Modern Home Decor for Less – Walmart MoDRN Line

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks
Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

I am SO excited… Walmart just recently released their new private label home decor line – MoDRN and I’m in love with everything! MoDRN is a collection that is exclusive to the large retailer and it’s a mix of high-end, modern & contemporary looks and styles at affordable prices. Think clean lines, updated designs, elegant and adaptable… that’s MoDRN. What I was really impressed with is the cohesiveness of the collection from furniture to home decor AND accessories. When I first saw the line in it’s entirety, I fell in love with every piece. Rare for me because I am extremely picky when it comes to design!

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks
Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

Walmart’s prices are always reasonable and this line is no different. Surprising to learn when you consider that the new MoDRN line is full of high end materials and finishes like brass, marble and velvets. Not something you commonly find in affordable decor.

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

The designs of the MoDRN line are a mix of Scandinavian, modern and industrial… All compliment one another beautifully and mix well together. Walmart is so on trend featuring these 3 popular styles. Details like the brass base on velvet benches, leather decorative throw pillows and Carrera marble finishes are just a couple of examples as to why this collection is so special.

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks
Jeff was so sweet to help me this weekend.

This past weekend I was excited to add some of the new Walmart MoDRN line to my bedroom as a little spring refresh. Not much has changed in this bedroom in 2 years so this was a fun way to introduce a few new updated items without breaking the bank.

First up – The 2 Glam Cylinder Marble Table Lamps! I love marble and the clean shape of these lamps with the brass base and top immediately captured my attention when I saw them online. These were completely different than the large glass lamps that we were currently using and I couldn’t wait to replace them with something new. The marble lamps were more substantial in weight and while clean in design, still classic in style. The cylinder marble lamps were perfect in color tone and size too. It was a win win as far as I was concerned. They looked and felt luxurious the minute we removed them from their boxes. Another plus.. each lamp has slightly different veining running through the marble. Love that! The price for a lamp like this can cost upward of $500.. but at $129 they are a total steal. Click here to shop the marble table lamps.

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks
Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

Next.. the Glam Decorative Swirl Accent Piece. I love this swirl/knot piece for anywhere really.. but I placed it on my side table because it compliments my new lamp perfectly. It’s soft in design and beautiful. The price? Only $34! Click here to shop the decorative swirl accent pieces.

Walmart MoDRN Home Accents:

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

Moving on to the bed. I made a big change to where it matters the most… new sheets! When I discovered that the new MoDRN Luxury Sheet Set was made of 100% bamboo viscose and had high reviews I couldn’t wait to give them a try. The comments people kept leaving? How soft and comfy the bamboo sheets are. For a queen set I only paid $49. Too good a price to pass up! And the sheets are SO comfy.. Jeff and I love them. Definitely worth it! Click here to shop the sheet set (This set comes in other colors too!)

Some of the Walmart MoDRN bed & bath items:

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

I always fall hard for throw pillows.. When I first saw the adorable Striped and Velvet Throw Pillow, I knew I had to have it. The mix of materials is luxe and sophisticated and the neutral tones made it perfect for my bedroom. It’s a combination of a light silver velvet and linen. It compliments my linen bed perfectly. At $34, it’s a great deal.. Click here to shop the pillow.

How cute are these pillows?! Click the photos to shop:

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

I decided to also add a cozy throw to the bed when I saw this MoDRN Scandinavian Chenille Throw Blanket. The color cream introduces a warmer white to my all white bedding. It’s super soft and cozy and now Maggie’s favorite spot to lie. ;) Click here to shop the throw blanket.

Other standout pieces? The circular marble coffee table! This coffee table looks so high-end. I first caught a glimpse of this table on Instagram when my friends, The Spoiled Home placed it in their daughter’s bedroom in a post. I fell in love. The price is just $399.. a great deal for a real marble table that’s classic in shape and size. Emma loves it so much she is ordering it for her new apartment. Click here to shop the coffee table.

How gorgeous is this marble dinnerware set? At $65 for 4 place settings, it’s a great deal. The gold banded dinnerware comes with a dinner plate, salad plate and bowl. Love the gold detail and as you already know.. I’m a bit obsessed with marble everything. It’s a classic design that will never go out of style. Click here to shop the marble dinnerware.

