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I’ve been posting about white kitchens more and more lately for a number of reasons…  Not only are they my favorite look but my girlfriend is installing hers as we speak and I’ve been helping her choose the materials.  I’m loving everything she’s picking and I keep warning her that if she keeps adding all of my favorite things I’m going to have move in once everything is finished.  ;)  She wanted a clean, timeless look and so she has chosen Shaker style cabinets, a built in fridge, a long 9 ft island with gorgeous gray granite countertop, white subway tiles and a complete upscale on her appliances.  She picked light wood floors recommended by my interior design girlfriend, Becki Owens which I think are the perfect look and style for her home full of boys.  The lighter toned wood with the occasional dark knot will hide all dings and scratches.  It’s perfect for them.  I am so excited to see the end product which I will share with all of you once it’s finished in another month or so.
In the meantime I wanted to show you a few more of my favorite white kitchens…   All are elegant and I’m sure you’ll find that the materials chosen give each space the gorgeous detailed look which I adore.

source~ pinkwallpaper.blogspot
source ~ Monika Hibbs
source ~ Monika Hibbs
source ~ Monika Hibbs
source ~ Caitlin Wilson
source ~ Houzz
source ~ Subee’s Kitchen
sources ~ Blackband Design
source ~
source ~ Becki Owens
source ~
source ~ interior decor dir
source ~ Sita Montgomery
source ~ Home Adore

https://kristywicks.comsource ~Studio Mcgee

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