Reader Survey ~ Tell Me What You Want To Hear

Reader Survey 

Happy Monday friends!

Now that I’m back on track posting more frequently on my blog I thought who better to ask than all of you as to what kinds of topics and subjects you’d like to read about…

I get asked so many questions about my house and life… from my always changing decorating style (it’s bananas) and our recent renovation to my amazing family and marriage to sweet Jeff.

I have so many things I’m dying to share with all of you… From the basic things like shopping my favorite finds to the very real IVF situation we endured to have our daughter.  There is just so much to say.

I’m pretty much an open book on Instagram… as is evident through my IG stories. I figure I may as well put everything in writing so those who miss questions and posts there can find more here. I’m open to discussing whatever I can with everyone and if it can help you in any way, shape or form then I’m game to open my life and heart with all of you.

Hugs and thanks so much for sharing your interests and questions below… I plan to do everything I can to make my blog an honest forum that’s not only fun and helpful but interesting and inspirational.  :)



Click here if you’d like a different post about shopping!


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38 thoughts on “Reader Survey ~ Tell Me What You Want To Hear

  1. Oh what a fun question to ask us. . Here is my list!
    House things: did you stick to budget if not what did you save and splurge on? Any regrets down sizing?
    A day in the life of you.
    What you eat & excercise ( why do we find these posts so amazing lol)
    How you and Jeff met with weddings pics lol
    Emma & her story
    Your favorite places to travel
    If you read a book club !.. let’s us know what you are reading.

    1. Hi Heidi, :) Thanks for all your ideas… All so good! I’ll tackle each one on the blog but I have to say… my budget for the reno was wayyyy beyond blown. ;) I’ll go into more of that later… Ugh Lol. Hugs!! xx

      1. I was wondering if you keep contact with the people who bought your last house? Just curious how they have it decorated if you are still in touch.

    2. Hello. Your home is beautiful. Would u provide a tutorial on how to and what paint u used for your livingroom chairs?

      1. Hi Meghan,

        Sure! I’ve been asked so much about painting my living room chairs I’ve decided to write a post explaining my ‘winging it’ process. ;) Hugs!

  2. Take us around your town, favorite restaurants, stores, specialty shops!
    More about Jeff, what a lucky man to have you!!
    Where is your favorite vacation spot???

    1. Great idea Donna, I did quite a bit of that last summer when we first moved into the temporary rental that sits just a few steps off our Main Street while our reno was being completed. Our little town is so cute. :) Thanks so much for your input.. xx

  3. Hi! What are your top do’s and don’ts for staging spaces? What are your favorite pieces and essentials to stage coffee tables or end tables with? What do you suggest doing with patterns vs. solids, and mixing patterns? What are your favorite staples that will never go out of style?

    1. Hi Kate… Sooo many great questions! Thanks so much. I think about all of these things every time I approach any space I need to decorate. xx

    2. I just had a few questions you had stated you used Chantilly Lace Paint in your kitchen and Simply White in your bedroom what color did you use for your baseboards trim, doors throughout your home.

  4. Hi Kristy, you already are an inspiration! How about a twenty questions quiz is: favourite book, movie, secret dream, favourite place in the world, hidden talent….Your love story… your relationship with Jeff is what dreamy marriages are made of! What every you write about it will be fabulous..just like you!??

  5. I would also love to hear about what your diet and exercise are like on a typical day. Also, your house is always sparkling clean and appears so organized and tidy all the time. So, any tips as far as your cleaning regimen, organizational tips, would be great!! :)

    1. Yes! Please share your secrets! You are beautiful! Your house is amazing! Love seeing your IG stories! You could do a post about your favorite wines! ?

      1. Haha! Great idea Michelle… There are so many different wines we love we could cover the world. ;) Jeff likes red and I like white.

        Thanks for the sweet comments! Hugs!

  6. How do you stay on top of clutter and what is your cleaning routine? Also, love all the photos of your kitchen, but I would really like to see what’s in the drawers and behind the cupboard doors. I’m sure you are super organized and would love a peek behind the “scenes”.

  7. Hi Kristy,
    You and I have similar taste. I will be downsizing in the next 2 years. I was wondering about the blinds and shades you have chosen. You had said you were switching them out to motorized. Can they be retrofitted or do you have to start over ??

  8. I would like to hear about how you and Jeff met. You stated in your last Instagram story you two did a lot of traveling -that sparked my interest wondering where you traveled-please include pictures :). Your journey through IVF -how it affected you as a couple. How you were able to keep going when you were let down by the journey itself, and just wanted that sweet little baby in your arms. Favorite wine of the moment- genre of music/movies. Do you cook? ;) if so, what dish are you famous for? What dish is Jeff famous for and will you share with us? Thank you!

