My Outdoor Space

As summer has finally arrived I knew that I needed to do something about making a comfortable outdoor space for my family.

Our daughter has been away at college and I really wanted to surprise her with a new ‘outdoor room’ this year. :)

When I think of an outdoor room I immediately think of beautiful little courtyards.

I’m reminded of the lush open areas in Tropical Resorts…

It’s those kinds of spaces that made me want to create my own little version of paradise and where my Outdoor Room was born.


My new outdoor room has 2 seating areas~

In the 1st seating area ~

I placed a large sofa facing the pool with a side table on either side.

Comfort is key with my family so I splurged on the Antibes outdoor furniture from Restoration Hardware.

Both Italian blue pots, topiaries and floral/paisley pillows are all from Homegoods.

The gorgeous Bench was just added yesterday for Father’s Day…
I absolutely Love Love it!

The 2nd seating area ~
is under the arbor facing the pool from the other side.

Instead of the traditional Dining space, we elected to get a love seat, coffee table and two lounge chairs for a relaxed and comfortable arrangement.

This is where you can find us most of the time… sharing a glass of wine with friends and family.

The garden stool from Homegoods was the key to my outdoor color scheme this year.

The gorgeous Aqua is reflected throughout everything in my space.

I repeated the accent pillows from the 1st area and included the whimsical fish pillows from Target.

So cute and the color couldn’t have worked better!



Having a coffee table was key since we ditched the table and chair concept…

Not only do we love to put our feet up but we needed a place to set things and I really like having a place to decorate just a little more.  ;)

I love the wooden tray that I found from Target that anchors the table and allows me to add accessories without it looking messy.

I must have at least 6 trays around my home!

Sticking with my love for all coastal, I included a wide array of beachy accents from Pottery Barn and Homegoods.

I love the way it looks!

I then placed an open basket on the ground to hold towels in and scattered Lanterns from Homegoods throughout the area for extra lighting and ambience.

Last but not least is addition of the beautiful indoor/outdoor rug from Target which grounds the entire space.

I’ve always wanted one and I think it makes such a difference in framing this area.

It’s amazing how much can go into making your outdoor space feel like a room.

Finally completed we are now officially ready for entertaining for the summer and just in time for my daughter who is coming back home from college.

I’m sure she and all her friends will take over our new Outdoor Room and love every inch of it…  :)

Cheers everyone!


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11 thoughts on “My Outdoor Space

  1. Its perfect! So bright and cheery, you really do such a fabulous job decorating. And that RH outdoor furniture… LOVE LOVE LOVE! Love it ALL!!

    1. Oh Jen! Thanks so much! ;) How did I miss this??? Blah! You are so supportive. Love you to death! xo

  2. Everything is just beautiful, Kristy!! I can already tell this is going to be one of my favorite blogs! :) Love your outdoor area and the furniture is perfect! Just looked at your home tour tab too and wow…just wow!! Beautiful!

    1. Oh my that is really soooo nice of you! Thanks so much! Now I’m just going to have to keep you interested! ;) Let me know if you ever start snoring so I can throw in some outdoor mentionables yet again! :D Ha!

  3. Kristy, I am so moved how your concept of home goes beyond bricks and mortar. I feel exactly the same way about my home – my safe haven, my treasure box, my memory keeper – my nest! I love everything about your style, thoughtfulness and love of the outdoors that you incorporate into your nest. I could never be sad there and if I had a bad day that walls would hug me like a best friend! Well done, my friend, and I so look forward to following your inspiring blog!!!

    1. That is the sweetest Karen!!! You are amazingly kind. I’m excited to grow and learn all about sharing the fun things that I’ve learned from my Mom and so many others who are as talented as she. I’m going to make this fun.;)
      Hugs!!!!! Happy Wednesday! so

      1. Your Instagram and blog bring me such joy. Thank you for taking the time to share your life with all of us… It’s so uplifting

    1. Loraine! So happy to have you visit little me in SF! ;) I will learn tons more so I can ‘help’ you and Carol in the UK! Lol. You are so sweet to comment and you girls really make my day! Hugs and ‘dry weather’ wishes! :D

  4. Hi Kristy, I follow you on Instagram and get so much inspiration from your pics & blog! Love your style :) I am in the process of re-doing our backyard and love the color and design of the concrete in your previous home. May I ask what colors and stamp design you used so I can tell my concrete guy? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Denise, I wish I knew the design and color but the backyard was completed over 10 years ago and we have since moved. I’m so sorry! We wanted the concrete to match our home and so we matched it as closely as we could with the concrete guys. Wish I could be of more help! Good luck!