This Scandinavian Knit Braided Throw Pillow is perfect for any bed! So comfy and soft. I am ordering this for Emma’s room! Click here to shop this pillow.

A couple of other favorites? Obsessed with this tufted bench, this gold & clear pendant (only $59!!), and this adorable teak and white sunbrella!

More pieces from the MoDRN line I love:

Click here to shop the entire Walmart MoDRN collection.

Modern Home Decor for Less - Walmart MoDRN Line - Kristy Wicks

So.. what do you think? Are you loving the new collection as much as I am? Let me know in the comments below!


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*This post is compensated by Walmart and affiliate links are used, but as always all product selections and reviews are my own!


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522 thoughts on “Modern Home Decor for Less – Walmart MoDRN Line

      1. I love all the pieces! My favorites are the love knot & the lamps! The sheets r nice! You know I like this line , I viewed it the day u posted?

    1. I just ordered the knot sculpture, it’s beautiful. This would be very expensive from an art gallery. Can’t wait to receive this!

    2. Love the new line , I’m going to check my Walmart ( Canada ) hope they have the sheets. Living the lamp and that throw pillow . Thanks for the opportunity and info ❤️

    3. Wow who knew! Walmart is stepping up their game. I really loving the marble lamps! Bedroom looks great! ❤️

  1. I’m interested to know how the sheets hold up after many washings. At only 300 tc I’m thinking they are going to pill. Please do another review in the fall after they have been washed/dried for 6 months or so.


    1. Hi Robin – I’ll definitely update with a review down the road. What a great idea! As of now though.. I’m loving the price & softness! ;) Definitely worth it in my book.
      xx, Kristy

      1. That’s just what I wanted to ask you about… the softness. So they are soft?
        And the weight? I guess there’s no way to hope for the weight of finer linens?!
        I’ve found paying the higher price doesn’t always get me better sheets, so thanks for info.
        xo, Darlene :)

      2. Yes! The sheets are truly soft.. I love them so much I just sent my mom a set! :) These are super lightweight too. xx

  2. You make everything seem so simple yet beautiful with a touch of color and contrast. Love how you touched up the handles ?

  3. Is you wall behind the bed wallpaper ( which line) or stencil?? Love it and everything looks lovely. Well done

  4. I really enjoy the light, airy look. Such a great bedroom iupdate- simple yet impactful. I immediately went to the website and checked out all the other available styles as well — can’t wait to get something for myself.

    1. Hi Saida, Thank you for your kind words! I already loved my overall room.. but sprucing it up with some fun new accessories and lamps was the next best choice. I’m in love with all of the new MoDRN pieces.. so perfect! Let me know if you end up getting something. xx

  5. Your bedroom looks amazing. I’m so impressed with wal mart lately, it’s definitely a place I have started and will continue to shop at.

  6. It is beautiful, Kristy! I LOVE the lamps so much! They’re still not in my price range though. ? The whole room looks lovely and your photography is ???.

  7. I can’t believe this isWalmart! It’s always nice to mix price points for a cohesive design. I love your nightstands. Can you tell me where I can find them?

      1. The luxury sheets would be wonderful to sleep between .
        The love k ot is juat adorable.

  8. Hi Kristy,
    Love the crisp look of the room. Would you please share a link for the white diamond comforter.
    Thank you,

  9. So pretty! I love the sheets and the throw pillows. I actually went online and showed the sheets to my husband after seeing them on your Instagram stories the other day.

  10. Hi Kristy,
    Your bedroom looks beautiful! I love the new Modrn line from Walmart. I think the loveknot is my favorite piece.

  11. I super duper love the striped velvet pillow! ? I would have never guessed that was a Walmart find! Thanks for sharing all these great items! I’m loving how beautiful your bedroom is!

  12. I’m loving the texture on those knit pillows Kristy! The lamps are beautiful too! You always pull everything together so nicely!

  13. Hi Kristy

    I love your style. It’s great mix of traditional and modern. I love the detailed table land accessories you picked out for your nightstand. You give great tips. Love following you!!
    P.S. Patienly waiting for Spain blog ??
    Mariam K.

  14. Everything looks amazing! Maggie too. ?. I have the sheets in my Walmart cart but was waiting for your feedback. You can’t beat the price. Love the chenille throw blanket, the pillow, lamps &the decorative piece. Who knew Walmart was stepping up their online game. #GoWalmart!

