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My Favorite Healthy Go-To Salad Ideas

My Favorite Healthy Go-To Salad Recipes // 2021 is all about my health and I'm trying to find out the best options for me!

I am fully back on my healthy lifestyle regimen! 2020 did not do me any favors, and for the past few days I’ve been really buckling down and fully devoted to getting back on track with a better eating schedule and lifestyle. How about all of you!? I’ve been receiving a lot of messages in my DMs asking me to share some of my go-to healthy salad and lunch recipes are so I thought I would compile a few of my favorites here.

My Favorite Healthy Go-To Salad Recipes // 2021 is all about my health and I'm trying to find out the best options for me!

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Now on to the salad recipes that we’re LOVING! There are so many delicious lunch options that I’ve been making lately but I have really locked down 3-4 recipes that I tend to favor throughout the work week. Salads are one of my favorite meals – always quick and easy to make and most importantly -healthy. One thing I’ve learned is that salads don’t have to be bland in order to be healthy. There are many things you can add to bring interest to your meal.

My Favorite Healthy Go-To Salad Recipes // 2021 is all about my health and I'm trying to find out the best options for me!

“Everything but the Kitchen Sink Salad”

This is a salad that I make CONSTANTLY because it’s so easy and it uses whatever you have… We always like to keep a variety of fresh produce in the fridge for snacks or easy lunch/dinner options along with a protein like rotisserie chicken or frozen shrimp. This makes for an easy throw together salad that’s a hodge-podge of everything. For example, today I had a good amount of mixed veggies on hand, some fresh blueberries and a little chopped rotisserie chicken. Jeff compiled a salad full of mixed spring lettuce, chicken, cucumber, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, broccoli, blueberries ( I normally have strawberries but this is the next best healthy alternative) then added a few lightly glazed almonds on top. He then mixed everything with a little dressing. We tend to use Ken’s lite Balsamic or Brianna’s Blush Wine Vinaigrette for this salad. Both work and add the perfect amount of flavor.. It’s always so good! If you’re someone who genuinely enjoys vegetables and fruit then you should try this out… I bet you’ll be surprised at how easy and delicious it is.

Yummy Taco Salad

My girlfriend got me into this salad when Emma was young and it’s one that I turn to whenever I crave flavor and a filling. I love taco salads but not all the unhealthy versions out there full of sour cream, etc. This consists of lean ground beef or turkey cooked with onion and taco seasoning thrown into a bowl full of iceberg lettuce (love the crunch), a can of kidney beans with the juice drained, thinly sliced radishes, carrots, onions and tomatoes then mixed with a lite Catalina dressing. Top with a small amount of cheddar cheese and a few tortilla chips broken up. The dressing adds a tanginess that’s absolutely amazing. The warmth from the meat mixed with the cool lettuce and veggies make this one of my favorite salads. Yummm!

My Favorite Spinach Salad

I love a healthy spinach salad. It’s one of my favorite options and it’s really easy to make during the work week. If I’m in the mood for a protein, I’ll pick up a prepackaged rotisserie chicken but this is one salad that I also love with just the veggies alone. It requires a spinach mix, cranberries/raspberries, glazed walnuts, and edamame + Brianna’s Blush Wine vinaigrette dressing. You mix everything together and it’s so yummy!

Healthy Greek Salad

One of my favorite salad options is a Greek salad. I actually make a “healthy” version that I personally love and know you will too! The ingredients include cucumber, kalamata olives, tomatoes, onions, romaine lettuce, a little bit of red wine vinegar, light olive oil, salt, pepper, light feta cheese, and lemon. So easy and delicious! I love the flavor the feta mixed with cucumbers adds. :)

Do you love salads as much as me? If so what are some of your favorite healthy salad recipes? Please share in the comments below. I am always looking for some new favorites.


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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Healthy Go-To Salad Ideas

  1. I love salads all day, everyday!! I love to add garbanzo beans or kidney beans as a protein if I don’t add chicken or turkey (or sometimes I put it all in). Black olives are also amazing. I love to slice red onion very thin using a Mandolin too. Thank you for your ideas, I will be trying them all!!!

  2. Great ideas for easy salads! That taco salad sounds yummy, all of a sudden I am in the mood for that. I like to add fresh mushrooms garbanzo beans, and shredded carrot to my salads. Thought you’d like to see this great article from Katie Couric’s daily newsletter that came out today. Great minds think alike.

  3. I have found a delicious salad made at a local shop here in Ashburn VA. I have started making it at home myself also. Spring mix, cubes of pears and apples, cubes of Vermont cheddar, dried cranberries and glazed pecans. Use your favorite dressing. It is fabulous! I’m a Greek salad lover, so I switch these two out. Enjoy and thank you for your positivity and kindness daily.

  4. I like arugula with a lemon vinaigrette-I make mine with Good Seasons Italian made with canola oil (use a bit less than called for), rice wine vinegar, couple squeezes of fresh lemon juice and a bit of minced shallot or green onion. Top with a few parmesan shavings and black pepper. So good!