  9. Where do you do your consignment selling?

    What city do you live in?

    Your house is soooo beautiful

    Love your stories

  10. Kristy, your new home, just like your last, is stunning. I adore the thoughtful and sweet banter between you and Jeff, it’s clear the love you have for one another. I’d love some posts on how you keep your home so clean with everything in its place, what sort of meals you eat and general diet you follow. I’m curious about how and where you store all of your ‘extra’ home decor and seasonal items. I’d love to see what your pantry and linen closet look like. Lol. Anything ‘behind the scenes’ is always interesting. I’m really enjoying your backyard makeover and look forward to your stories on Instagram everyday. Of course more about your relationship with your family is also nice to hear about as I’ve grown to adore Jeff and your daughter as well. To hear you get choked up speaking about Jeff tonight was heartwarming. You are a kind soul.

  11. I love your Instagram stories! I would like to hear where you draw inspiration from when designing your living spaces including the garden. What kinds of things are worth splurging on and where can you save on your home. How did you manage your time, budget and sanity when doing your renos and are there things you would do differently? Also, I’m enjoying seeing progress on your yard makeover. Any tips on garden design that you have would be welcome. Thanks for sharing your life with us!

  12. I second what Kate suggested. Also, how do you plan on keeping all your light furniture clean and scuff free?! I have the same colours and struggle with scuff marks.

  13. Hi Kristy!
    So nice and so open of you to ask for our input on your blog! What a privilege! I would love to hear and see more of your new home and how the downsizing process went. Always love anything decor related for inside the home and outside. Would love a post on outdoor garden design and outdoor living. A post on entertaining including some of your favourite recipes. Seasonal decor and entertaining ideas. Would love a peak into your new closet :) and tips for organizing. Favourite getaway spots for both short and extended stays. Home and garden DIY suggestions. Favourite beauty products and your health and beauty routine. Would love to hear more about your sweet family. You are such a generous, positive person, share what feeds your spirit and makes you happy!
    Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

  14. HI Kristy,
    I would love to see your closet tours again and what Ikea systems you used. How you organize.
    I would like to know more of your recipe’s and favorite dishes you enjoy I see your both in great shape and curious to know how you stay that way and what do yall eat.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what you do to your back yard and what plants you will be using and how it turns out.
    I so enjoy your Instastories they have me laughing! and Jeff he’s like eye candy!!

  15. Hi Kristy, would love to see a “day in the life of Kristy” also some recipes from Jeff the chef. I love looking at your beautiful home and can’t wait to see what you do with the garden, it’s fun to watch the adventure you are all on. Wendy

  16. Hi Kristy,
    I guess I have 3 new (to me anyway) ideas. 1) I’d love you to share some of Jeff’s recipes. They sound so tasty and healthy too! 2) You transition rooms through each season. Where and how do you store all your accessories? You must have a closet overflowing with pillows (LOL). 3) I’d love to know more about your landscape plans (current one and former one) and tips for how you keep it looking beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy following along and learning new ideas for our home. I also appreciate that you share your sources, paint colors and the details.

  17. Hey Kristy and Jeff,
    We are currently redoing our whole backyard also. Our deadline is early summer. Fortunately, my husband is a masonry contractor so all of our decisions we keep overthinking because of so many options. How do you and Jeff comprise without getting frustrated? You have done so much work and seem to get along while doing all your projects. I just want to enjoy this as my this is my other halfs specialty. Asking for a friend ?

    1. Hi Athena,

      Hmm… Jeff and I have always agreed on all choices when it comes to the house and garden. He really doesn’t care when it comes down to it. Lol We also like the same things and he trusts my opinion. Good Luck and remember, communication is key. Remind him that while he may know more about masonry you have great taste. ;) Together you both can make it beautiful. It’s a backyard… marriage is forever. Hugs!

  18. I agree with Heidi and Daisy and everyone else. I mentioned on Instagram that I would love to hear how you and Jeff met. I would also like to hear about your IVF journey and anything else you feel like sharing.
    I love your home and style. Thank you for letting us peek into your lives.

  19. I want to know it all lol I’m actually suggesting for you to start a you tube channel since everyone loves your live stories on ig, I think it would be easier to cover things there while just speaking to the camera. A get to know me video, and everything to do with your new home etc. we can also communicate better with your under the video comments. Thanks :)

    1. My daughter told me the same thing and that was actually one of my original plans.. I need to figure out what would be required and see if that’s really something I can take on. I agree that it would be so much easier to communicate under video comments. Thanks Rosie!

  20. Hi Kristy,
    Just adore your new home, as I did your previous. Love your style and the passion you express. Always look forward to your Instagram and love your blog. Look forward to seeing how you always seem to change things up at home. You always seem so organised and fit so much in. A few tips in these areas would be great. With thanks and appreciation ?