. I have struggled in this area all my life. I do think it is hard to do it alone though, so joining an organization such as Weight Watchers worked for me. Held me accountable. Good luck!

  95. Emma – I am so proud of you! I know you can do this! 2 years ago, at age 50, I decided to change my lifestyle and get healthy. I have lost 40 pound so far. I do not diet. I eat healthy and clean with occasional splurges. (I do not use the word cheat.) I found inspiration following They motivate me to get up early every day and exercise and eat right. When you find your inspiration nothing will stop you and you will love how healthy and strong your body and mind feel! :)

  96. Emma my dear, it’s not about your physical appearance and we’re not created to get all the perfect qualities of a body. I find you more than sexy. Your smart and full of talents and most of all your a very nice extremely supportive daughter. Your Beyond, I admire you so much and as a mother I wished I had a daughter like u.

  97. Emma, you are so brave and I admire you for that. You are perfect the way you are, but if you feel like you want to make some changes, I will be rooting for you. I know you can do it.

  98. It will be inspirational to watch your journey on the blog and hopefully,when you feel comfortable, on stories! You have a sweet family and your Mom has a huge following that are cheering you on. Much love Emma! ??

  99. Thank you for being sooo REAL! It is refreshing! In April 2017 I made a decision to take control of my life & unhealthy lifestyle. I have lost 78 pounds & I have never felt better. I had to decide to take it literally one meal, one snack at a time. No more good days vs bad days or cheat days. I was making a permanent change in my life. I joined weight watchers & I just do it strictly with the app. I don’t go to meetings. It has changed my whole life & the way I think. I wish you the very best! Thanks again for being real! You have encouraged me today!

  100. Dearest Emma – First of all – sending you a huge virtual hug! If it helps – yes- I can relate to every word you bravely shared with us. I spent years on a yo-yo of weight, burying myself in work, avoiding more & more mirrors, stepping away from photos and blaming it all on everything but myself! I worked too many hours at the office and used food as both a celebration and a comfort! Then came years of elder-care – my health was never a priority.
    For me, it all caught up with me in January when I received a shocking cancer diagnosis and told to get healthy & lose weight. Harsh, but it shocked me back to take responsibility and stop excuses. Emma – you’re going to do this because you’ve made yourself a priority! It really is important to respect yourself first – YOU count! In order to help others – to succeed personally & professionally – you have to be healthy. We’ve all witnessed via Kristy’s social media, as her creative director (and daughter), you’re smart, talented, kind & caring! It is important to put yourself first, to be healthy and strong to achieve your goals and “be there” for family & friends. Each person has to determine their own motivation. For me, it’s clean eating – organic with NO sugar or artificial ingredients. I gave up coffee for green tea and alkaline water. No more sodas! The 3 keys I seek to master daily: Moving (active); Hydrating (water) and Eating clean. Take it a day at a a time – striving to do better today than yesterday! You’re forming a healthy lifestyle to enjoy and thrive! If it feels restrictive or strict – it won’t become a way of life. Congratulations on making this choice…. ask your friends & family to be your cheerleaders! So happy for you – you are definitely NOT alone – and I for one respect your amazing bravery to open up on this topic. Your voice & journey will definitely help others….including me! Hugs, hugs, hugs! JP ?

  101. Oh my gosh Emma. This is truly my daughter’s story. I know she feels the same feelings you have as you have gone through this journey. I will share this with her because it’s full of inspiration and it will definitely help her. Indeed, thank you for sharing your journey!

  102. Emma, thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. I see a beautiful young lady who I know her mama is proud of. I also see a young beautiful lady with goals who will succeed! You got this girl! We are all here for you! I am more inspired then ever to work on my goals too!!

