Pottery Barn Gift Card Winner and my sunny PB Mantel…

Good Morning everyone!

It’s such a gorgeous first day to gain an extra hour of sleep.
Announcing the winner of the $50 Pottery Barn Gift Card today and I couldn’t be more excited.
Almost everything you see above my mantel is from Pottery Barn.
The trio of mirrors (not exactly the same set but similar) and Bristol Lanterns are decor pieces I feel can be used every day year round.
I love the way the mirrors provide a reflection of light from the windows and by multiplying the number they add an interest and texture to the wall.
I painted my grouping of mirrors a white from the originally store bought cream to brighten them even more and then distressed them a bit.
The Lanterns with their flickering candlelight offer a warmth throughout the evening hours and draws your eyes upward which I adore…

Many of you will begin decorating for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday and Christmas season…
I’m sure this gift card will be put to good use.

Have a beautiful day and thanks to all who participated!

Congrats to Kim G!!!
You are the BIG winner today!  :)
Please email me your address so I can send you your Gift Card.

Hugs to all and Happy Sunday!


I’m also including a photo of my study with Cal from Saturday’s Instagram…


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