Pottery Barn Holiday Giveaway!

Not sure if you’ve noticed yet but Christmas is on it’s way and sales are in full swing.

Even though we have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving, now is the time to get everything you need to complete your Holiday ‘Look’.
Everything you see in this picture of my mantel was purchased last year at Pottery Barn.
Pottery Barn is one of my favorite stores simply because they always change their look yet keep up with current styles and trends.
They have gorgeous Holiday selections to choose from that can accommodate all styles and every celebration.
We are kicking off this Holiday Season with a $50 Gift Card Giveaway to help you complete your look.

Rules to participate-

-You must follow me on Instagram
-Leave a comment here on this post
(that’s it!  easy!)

The Giveaway starts today , Monday Nov.17th and ends Friday evening at midnight, Nov. 21st.
Winner will be announced Saturday!

Good Luck to all!

Shop this Look ~



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135 thoughts on “Pottery Barn Holiday Giveaway!

    1. Love your decorating in every room! Look forward to seeing you Instagram and blog pics and ideas everyday! Thanks for sharing:)

      1. Thank YOU Shelly! Love the great support and I appreciate all on IG. It’s hard not to notice the name Fonda! ;) Thanks for your comments and I’m so happy you’ve jumped in. Hugs and Happy Wednesday! xoxo

  1. Your mantle is gorgeous. Great giveaway! I wish just looking at Pottery Barn’s Christmas pillows and plates.

    1. Thanks Jen for entering! :) You’re the best, you really inspire me and I hope you know that. It’s been such a distracting Fall with all that’s going on with Cal but you’ve always been there for me. I truly appreciate everything. Have a great Tuesday and hugs gf! xoxo

  2. So sweet of you to do another giveaway! Your posts brighten my Instagram feed and you give me so much inspiration! I’ve never been to Pottery Barn! Fingers crossed!

    1. You need to go to PB Vanessa! :O Such a great store. This could be the best reason. :) So happy you’ve entered. Have a great Tuesday and Good Luck! xoxo

  3. I simply love your festive mantle. Pottery Barn knows just how to add the perfect touches to make our homes sparkle for the holidays! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thanks Jacquelyn… :) I’m sure yours will be gorgeous! So glad you’ve entered the giveaway! Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

  4. Hello! I absolutely love your home and sense of style. I agree PB is one of the best places to shop for holiday decor, so classic and beautiful. Your mantle looks great. I love the white theme and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for this year.

    1. Thank you Zahra! I love the Christmas season so this should be great fun. I adore keeping things light and bright and so I’m sure I’ll be all over whites in one way or another. ;) Hugs to you and thanks so much for your sweet support on Instagram. xoxo

  5. Such s beautiful looking mantle @wicksnest! Well done! And thank you for the chance at the PB gift card!! Fingers crossed!!

    1. Thanks Maria! Thrilled you’ve entered and I too adore those stocking holders. I’ve had them for several years and never tire of them. What’s classic is always classic as they say. Hugs and have a beautiful Tuesday! xoxo

  6. I always love your style!! I have all I can do to NOT get my Christmas decorations out right now (even though it’s late here on the east coast)! Kisses for Cal! xx

  7. I LOVE you blog! We just moved a few months ago and decided to redo our entire apartment. I look at your blog and Instagram all the time to get ideas. I LOVE your style and Pottery Barn! A $50 gift card would be great and a nice bday present to me since my birthday is Nov 29. ;)

    1. Nice Kate! So sweet of you. :) Been so ‘off’ this fall with all that’s been going on with Cal. I adore Christmas so I’m going to jump in with all I can. ;) Hugs and Happy Tuesday! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Shelley! So excited you’ve entered. I too adore PB and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Hugs and Happy Tuesday! xoxo

  8. Love your mantle (and your Instagram account ;))! I started thinking about mine around Halloween and have absolutely been coveting the Mercury glass Christmas trees at PB. Would love to win the giveaway to purchase one of them!