  15. It’s a tough pick between the lamps and the knot because I feel like if you have one you need the other! It all looks beautiful. Your style and eye for decor can do no wrong in my eyes.

  16. Wow! I’m impressed by walmarts new line. I’m interested in checking out the sheets. Always looking for something better. And the crocheted pillow has me all… ???

  17. I think those sheets look amazing—plus it doesn’t hurt that I’m in need of a set right now. It all looks great!

  18. Hi Kristy! I love the way the refresh turned out. I’m loving that pillow, the decorative piece on the nightstand. Now I’m curious about those sheets! Walmart has stepped up their game!
    XO Angela

  19. Okay I am so surprised with how much I like everything from this new line. My favorite has to be the lamps

  20. Hello Kristina I love the lamps the throw and your bedside tables. I would love the opportunity to win those bamboo sheets thank you so much. Hope you have a great evening.
    Jeri Sturm

  21. Love those lamps they add the beauty to your room. Love everything about your room. Done with such a grace.

  22. My favorite thing are those sheets you have been talking about. Maybe it’s because they have been on my mind recently because my bed’s have started pilling so I’m so curious about this new line. Those lamps are gorgeous too ? I keep trying to find similar lamps at home goods on sale :)

  23. Hi Kristy! I love the way your bedroom looks, so bright and light!
    The sheets sound wonderful and I do love all of the touches of gold too!
    I like the love knot best!

  24. Beautiful and very impressed with Walmart! I love al the marble pieces exapeically the lamp. You have such a lovely style.

  25. Hi Kristy!

    I just love tour style and you are really my inspiration now when I’m decorating my boyfriends and mine first apartment together ☺️? I LOVE the glam cylinder marble lamps, I think it really adds so much texture and interest to the room.

    Thank you so much for sharing the new collection!


    1. I love the throw pillows! Soft, beautiful colors, they look super comfortable. The knot decor piece is absolutely beautiful, and so affordable! I’m really loving this line-thanks for sharing Kristy!

  26. Kristy, I really love the lamps and the Knot piece as well. I was honestly shocked they were from Walmart, and learned from your post that they carry alot of nice items! Thank you for sharing!
    Leyla ?

  27. So beautiful! Love how you put together everything. My fav are the lamps and the glam decorative swirl accent pieces.

  28. Love the lamp. But mostly love everything about you and your family and oh course style. I would love to try the sheets. I have such a hard time finding ones I love. Literally have changed sheets after only a few minutes because I hated them. Lol

  29. Hi Kristy! It all looks great! I especially love the marble lamps and would love to try the bamboo sheets.

  30. Very lovely and serene. The pillows are great and so are the lamps. I however, bought the planters with the wood stands.
    Have a great weekend!

  31. Such a great post! I immediately clicked to check out the line at Walmart after seeing your post! I am looking to update my outdoor patio and love all the outdoor options! Also would love to try the sheets, they sound amazing! Thank you for the great review, love following along! Xo Amanda

  32. I love the marble/gold lamps. We are moving into a new house and these are definitely on my list to buy.

  33. As usual everything looks fabulous I don’t know how you do it. Wonderful taste. I have never try bamboo sheets Before. Love the gold touch in your room
    Thanks for sharing pat

  34. I love the knot piece and lamps. Interested to hear how the sheets hold up, might have to give them a try!

  35. I love the lamps. They are beautiful but look so expensive. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with all of us!

  36. I LoVe this velour and gold throw pillows! Love the soft colors and anything with metallics!

  37. LOVE the new changes!
    The lamp and love knot are stunning..we are re vamping our bedroom in white and grey with accents of gold, cant wait to see it all finished : )

  38. I love the lamps. They are so subtle yet so elegant in this space. It’s nice how each lamp is slightly different being they are made from real stone. I always enjoy everything you style! ❤️

  39. Hi Kristy. Everything look amazing, I l love the cylinder marble lamps and I would really like to try the bamboo sheets.

  40. I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Your room your page inspires me it’s like a touch of calmness yet elegance I love your page. I would love you add any pace from your home to mine you got style ?????????sheets for the win

  41. I love your bedroom but the piece I like the most from the new Walmart modern line is the knot…you called it yours and Jeff’s love knot. I think that is so cute and I want to get that for myself and my husband too!!!! It looks really cool too. Thanks for sharing it!

