Holiday Giveaway with San Joaquin Coffee Co.

I’m so excited to jump start my Monday morning with a special Holiday Giveaway with the sweet San Joaquin Coffee Company.

The San Joaquin Coffee Company believes strongly that ‘coffee should be so smooth you can drink it black’ and ‘it’s not just coffee it’s a way of life’.
I have really enjoyed getting to know more about this special California family run business who believe very strongly in the importance of making sure everything is up to their high standards.
It’s because of this that they only use 100% Arabica beans which are ‘gently air roasted to delicately unlock the flavors’ of the different coffees used.

I love that the San Joaquin Coffee Company makes it easy for everyone to purchase their quality coffee by offering an online service with a Coffee Club available for all to enjoy and take part in.

They offer 3 options when ordering the Coffee Club online~

1) Coffee Club, $15/month, have one 12 oz bag of fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door automatically,once a month.
2) The Coffee Experience Club, $28/month, have one 12 oz bag of fresh roasted coffee delivered to your door, delivered twice monthly.
3)The Coffee Connoisseur Club, $50/month, have 2 – 12 oz bags of coffee delivered to your door every two weeks,for a total of four 12 oz bags.
All prices include shipping!

So easy!  You simply sign up once and the fresh roasted coffee of your choice is delivered to your door automatically!
The San Joaquin Coffee Company understands that people are often times too busy to shop and this online ordering system ensures that you never miss your morning cup of joe.
This is huge for my family!  :)

The Holiday Gift Pack Giveaway comes dressed for the Season for one lucky winner, gold bow and all…

This gift pack includes 3 12oz. bags of fresh roasted 100% Arabica coffee beans.
One 12 oz. bag Signature Blend – medium roast,
one 12 oz. bag Hwy 99 Blend – dark roast,
and one 12 oz. bag Costa Rica Single Origin – medium roast.
The hand packaged premium coffee arrives in special Kraft paper bags, tied with a sparkly gold ribbon and attached with two merry little jingle bells! So cute!
The bags are nestled in bright red paper filler to protect the bags as they travel.
The box is then shut with a sparkling gold ribbon and attached with a fun little gift tag for you to personalize your gift!

It’s the Perfect Gift for that special someone who appreciates great coffee…
Price is valued at $39.99 plus shipping.

Rules for Giveaway ~

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It’s that easy!
Giveaway ends Thursday night at 12 AM, winner announced Friday.

Congratulations Megan Clary for WINNING the Holiday Gift Pack!




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48 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway with San Joaquin Coffee Co.

    1. Wonderful Elaine! I love it too and I’m thrilled to be able to offer the Giveaway. Hugs and Happy Tuesday! xo

  1. Yay for my big sister and their coffee company! This is a great post and of course I love your blog!! My sister says you are a very sweet lady also :) your home tour was so nice! Love your home!

    1. Thanks so much Colleen! Thrilled to have met your sweet sister and I’m so happy to do this Giveaway with them. She and I had so much fun talking. Happy Tuesday and thanks so much for commenting! xoxo

  2. Wonderful!Both the coffee and the company. I trulylovewhen companies holdhighstandards and honestly careabout the producttheysell, and what’s not to loveabout a family buisness!

    Happy holidays :)

    Michelle Baldwin

    1. So true Michelle! I think it’s such a a great thing when someone not only starts their own business but makes it one with such a high quality product. I’m in love with the philosophy behind the San Joaquin Coffee Company and the fact that they personally take care of everything from start to finish. So rare and I really believe it’s because of this care that it’s become so successful! Hugs and thanks so much for entering! xoxo

    1. It’s a wonderful gift and the way it’s packaged is not only festive but really pretty! Thanks so much Joan… Hugs and Good Luck! xoxo

    1. Just Canada Lise but I’m so happy to have your interest! Hugs and thanks so much for commenting! Happy

    1. Thanks so much Julie… It is! So happy you’ve entered! I adore Cal and I love it when he photobombs my pics. Lucky for me he adores following me around so I just shoot around him most of the time. :) Hugs and Happy Wednesday!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! Love you and all of your supportive comments. I love it when I’m able to offer a Giveaway to my readers and followers… It’s certainly a great time for coffee with this weather too. Hugs to you and have a beautiful Wednesday! xoxo

  3. Kristy, I live in the PNW, about 30 minutes south of Seattle (Starbucks headquarters!) and I think this is a fabulous gift idea! Even for the coffee snobs up here! :)

    1. That’s so funny Jessica! ;) So glad you’ve entered! We are getting ready to announce the winner soon. Hugs and Happy Friday! xo

  4. Wow, I wish I’d gotten in on this last year, will you be doing this contest again in 2015? That sounds like some really good coffee!

    1. This was a Christmas Giveaway Max… I take part in Giveaways all the time though so you never know! ;) Thanks for dropping in!