  9. Love to follow you!!!!!!! Great ideas. Hope I win this giveaway! I need new pottery barn bedding in the worst way!

  10. Sheer PERFECTION! It’s nice to know Thanksgiving hasn’t passed, and yet you’re already set for Christmas! The only thing missing from the pic is Cal :o) XXOO

    1. Hi Kiki! :) I’m not quite that ready… Lol. I have so much more to try out before I decide I’m officially ‘done’. ;)
      I still buy things as I see them and mix everything around for Thanksgiving… Christmas will begin this next week in bits so I don’t completely ruin the Turkey Day feel. Thanks so much for entering and for being so supportive! Happy Tuesday! xoxo

    1. Hugs Rena… I’ll try and remember that next week when my daughter and her friends come home from college for Thanksgiving. ;)

    1. Thanks Alicia… me too! ;) Still having fun looking for things and thinking of what to do. Hugs to you and I appreciate your entering. Happy Tuesday! xoxo

  11. When I find things in stores like driftwood Christmas trees and driftwood angels I tell my husband that they would be perfect in my beach home. My husband reminds me I don’t have one, but I tell him that I indeed have one in my mind that I am currently decorating and that tree would be lovely there at Christmas. Without sounding creepy or stalking..*ahem*’s your house that provides the inspiration for the beach house in my imagination. One day I will get the place. First I have to find a way to live in it alone. I think I am the only one who lives here that could manage to keep a white sofa clean.

    1. Lol… I have 2 sets of slipcovers for these sofas so that when 1 is being cleaned I have another to get dirty. ;) Thanks so much for the compliment Dee and Good Luck! xoxo

  12. I know I have mentioned before how much I love your decor! I love all the great ideas I get from your home <3. It's hard to be so creative when I work crazy hours, so really appreciate when I look at instagram and see your posts. It makes decorating my home so much easier!!! :)

    1. Thanks for the sweet words and support Juleny! Love that you take the time to even check my Blog out when you’re working so much. :) Hugs to you and I’ll keep my fingers crossed! Happy Tuesday! xoxo

  13. We are moving to a new house this week, so it would be great to win this to decorate with. Followed as @fiddlindandi.

    1. Great Dandi! So excited you’ve entered! Moving to a new house is really exciting and PB has so many things. :) Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

  14. Maybe our houses look similar because we love the same stores! I have similar stockings, but a lady who collects vintage linens made them for me about 5 years ago. My 12 year old daughter has been begging for her our stocking to represent her personality. We bought the French bulldog with antlers stocking at Pottery Barn recently. We love how it looks with the others!

    1. Sounds adorable Robin! I miss my daughter being 12… :) Having your stockings homemade makes them that much more special I think… Hugs and thanks so much for entering! xoxo

  15. I look forward to your post each day. I am inspired. How is Cal feeling? My new home will be complete in a few weeks. I am currently decorating the house now. ☆☆☆ Yahoo pottery barn giveway ☆☆☆☆

    1. Thank you Kenda… So nice of you to say. Cal is doing as good as can be expected… It’s so strange because his body doesn’t seem to be aware of his tumor so it almost feels as if it isn’t there..? I know however that we will have to face the fact one of these days but until then I just spoil him horribly and cuddle him whenever possible. :)
      How exciting to be moving into a new home! I really love that feeling! This Giveaway is perfect then… Good Luck with everything and thanks so much for entering! xoxo

    1. Haha! Oui Oui Michelle! ;) You do follow me and I’m SO excited you’ve entered the Giveaway! Hugs to you and Good Luck sweetie! :) xoxo

  16. Time for me to add a few new decorations to my holiday decor. . I will be thinking about your beautiful mantle when I do. Thanks for the inspirations and this great give away.