  103. Wow, you have so much support here on this blog, Emma! Congratulations for having the courage to be vulnerable – you are inspiring more people than you could ever know.
    I only have two tips for you. You have plenty of great advice in earlier comments about healthy eating for weight loss (and I bet you already know what you need to eat/not eat etc)! However, I think that mindset can play a huge role, too. I would highly recommend a book that came out last year called ‘High Performance Habits’, by Brendon Burchard. You sound like a high achiever to me, given all that you have going on in your life right now, and in this book, Brendon shares the top six principles he learned about being a happy, healthy high achiever. He discovered the principles by surveying thousands of those people. I’ll be sharing this book with my 15-year-old girls, that’s for sure – so much great advice for putting in place amazing, high-impact habits at a young age.
    Also, years ago I learned a great tip from a millionaire businesswoman – because she was so busy, she was VERY careful with her time, so she cut out the commute time needed for gym visits. She had a personal trainer come to her home to show her the best exercises for her (and how to do them safely), and then she just did the exercises herself every day. I’ve modified this by going once a week to a pay-as-you-go gym class (for accountability!), and then I have a ‘rule’ for myself at home that the minimum exercise I have to do is 20 minutes at some stage before noon on the treadmill, and 10 minutes at some stage after noon. I usually have Netflix (or the news) on mute with subtitles while I’m on it. I save so much time this way (and can be flexible, working it all around my workday – I have a home office), yet I’m getting a heap of exercise. It’s really just a habit now!
    I hope my tips help you. Wishing you all the very, very best from over here in Australia – I can’t wait to see updates about your journey. You’ve got this!

  104. Emma, You are so beautiful and you are making the right decision to put yourself first. You deserve it! You have all of blog land and some awesome parents to support you and cheer you on along the way. If there is a Burn Boot Camp near you, I highly recommend it! Great workouts, nutritional advice and the most supportive atmosphere for women. Good luck and I look forward to reading about your journey – the ups and the downs because that is how it goes.
    p.s. Your Dad looks like the most amazing cook !

  105. YES!! Emma, I feel you girl! It is so hard, but so worth it. So many other factors come into play when I examine my body as well. I want to feel healthy and then let that glow on the outside through my skin, weight, and hair. Everything you said is right on. Thanks for sharing :)

  106. Hi Emma, thank you for your courage to share such a vulnerable issue. I have two daughters in their 20s and certainly relate through them and my own experiences the obstacles young women face. I am happy that you are feeling inspired (which comes from within) to feel better. The fitness portion and other health aspects is so key. Looking great and feeling more confidence with that part of a transformation is always a bonus but in my experience the feeling healthier and stronger is a more sustainably WHY.
    Your mom and dad are really a treat to follow and it’s inspiring to see you join in and work with Kristy. That would be my dream scenario. All the best, whatever plan you make, you’ve got this!

  107. Emma, i give you SO much credit for your post. It’s one thing to be in your head about wanting to lose weight. It’s another to write about it for so many to read. GOOD LUCK!!

  108. Emma, you are such a beautiful young lady. I weighed 110 lbs when I graduated high school (1974) I am only 5’ tall. When I started to Auburn University in Alabama, I gained the Freshman 15+ a lb or 2. However, I walked to all my classes which consisted of about 6 miles a day. I worked on the work study program and took a full load in school. I could eat anything I wanted, the bad thing is what I wanted wasn’t healthy. When I graduated in 1979 I got married in May, 1980. I had a great job but I started taking birth control pills and I was very sedentary in my work. The lbs began to pile on and I realized I had become another person. I’m 61 years old now and a severe diabetic with multiple health problems. I have yo-yoed my entire adult life. I’m impressed by your drive and I look forward to following you on your journey. I believe a lot of us will take this journey together. One thing I want to remind you though, don’t let your end goal be the only time you let yourself be happy. Learn to be happy in the skin you’re in now because you are your own gorgeous self. Tell yourself that every day and then you can really work for that time when you can say, “Now I feel as gorgeous as I look”. God Bless you sweet girl. You’ve got this. ??????

