Nikki’s Backyard Nest

My girlfriend Nikki lives in the most adorable home just off Main Street.
What I love most about her style is her attention to detail.
Her home looks and feels like an English cottage.

Nikki is British and you can see the influence in everything she does.  She’s all about the relaxed feel in her garden with cozy nooks and colorful seating areas accented by a herringbone brick walkway.

She surrounds each space with old vintage pieces like her white rusted bench, cherubs resting on the brick planter & coffee table and lots of moss covered pots with flowers spilling over.

There is a chartreuse painted potting bench that acts as a temporary bar when needed and even a striped Pottery Barn cabana for the necessary bathing suit change.

I hope you will enjoy this window into my friend’s lovely garden.

I Love and appreciate so many of Nikki’s special touches.



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14 thoughts on “Nikki’s Backyard Nest

  1. Aww … thanks for the prize .. This is a splendid news … And I have to say … seeing this backyard makes me wanna move back to Cali ! :-( Captivating pictures I can’t wait to show my DH !

    1. So happy for you Karen! It’s a gorgeous backyard, that’s for sure! :) If you could email me your address (my email is under contact) I will send you your candle so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. Hugs and thanks for entering the Giveaway! xo

  2. Wow!!!!! Such attention to detail! I felt like I was in Europe with all the little rustic outdoor vignettes. Classic, colourful, welcoming!!!! So beautiful Nikki and Kristy!!!

  3. What a beautiful patio! Thanks for sharing your friend’s outdoor space. It gave me some ideas for my outdoor space. Thanks

    1. Thanks Ingrid! So happy it has given you some ideas. Let me know what you end up doing! Hugs! xo

  4. I loved everything about this backyard! I will be stealing some of these ideas for my own outdoor space.

    1. I’ll just have to tell her Jody! Thank you so much for commenting and for your sweet words. I’ll see if I can’t push Nikki into letting me take a few of her gorgeous interior.. ;) Hugs! xo