    1. Thanks Sandy! You’re the best. Miss you! You’ll have to let me know if you are up in the Bay area anytime soon. Jeff and I will be down south one of these days and I’d love to get together! :) Hugs sweetie! xoxo

  17. I have an obsession with Pottery Barn too!! Beautiful holiday mantel, can’t wait to decorate mine for the most wonderful time of the year!

    1. I love it too Rosemary! Such a great place for inspiration. :) Have a beautiful Wednesday and thanks so much for entering! Hugs! xoxo

  18. I’ve been following you on IG for a while now and I find every single picture you post inspiring. You have an impeccable taste. I hope sweet Cali is doing well.

    1. Thanks Dee! So happy to have your support on both. :) Cal is doing well today, thanks so much for asking… So glad you’ve entered and Good Luck! xoxo

  19. Oh my, that is breathtakingly gorgeous! I’m in awe! I am a new Instagram convert – my username is mintpearls and I now follow you! Yay! Thank you for the chance! :)

    1. That’s so great to hear! Thanks for the Follow and your kind words. It means so much to me to hear what people are thinking. :) Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

  20. I love your style. You take the best photos too! I can’t wait to see your Christmas decor this year. Give Cal a pat from me.

    1. Aww, Hi Diann! Thank you!!! Really appreciate that. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

  21. I absolutely adore your style and taste! I’m so thankful that I stumbled across your IG and look forward to your posts! Happy Holidays!

  22. I follow you on Instagram and I absolutely love posts. It always makes me feel like I wish I could have an eye for that one thing that would totally make a room shine!

    1. I’m sure you have more of an eye than you think, Tameka… :) Thanks so much for the sweet comment! Have a wonderful Friday and Good Luck! xoxo

  23. What a great giveaway! Pottery Barn is one of my favorite places to shop too. They always have the cutest things and the quality is lasting. I’m crazy with the coupons over there — you know it’s bad when you walk in and and they all know you by name and what sale you’re there to take advantage of :P For anyone reading this — did you know you can get a 10% military discount at PB? Cause you can! Kristy – what a beautiful mantle! Looking good! xo

    1. You’re adorable Shayna! Thank you! It is such a great store and I always love everything they introduce. Their buyers are spot on! Good Luck and have a great Friday! xoxo

  24. I’m so happy I stumbled upon your Instagram account! Just in time for me to be inspired by your beautiful decor because I have started redecorating my house. I am also going for a similar look as yours :) and my mantle looks a lot like yours did last year, was so happy to see that when you posted. Love pottery barn and your IG account so much!

    1. Thank you Gina! I loved my mantel too so I’m not sure how much more I want to mix things up this year. ;) I wish you all the luck in the Giveaway and thanks so much again for your support! xoxo

  25. New house, new everything after a catastrophic mold exposure . New start ! Would love to have Pottery Barn help me to add some honey touches ! ThankYou for sponsoring this awesome giveaway .

    1. EEK! :O That’s horrible Bethany… I’m so sorry you had to go through with that! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you and I wish you a beautiful Friday! Hugs! xoxo

    1. Thank you Melissa! You are so sweet… Thanks so much for entering and Good Luck! Hugs and have a great Friday! xoxo

  26. Hello and Happy Holidays!
    I follow you on Instagram and seeing Cal brings me a little joy everyday! It’s amazing how much love he seems to radiate. I always say a little prayer for him and send him my strength (and hugs!) from Rhode Island. Have a great day.

    1. Hi Melanie! Received all… so don’t worry! Your comment was somehow skipped when answering! ;) Thanks so much for entering and letting me know. So happy to have your support! Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

  27. You’re home is so beautiful! I just started following you on Instagram and love all of your posts. This will be our first Christmas in our new home, and my husband and I cant wait to start decorating and making holiday memories with our two babies!

    1. Such a wonderful time for you, jeni with a new home and 2 babies! I wish I could do it all over again. :) Everyone always told me that time flies but when you’re in the midst of diapers and naps you can’t even imagine life beyond it all. ;) Hugs to you and thanks so much for taking the time to enter! Good Luck! xo