  109. A couple things that I like are belonging to a CSA farm. It forces you to eat lots of veggies and even ones you haven’t tried before. My son is 26 and he belongs to one that has a Mountain View pickup spot. When he doesn’t know what to make I help him look for new recipes online. The other most helpful thing was quitting dairy. I wasn’t allergic to it, but after three weeks I felt tons better. No more allergies or asthma! Cheese is really addictive because it has casomorphines in it. Once I stopped I didn’t care about it again. You can cut a lot of calories when you stop eating high fat cheese! Your tastes change and you realize how good simple fruits and veggies are! The Minimalist Baker is one of my son’s favorite recipe sources.

  110. Emma, thank you so much for sharing! Especially to the whole world, that can be sometimes too mean and too judgemental! I totally understand and feel what you are talking about! Since I stopped my medicine, i gained a lot of weight that I now trying to loose, but it is just not happening! So, LETS DO IT, GIRL! Lets do it together and look the best version of ourselves! Thank you so much for inspiring and sharing!

  111. Emma-
    What a brave girl for sharing! So inspirational! Crazy enough Yesterday I began working with a nutritionist/dietician after years of up and down weight, mostly up after having kids. It’s so easy to just plug along and forget about yourself. Good for you!! Looking forward to hearing about your journey!

  112. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
    You and your family are adorable. What a fun challenge you have set up for yourself. I love to workout and I am always looking for inspiration on new ways to challenge myself, both in fitness and nutrition. So, I thought I would pass along a blog that I came across by Rachel Parcell. She is a blogger and has her own clothing line. You can read about her fitness and nutrition journey on her blog under her Lifestyle link. Rachel and a group of friends/sisters do the BBG (Beach Body Girl by Kayla Itsines) program which has come out with an amazing and affordable app ($20/month) called the app. Kayla is constantly adding new content and offers several varieties of workouts (each workout is 27 minutes – about 35 minutes total). The transformation pictures are amazing. I am in week 5 of BBG and can’t wait to see my progress at week 12. I will definitely continue onto BBG 2.0.
    Enjoy your journey in whatever you choose to do. Keep us posted so we can all motivate each other.
    Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. :)

  113. I’m 23 and have gained about 20 lbs also since freshman year and my college graduation. It’s a battle. Either my eating is on point and I’m lazy or I’m working out but eating crap. I just made a promise to myself to commit to a 12 week very manageable program to hopefully create some good habits-I’m on week 1! I also happened to read your post as I was laying in bed debating a workout… this post was the kick I needed to get up and just go! Half the battle is just getting to the gym or wherever you get active. You’re gonna kick ass Emma, thanks for posting!! xx

  114. Hi! Emma, you are a true gangster for taking to the internet and sharing your struggles. It’s so very down to earth and brave. I don’t know you but you’re beautiful and I wish you all the best. Your mama and daddy raised an awesome young woman! I know they are proud! Can’t wait to hear more from you! Love and light from the Magnolia State! ?

  115. What a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing and as you can see by all the comments, you’re going to have lots of support throughout your journey.
    I’ve been a yo-yo dieter my entire adult life. The one thing I wish I had learned about when I first started having weight problems was the concept of emotional eating. I can’t stress how important it is to get to the bottom of why we eat when we’re not hungry. There can be so many reasons: stress, boredom, depression, sadness, low self-esteem…the list is endless. I think that the key to overcoming emotional eating is to be self-aware of what’s causing it in the first place. It was a game changer once I began looking at my weight problem in that light. Everyone can lose weight (I’m not saying it’s easy) but keeping it off is the hard part, imo. Most people regain the weight they lost within a short period of time because they never discovered why they gained it in the first place. It’s all about emotional eating!
    I know there are several authors who have delved into this subject, but my all-time favorite is Geneen Roth. She’s written several bestsellers on compulsive eating and our relationship with food; she is a true inspiration. You might want to check her out.
    Good luck and please know that we’re all cheering you on!