My Daughter’s New Light and Bright Bedroom

Those of you who know me, you know how much I love color. When I began blogging and posting on Instagram, my home was filled with blue and green – from wall color to drapes I was the ‘it girl’ for blue spaces. Craving a clean slate and an opportunity to do something different and unexpected, I switched to all white on my walls and drapes to give me the clean canvas I desired.

Rather than color being the first thing you see when walking into my home, I wanted accents I could change with the seasons or just on a whim.  I have found that by wiping the slate clean of color it’s given me a new lease on life!

With my daughter in college for most of the year, we decided to make different use of our upstairs bedrooms.  We moved my daughter into her smaller room and made a secondary office out of her old bedroom for my husband.  Her new room is quite small so I knew we needed to take a different approach. I was thrilled when my daughter said she said she wanted to keep the small space soft and serene, elegant with touches of color as focal points. She told me she wanted to keep everything white-on-white with layers of texture.  She wanted the room to feel angelic and light in mood.  I think we have achieved our goal. Once HomeGoods discovered that I was heading to the new HomeGoods Grand Opening in my neighborhood they asked if I would contribute to the ‘Design Happy Blog’.

It was an exciting and productive day for me as I found everything I needed and more.  ;)

Upon entering the store the first amazing piece I spied was this unique beautiful rustic iron-based side table with wooden top.  I knew it was perfect for Emma’s room and would give it that elegance she desired.

https://kristywicks.comI’ve never seen anything like it and the price was incredible.

https://kristywicks.comI then stumbled upon two small woven stools which I knew would look perfect under her white console and help the hide wires.

https://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comThere is a small corner opposite her bed that we felt needed something special.  The linen chair we found fit the bill perfectly.

https://kristywicks.comI love the feminine shape and the light color of the wood on the chair is reflected in the stools and side table.

https://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comOther HomeGoods pieces that I feel made a difference and definitely added another important layer to this small room is seen in the window dressing.  People often forget how valuable ‘dressed’ windows are to a room.  It’s an opportunity to heighten the space and add texture.  We achieved this by using lightweight linen panels which keeps everything simple, clean and elegant. Last but not least Emma wanted white bedding to compliment the walls. We layered the HomeGoods white quilt with a soft throw to keep it simple and accent the beauty of the Francesca upholstered bed from Restoration Hardware.

https://kristywicks.comShe chose pillows with textures and colors to add the additional interest.  It’s the only thing other than white she has in the room aside from her peach Homegoods flower arrangements and she’s fine with that.   Do you see the sweet rosette pillows on her bed and chair?  Too cute to pass up and they pair perfectly with her flowered wall art.

A couple of focal points to note – Above her bed we hung several three dimensional fabulous paper flowers made by a friend of mine, Noel from ‘Fanciful Designs’. These were made especially for Emma and they lend a soft and ethereal feeling to the room.

https://kristywicks.comThe art work above Emma’s corner chair was made by my friends, Aedriel and ‘House of a Belonging’.  It fits her personality perfectly and she loves it.  The soft blush pink ruffled throw is from my good friend, Janet at ShabbyFuFu.  The two sweet peonies blush linen pillows are from Studio Mcgee.  Emma also received the very special arrow gold foil art print from Lindsay at Always Lou Designs.  Emma is a Pi Phi so this piece is very special to her.  It takes a village as they say and I adore my friends and their sweet contributions.

It’s so fun when you get to do something a little different.  While decorating with whites and creams was a challenge, I really embraced the chance to see what I could do with the limited budget we gave ourselves.

My daughter is only in this room only a few months of the year so we didn’t want to go too crazy.  HomeGoods afforded us the luxury to fill this special space with pieces that I feel we will use for years…  As a result everything is beautiful, meaningful and timeless.



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23 thoughts on “My Daughter’s New Light and Bright Bedroom

    1. It was such a great find Kim… It was a madhouse that day too so I literally stayed by it’s side for 20 minutes until I could get it paid for… ;) Lol. Hugs! xoxo

    1. I love that table too Stacey… such a great find. Sooo happy I was able to beat 5 other people for it. ;)

  1. Kristy! This room is fabulous and so feminine and pretty with a touch of whimsy. I love those flowers! Perfect for a girls room, baby shower, or wedding:) xxleslie

  2. The room is beautiful! Can you tell me the paint color you used? It almost looks like it has a touch of pink to it.

  3. Hi!i know this post is old, but I was searching on Pinterest for a daybed to fit in my daughters room, This type of bed is perfect for her space but I have never seen anything like it! Did you purchase it or was it custom made? Thank you soooo much!!!!
    Ps- this room is gorgeous!❤️