My Blogger and IG Story

My Blogger and IG Story

I have to admit… The last four years have been a blur. I started my blogging journey back in June of 2014 by accident. I’ve never considered myself a writer – even though it’s become a big part of what I do each and every day. When I plan out and ultimately write a blog post.. it comes from the heart. For me, work = fun, and now I get to work with my daughter which makes it even better!

Today’s post will highlight some of the background on how I got started into the blogging world & some of the day-to-day work of sponsorships, photography, brand collabs, as well as sharing some of my personal stories. This will not be a, “How to grow 1 million followers in 1 day” kind of post. Rather, this post will be more about my journey into blogging and what has worked for me. This may turn into a series depending on how interested you all are – so let me know in the comments below if you’d like for this to be extended. xx

Background & New Beginnings

In 2013, I decided after 20 years of flying on and off as a flight attendant.. to leave the industry.  I wanted to be home more. My daughter had just left for college and I was at a loss at what I wanted to do. In October my daughter came home one weekend and encouraged me to get an Instagram account so that I could follow her while she was away at school. She taught some of the basics: how to post, how to add a filter, and how to comment. At the time, I had around 200 followers.. all friends and family. So funny to think about my daughter teaching me… because later on, the tables were turned and I ended up teaching her so much more.

That fall and winter after leaving my flying job.. I had a ton of personal time. Jeff went off to work each day and I didn’t want to waste time watching Real Housewives or cleaning every inch of my home (one of my favorite hobbies.. ;)) Instead, I turned to Instagram and started searching for inspiration. I began to realize that people were not only sharing pictures of their vacations and every day family lives, but they were sharing their homes publicly. Even famous interior designers and celebrities were sharing photos of their interiors and gardens. I found myself waking up each and every day checking Instagram to see what some of my faves were up to.

Moving forward a couple of months.. a light bulb went off. I realized that if these people were sharing all day, why couldn’t I? Friends and family had been telling me for years that I had great taste for styling and design. (I was always playing around with my home) I had always wanted to be an interior designer but never pursued interior design schooling. It was something I had always wanted to do but didn’t have the confidence to move forward on… Rather, I helped friends and worked on my own home.

I decided to begin sharing my home in photos every morning and night in an Instagram post. I also decided to open up about who I am and what I was doing each day. I commented and liked posts that I loved, and people began following me. My family and friends didn’t really get it. They thought I was wasting my time but I was developing real relationships with many all over the world. I grew from that original 200 followers to around 700 – 4 months later. After that, I grew from 700 followers in April to 3,400 by June. It was crazy how fast my IG follower count began to grow. Humbling too! I never realized how much people liked stories about my cavalier, Cal, my family as well as my interiors. In turn I loved hearing all of their news as well. Some were companies that I admired and others, just ordinary people like myself. I loved the banter.

My Blogging Journey Began.. 

After I began instagramming awhile, I noticed that many people would include in their captions, “More on the blog!” or “Head to the blog!” and I wondered what that was. Yes, I know – at this point it was 2014 and everyone and their mom knew what a blog was except for me. ;) Emma even read some of our favorite bloggers before I did… Pink Peonies & Kathleen Barnes were just a couple she loved. Some of the people that I discovered were more interior design or gardener related.. Courtney from French Country Cottage, Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange, P.Allen Smith and Melissa from, The Inspired Room. When I finally had the chance to look at their blogs.. I was blown away by the amazing content and photography. I realized then that Instagram was great, but it didn’t give me everything I needed. I had stories to share… I needed a bigger platform. One that could also help me business wise. At that time Instagram wasn’t the business it is today. I knew I needed a blog in order to link to places I wanted to talk about… Whether it be a destination or something I loved online.
It was at that point that I decided to start a blog to keep up with this crazy busy industry. I also hoped I could make it my full time job, profitable and successful. ( I crossed every finger and toe)

Once the decision was made, I looked at making a website and hired someone to help me out. Wicksnest was the original name of my blog and website.  I chose the Wicksnest name because at the time many people didn’t use their own personal names… All my posts were based on my home and how I decorated it. What did I know? ;) After a year or so I ended up deciding to switch to my personal name because I wanted to share so much more about my life… not just my home. I had been married to a wonderful guy for years, moved all over and went through so much to have my daughter. I knew that I needed more of an outlet to talk about life and loves. There are so many days in a week… plenty of time to mix it up. :)

I’m going to wrap this up today because I don’t want this post to get too lengthy. I have so much more that I would like to share with you about my journey… especially how I moved from taking pics of my home to working with amazing companies that I love and admire.

I have spoken to so many successful Instagrammers and bloggers about their own journies and through them I have changed my direction and path. It’s good to share with one another. It’s one thing I have learned that many don’t do enough of in this industry. :)

If you’re interested in another post, let me know below in the comments – I love hearing from all of you! 


