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Hi friends!

I’ve been sharing my kitchen so much on Instagram lately and one of the features people keep asking me to source is my new favorite kitchen pendant light. I’m so happy to talk about these beauties as they literally make me smile every time I walk into my kitchen. Corny, but true! ;)

Our kitchen is an open space viewed from almost every room in our small house. As a matter of fact, my dining room sits just a few feet from my kitchen and with it, my huge dining room chandelier. It’s because of this that one of the requirements for my kitchen pendants is that they remain simple and clean in design.
We’re surrounded by windows everywhere you look in my home and the indoor/outdoor feel is important to me. The last thing I wanted to do was block our future gorgeous garden view ;) or any of the open rooms for that matter with two large copper pendant lights.

In keeping with my open view plan I decided to limit my selections to only glass pendants. Glass keeps everything light and airy without interrupting a space and I love the effortless look and sparkly shine they provide.

Deciding on glass early on was definitely helpful but it was only half the battle in my selection process. It took a little more time to pick the style and shape that really felt like us. I knew I wanted lights that were special and unique, duh… and was important that they stand the test of time.

While I’m drawn toward some of the current trends… I knew in my heart of hearts that I had to find something classic. It wasn’t until I stumbled onto the Isabella Cloche Pendant with it’s modern take on the traditional feminine bell shape that I knew I had found the one. I loved this pendant with it’s delicate rim and little berry detail the first time I laid eyes on it.
Sooo glad I took my time searching.

A couple of important points that I learned during my search that I’d like to share with all of you ~

1. Style ~ Select a light that keeps true to the style of your home, kitchen and most importantly you. If your kitchen is rustic farmhouse in design, a sleek modern pendant light may not be the right fit.

2. Shape ~ Keep in mind the shape of existing lights sharing the same space when choosing your pendants. If you already have a globe or round shaped light hanging over your kitchen table than you may want to look at another shape for your island. Lights sharing a space should compliment one another… not compete for attention.

3. Size ~ Know the look and feel of your overall space when deciding on pendant size. Placing a mini pendant over a large island will end up looking underwhelming but hanging 3 mini pendant lights evenly spaced over a large island can look incredible.
My island is quite large at 7 ft x 5 ft with a curve on one side where the barstools sit. I knew I needed 2 medium sized pendants to properly fit the length and it was important that the pendants weren’t too narrow so that they could handle the width of where the curve and barstools sit. The bell shaped pendants did the trick and filled the necessary space perfectly.

4. Light Bulbs ~ If you are going with an all glass pendant light like I did then you will want to look at using an Edison light bulb like those in my kitchen. These LED dimmable light bulbs give a soft warm light that doesn’t appear orange like so many of the other Edison bulbs out there. I found mine at my local Lamps Plus store. You can also find them online here. These bulbs use a low energy and will last a very long time as a result. I’m a bit of a nighttime light girl so this is great for someone like me. ;) I can’t say enough about these light bulbs.

If you look at pendant lights like jewelry for your kitchen it makes total sense and really helps with the selection process. Like jewelry, pendant lights are that final dressing layer that can help pull everything together. With my search, it was important for me to choose lights with two very important elements.. they had to have a polished nickel chain and a shiny sparkly glass detail. The Isabella Cloche pendants had both and as a result, my kitchen looks light and airy, sophisticated and elegant. I’m in love!

When taking the leap to choose new pendant lights for your home, remember that this is the perfect opportunity to provide that shiny little bling, extra texture or pop of color that can help elevate and complete your beautiful kitchen. Let your pendant be more than just a light… You’ll love what you choose if you do!



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28 thoughts on “Favorite Kitchen Pendant Light

  1. Hi-
    Love the glass pendants in your kitchen. What is the height of your kitchen ceilings ? I am designing a kitchen all white and those pendants are stunning.

  2. Hi Kristy,
    Thank you so much for this informative post! I was one of those people asking you to source your beautiful pendants!!!
    You are so right when you refer to them as jewelry for the kitchen, they are simply stunning works of art!! Gorgeous!
    I was wondering how many inches apart you hung your pendants(chain to chain), and also how many inches from the island
    counter top to the bottom of the pendant? I too have a 7 foot long island that I plan on installing two pendant lights over.
    Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful new home!! :)

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you! My pendants are 36″ apart from the middle of each and 20″ from the edge of the rim of the pendants to the island.
      They are hung 33″ from the island countertop to the bottom lip of the pendants too but I think you need to see how that plays a part with all of you… your height, your husband’s height, (to visually still be able to see the room) your hood size and height and what you want to see. There isn’t a wrong or right way with this sort of thing. :) Hope that helps! Hugs! xx

  3. Thank you for the info!! I am building right now and my kitchen layout is the same as yours only a little narrower… my island cabinet will be 3′ (counter will extend out a foot further) wide and 5′ long…. and I only have 8′ ceilings…. I have a little eat in space next to it and then my living room … again, very similar to your layout (just with a little eat in space between)…. my question is how to do lighting? I want a small cottage wood chandelier over the eat in…. but with the lower celinings do I just do can lights in the kitchen and pendant over the sink or do I also do pendant(s) over the narrow island? I’m at a loss ?!!

  4. Hi Kristy! Your kitchen is beautiful! May I ask how wide the space is for your hood between the 2 cabinets? I have a similar set up with a microwave over cooktop and want to relocate it and put in a hood but I’m afraid I may need to widen the space. Your hood looks perfect :)

    1. Hi Erica! I’ve finally been adding my sources to my ‘Home Source’ menu.. The floors are made by Pravada Floors and these are the Chateau Blanc. :)

  5. Lighting can add a great visual styles to a kitchen. Pendant lights are now getting popular and everybody is talking about it. These lights are best ways to decorate your kitchen beautifully. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous and so wonderful to stumble across your site and see these pendants I’ve been eyeing used in a real space! Can you please tell me if you got the large Isabella with 11” diameter or the medium with 8”?
    They look perfect and the set up in your beautiful home is similar to what we want to create! Thank you so much!! Sorry if that information is in here somewhere—I think I was thorough but I’m trying to read with the baby pulling at my phone :-)

      1. wonderful job overall and especially love the pendants. How often Do yOu have to clean the glass pendants? Do you find they get greasy or cloudy?

      2. Hi Chad,

        Thanks! I clean the pendants once a month at most simply due to dust. We love the light and airy feel they lend to our kitchen. :)

  7. I Love, Love, Love the pendants and tried to purchase but no longer available. :( I also love the backsplash tile you picked. Do you know tile you bought?

  8. So very beautiful! I have been looking for backsplash tile like yours and having no luck. By any chance can you offer any further info? I’d be most grateful!

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you! My backsplash should be found under home sources – kitchen. The 9 1/2″ x 2 1/2″ tile is from Lunada Bay, Shinju series. The color is Kumamoto I believe.