my paint colors

Friends are always asking me what paints colors I use…

paint squares

I think because my home is so light and others don’t normally paint their main rooms a soft light blue they are always fascinated.  Once I thought about it I realized I only use 4 paints throughout my entire home.

My home has such an open floor plan where most rooms are visible from all points.  It’s because of this and my love for a consistent, continuous feel that I limited my choices.

It’s obvious when looking at my house that I’m a BIG fan of all shades of blue.

When I was deciding what paint colors to choose I knew that I needed something that reflected what makes me the happiest…
the colors of the sky and oceans.
I love anything that is ‘light and bright’ and gives an airy feeling to a space.

So many of my accents are bright and colorful so I knew what was needed was a more calming backdrop that complimented rather than fought them.
Restoration Hardware paints are one of my favorites simply because I adore their colors and the texture of their paint.

They refer to the texture as ‘subtle velvet’ which is exactly how it feels.  It’s not flat but not eggshell shiny either.

The paint is amazing and cleans extremely well which is good to know if you have kids or a high traffic home.

One thing to note is that although Restoration Hardware paints are priced a little more expensively than some,
if you wait for their sales you can get it for a far more reasonable price.

No reason to break the bank ever! :)

The color, ‘Glacier’ is in my Family Room and Kitchen as well as my Daughter’s Room and Bonus Room.

I love this color as it’s a very soft blue yet brightens depending on the light of the day. It looks great against whites, creams and bright citrus greens which I tend to use often.

I knew I wanted something that gave the rooms that Martha’s Vineyard look with a cottage feel. bed8

In both the Master Bedroom and Guest Room I used RH’s signature color, Silver Sage.

It ‘s a gray/green/blue color which lends itself to a tranquil spa-like feel.
I love it and every day when I walk into my bedroom I’m immediately relaxed.

Master Bedroom

WN- Guest Room 1
In my Main Entry, Study and Hallways I used Kelly Moore’s Frost.
I knew that I wanted something that was ‘almost’ white but now quite.
I also knew that I didn’t want an ash or gray undertone and because this color has a creamy base it fit the bill perfectly and looks beautiful with all my colors.

 I hope this was helpful and has answered some of your questions.

When deciding what paint colors to choose for your own home or space your decision may be a little  easier to make if you keep these 3 things in mind ~
what makes you happiest, what kind of lighting your home gets and what type of floor plan you have.

Always remember that paint is something which you can easily change.

Never settle for a color you aren’t thrilled about…

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve repainted a wall simply because I wasn’t happy with my first color choice.

Believe me when I say I’ve done this more than a few times!  (my poor hubby! lol)

That being said, keep in mind to never underestimate the power of paint
paint color is the key to making your home your own.

Hugs and Happy Painting!



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9 thoughts on “my paint colors

    1. xoxo!!!! Thanks soooo much! Be careful what you wish for! ;) You may come to find too much about yours truly! I’ll have to fill that Blog somehow! ;)

  1. Love your blog. Just discovered it from House of turquoise. I, too, like RH silver sage. Haven’t tried glacier. I also use a soft cream in some rooms, usually Medci Ivory from SW. I will take a look at the one you use. Another couple of favs are Sea Foam BM and Wyeth Blue BM. Just painted a pantry Wyeth blue w kitchen/great room sea foam.

    Wondering How long have you been decorating w blues? I’m getting a yen to try some coral as accent. If you happen to see any pieces at HG in coral I’d love to see how you might incorporate.
    Beautiful home and fam!!

    Your home is beautiful.

    1. Love your paint choices Mary! You have to send me pics of your kitchen/great room! They sound incredible!

      I really like BM blues too. There are quite a few that I would try the next time around – BM Wedgewood, BM Wyeth and and BM Woodlawn. All gorgeous.

      I decided to go with RH because of the texture of their paint (Love) and I loved both the colors the minute I put them up. (I tried too many to admit, Lol)

      Both Silver Sage and Glacier also seemed to go with almost everything Home Decor-wise and I love changing things so often I decided to go with colors that I could find pillows, etc. for easier.

      The Silver Sage tends to be tricky with flooring and lighting so I couldn’t use it downstairs with the color of my wood floors… It’s crazy how horrible it looked (I think my wood has a little red in them) yet with my light carpet in my MB or even my sister’s darker wood floors, AMAZING! So I kept it in bedrooms. My original plan was to use it everywhere I could. Oh well! ;)

      I love coral with blue! I love how it looks with pale blues… Or any blues for that matter!
      Thanks for your sweet comments!!! I love hearing my readers insight as well.
      I love mixing things up and I’m ALWAYS learning! Hugs! xo

      1. Hi Kristy,
        I’m so excited! I just ordered my Restoration Hardware paint fan deck and I’m hoping the Glacier Blue and Silver Sage will look just as nice in my home as it does in yours. All going well, I’ll be redoing our main floor and the upper level this Fall.
        Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! I always look forward to seeing your new posts!

      2. That’s so great Charlene! You’re going to love the way the paint feels on the wall. I’m thinking of redoing my front hallway and entryway and dining room to a white and think I may stick with Restoration Hardware simply because of the feel of the paint. The painters love how it goes on. I’m all over the map still though. If glacier doesn’t work with your lighting make sure you try some of the others because they change so much with different exposure to light. Light silver sage is also a nice blue but it may be a little darker than what you’re thinking. I would whip out a few poster boards and try a bunch and move them to different walls in the same room. Hugs and good luck. Let me know what happens! xoxo

  2. Oh, gosh, I know this is an old post, but I just discovered it. If you see this by any chance, could you let me know which of your colors you used on your kitchen cabinets, and on your crown molding? Thank you!

    1. Hi Marie,
      In my last home my cabinets and crown were Kelly Moore’s Swiss Coffee. In my new home it’s all Chantilly Lace from Benjamin Moore. :)

  3. Would you please tell me the gold paint color that u use for mirrors. Thank you so very much!