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89 thoughts on “My Blogger and IG Story

  1. Yes please! Did you follow back everyone that followed you in the beginning? I love that Emma and Jeff are involved also!

  2. I am where you started! Please continue! I love your entire blog from how you guys met to infertility, everything! Melissa

  3. Kristy, this is great! Please share more! I am both passionate about Home Decor and Writing. I became a stay at home mom when my daughter was born. I would really like to continue to work from home. I’ve been working on a blog and my ig account but any tips, advice or greater insight would be so helpful. Thank you!

  4. I love this – please share more! I too have always loved interior decorating and get told all the time to do it! My youngest is leaving for college and we just moved to Raleigh NC at my age 52 I’m feeling a little lost and lonely but I have had fun decorating the house we just moved in to. Not sure where to start !

  5. Please share. I am working on blogging to incorporate into my real estate biz and have no clue where to start

  6. I’m interested to learn more. I’m thinking about sharing my passion on Instagram too. I’m from the Bay Area too and would love to have a chance to meet you for coffee one day.
    Thank you for sharing and blessings to you and your family.
    Kathy Razavi

  7. Kristy, I really appreciate you sharing how you got started and I’d love to hear more. It’s so encouraging for those of us just getting started. Thank you!

  8. I absolutely love this post! I would love to see a series discussing this topic. This is something that I am just starting up again and it’s hard to not feel like I’m just talking to my family and friends with my blog posts. But really that’s why I started my blog in the first place so that’s all that should matter right?! I love everything that you share and you are an inspiration to me every day.

  9. Hi Kristy
    What makes your blog so interesting and fun to follow is we get a sense of what a genuine and kind person you are.
    I read it everyday!
    Would love to learn more – how you turned it into a profitable business.
    Thank you!

  10. Yes, please continue!! This will be so helpful for those of us who are just starting out….and don’t really know what to do! And (because why not ask ??‍♀️) if you’d like to give a beginning IG poster a real thrill……I’d be honored if you followed ME on my new page @kissing_fishes!! Thank you, Kristy & Emma!!

  11. Kristi❤️❤️❤️Bless your heart this is so so inspiring!!! I have a tiny tiny Instagram account that I don’t devote much time too…I have five little ones and a very busy child rearing season right now ❤️❤️❤️Beyond grateful for them❤️??Someday I would like to blog and do what you do but I know the work and dedication it takes ❤️You go girl!!! You are an inspiration !!! My favorite stories are you and Jeff in the kitchen! You are adorable and your love (and his love for you❤️) just gushes! Sooo sweet! ❤️❤️❤️Please keep posting I love it!❤️❤️❤️

  12. Love hearing about your journey! & Love all your stories! I definitely want to hear more about your blogging journey and how you were able to turn it into something profitable.

  13. Yes, please share when and how you took the leap and what was the turing point when it really took off? And how did you connect with Jillian Harris? LOL ;-) I have a lot of respect for IG’ers because it takes so much effort daily to build an audience. I’ve tried but intermittently given up and restarted IG and would love to know your daily routine then and now to see behind the scenes of a bloggers life. It’s been kind of discouraging to see my followers go up 3-4 and back down 5…. How do you maintain these followers?

    Love your clean style which has inspired me to declutter/organize/purge/streamline and restyle quite a bit lol!!


  14. It’s funny that such a happy accident gave you this wonderful platform. Definitely would be interested in more of your journey to where you are now!

  15. You are truly such a lovely person inside and out. You’re authentic and so well grounded. You have an amazing family and I wish you continued success in this digital world!
    But yes, we want a part 2 of your Blogging journey :)



  16. I’m relatively new to food blogging. I would be very interested in learning more about how you built a successful business in such a short time doing what you love.
    Rosa ?

  17. Thanks for sharing Kristy. I have been blogging for a while but love to read how others have come to share their passion and life through blogging. I enjoy your blog greatly and would love to hear more about how you’ve grown your business and your approach to sharing and blogging.

  18. When I read your post about how you started your blog, it sounded just like me! I would love to hear more about your success story!! Very Interesting and you write so well Kristy! Thank you for sharing not only your knowledge, but your personal expierence!


  19. Love your style Kristy !! This is the first time ever reading a blog as well.
    Thanks for the tips for getting people to follow you on insta. How many posts do you put up a day ?
    Thanks ??Nancy Babin.
    lovin_mom22 on insta.

  20. Would love to hear the rest of your story. I was a full time mom and have a son graduating college. I’m searching for “that” next thing to do too! I’ve loved your IG pics which lead me to your blog and story! Your an inspiration. I’m all over the place as to what to do, I too have loved interior design but fashion as well. Trying to find “my” thing. Thank you for positivity and love your creativity. ?

  21. Funny, once my daughters were in college, I looked at my husband and told him that I was quitting my sales job (travel within Central Florida) of 19 years. We have a 17 y/o son in 11th grade who is rarely at home (he works, has a very active social life & he’s a HS football player)…I’m a ‘homemaker’ now. I help my friends and neighbors with decorating, staging and organizing. I love following you! I started a few months ago! Most of my friends are on Facebook (ugh). My IG followers…mostly my 2 daughters beautiful friends!! I hope they appreciate my cleaning tips, Goldendoodle and decorating hacks! Lol!

  22. Oh I loved reading this Kristy- DEFINITELY interested in reading more! You make it all look so effortless – although I know that an immense amount of time and effort go into making it seem that way. You were obviously born to do this as you’re such a natural!
    Best wishes, Paula

  23. Yes this is great stuff. I love it when you mention other bloggers you love as well… keep it coming, i’m addicted to your posts?❤️❤️

  24. I laughed when u said it was 2014 and everybody and their mom knew about blogging. Well I’m loving reading how this all came about because I’m pretty sure I was one of them that asked u about how u got started. I have no clue how to get started but it completely interests me. Here is a question I’m sincerely concerned about if I got started. Do u have any creepers or weirdos that follow u? It’s scares me to think of that so it has totally stopped me! Would love to hear more!!!

  25. Love reading your blogs and your posts and that you keep everything “real”. So inspiring and gets me motivated! x

  26. Kristy this is great and yes would love for you to continue this in a series. Would love to hear more about working with brands and sponsors as well as photography.

    Thanks for inspiring!


  27. I personally would love to read more about your journey! I am just beginning mine and i have started with an Instagram (my second one) all about my love for decorating / designing , food, wine, travels, and family. So pretty much lifestyle :) so anything you have to say or recommend will all be most helpful ?. can’t wait to read more! Oh and a blog is in the works! I’ll have to get some feedback from you once it’s up and running ?‍♀️!

  28. Yes, please give us more details. I just started trying to grow my Instagram account and would love more pointers. I only want authentic, interested followers. Like you, I have always loved interiors and decorating and I’ve always had the encouragement from family and friends. I just haven’t ever pursued anything in this regard.

  29. Please keep going! I love your stories and following you and your family :) thank you for your inspiring posts, and all around love of family, life and Maggie!!!

  30. Hi Kristy, ia have two boys under the age of 2… love everything you post in tje blog and instagram. Its mommy time so… yes please want to know more.

  31. More please!! Love hearing from you on all things Kristy! Have been interested in starting an IG/Blog business for years, but never knew how to get it off the ground so to speak. Any advice you can give would be very much appreciated!! Keep up the good work!!

  32. I have followed you for quite sometime and get so much inspiration from your pictures. I love your stories, you and Jeff make them so much fun and it has been wonderful to meet Emma as well. So obviously, I would love to hear more about your blogging journey. ???

  33. Yes!!! Your info is fantastic! Thank you for encouraging me to move forward with starting a blog! ?

  34. I got started the same exact way Kristy! After having my son, our family in the hospital waiting room told us they started N Instagram account. My obsession grew from that day on! Such a wild ride. So glad I have met you through this blogging journey!

  35. Yes!! I’d love to hear more. I’m about your age, and a big hurdle for me was overcoming the technology learning curve. Learning about working WordPress and navigating my email provider, editing pictures and keeping my computer all organized, (I was winding up with doubles and triples of everything and not putting things in the right folders). How did you learn it all? I can get an assistant, but don’t you really have to know how to do it all before you delegate? Any good free courses or ideas on how to catch up to everyone it comes naturally to?

  36. Kristy

    Yes yes yes please share more – you are such an inspiration to me – through your job yes but also because you are just so sweet and kind. You are lucky I live in NJ because if I live in CA you would find me hiding in your bushes! I am on a slightly different path – I design and make coastal accessories my business and Instagram are growing and I am building a website but I am so fun shy about blogging and sharing on instastories reading about your journey especially the Why not me go for it attitude you have is just what I need to hear.

  37. I would love to hear more ! I really enjoy following you on Instastories !!!! You always have great decor tips, fashion advise and I love how you wrap up your family in it all !!! Keep inspiring ;) You have a beautiful Life & home !!!!! I love that you are so personal too …. and you have always answered me back on questions that I had and you are so grateful to your followers !

  38. YES I LOVE THIS……. PLEASE SHARE MORE KRISTY .You are so really when you write , your blog is so wonderful…..Congratulations.

  39. Please share more of your story! I would love to hear it. The blogging world seems so scary to me, but I would love to start!

  40. Thank you for sharing Kristy! I really hope you make this a sequel because it’s so interesting. I find myself relating to you in many ways! I hope to hear more of your journey.
    Sarah @rusticritzy

  41. Kristy. I am reading your stories on how you started. This is so helpful as I’ve been dabbling and finding out what my “ thing is “. And soon I’ll start up a blog. My life has been interesting with many wonderful twists and turns. I like what you say about helping one another, life is all about doing that. Keep writing, we all love it. ? ~ debbie