  42. Im surprised at this beautiful line from Walmart! Thanks for introducing it. I have to say, those lamps are at the top of my list! All of it’s fab though! Love the updates in your room ?

  43. Kristy,
    I’m so glad that you and Jeff love the Bamboo sheets. I absolutely think there is nothing like the comfort of bamboo.

  44. I read this as soon as I got your emailed newsletter and love it all. The bamboo sheets are great and I haven’t noticed any pilling, but like you, I don’t mind the wrinkles. My favorite fun thing is the gold spiral on the marble stand. I love unusual accent pieces and this is mag.

  45. Kristy I love the way you style everything in your home. I do love all the pieces in the MoDrn collection but if I have to pick one it would be the lamps so pretty

  46. I love the lamps and the swirl knot accent piece that brings out the gold in the lamps!! Perfect! I can’t believe it’s from Walmart.

  47. Hi Kristy?
    I’m so happy you found this line from Walmart! I would have never thought to look there! This new line is simple and classic which I like you love! And the prices are amazing! I love every piece but I’d say my favorite are the lamps. You have excellent taste! ??

  48. I love the cotton sheets as I always wanted to find sheets that always stays soft and doesn’t pill after so many washes!
    I have been following you for such along time and I love seeing your home!

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  50. Very beautiful Kristy! I’m loving the marble lamps and the Scandinavian Knit throw pillow. This is a very clean line and as you said the prices are awesome! ??

  51. I absolutely love the marble lamps!!! They would make any room look more elegant and beautiful!!!

  52. Everything you do looks amazing! I love the lamps but Maggie certainly gets the win for the most beautiful accessory in the bedroom! ??

  53. I love several of the pieces but I am going to have to say the lamps are my favorite too. Thank you for sharing this line.

  54. Love the sheets and lamps and so happy to find Walmart has really stepped it up with the decor. Beautiful br makeover.

  55. I have to agree, I won’t ever but anything but bamboo sheets ever again. Just put some on our guest bed and have gotten raving comments on them. I love the feel and my sheets have held up for two years so far. I guess I should buy a new set as a back up or win some?

  56. Hi!
    Love your style! So serene and just beautiful.
    I am so surprised about Walmart and their new products!!!

  57. I have been looking for a new bedside lamp and was just about ready to order one from Pottery Barn for a lot more than this. Thank you for finding it! I ordered that and the little love knot as well using our link.
    Thank you I started following you a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed!

  58. Hi Kristy!

    I love the bathroom accessories, particularly the glass ones. I’ve been looking for something new for my bathroom and may have to check them out! :)


  59. I love the lamps. They’re timeless. But I’m always on the hunt for fabulous sheets…..sounds like you’ve found them!CC

  60. I really love the lamps! Your bedroom is so relaxing looking! I hope Walmart Canada is going to carry this line!

  61. I love the lamps! They are so classic and timeless. You can really switch up the room without having to change them. Gorgeous!

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  65. Hi Kristy…. I love all the finds from Wal Mart! Looks like they are stepping up there game! My favorite items are the gorgeous marble table lamps!! Everything is so fresh & beautiful!

  66. Love, love this line!! Wouldn’t have thought it was Walmart if my best friend told me!!! Love the knot, throw and accent dish.
    Thanks for sharing! I so look forward to your blog and posts!!!
    Have a wonderful day!!!
    ❤️ Kathy

  67. These sheets are sounding really great and the price is hard to believe! I will definitely be checking them out, we sleep in bamboo sheets now but the price was almost triple!!

  68. I love the tray and of course the sheets looks great, can’t believe this from Walmart last time I probably shop there must of been 2007,08 wow

  69. Kristy! I love all the pieces but my favorite is the MoDRN Glam Marni channel gifted bench! It’s so classy and elegant and smart. Def gorgeous! Congrats on all the new pieces. Xo

  70. Love it! I love the colors of your bedroom. My favorite piece is hearbkw table lamp! Thanks for sharing!

  71. Love your bedroom refresh! My favorite pieces are the chenille throw and the coffee table (not in your bedroom, obv). Good reminder to make some changes every so often!

  72. Everything thing is just so pretty!
    I really love the lighting selection.
    Thanks for sharing and enjoy the changes in your bedroom!

  73. You guys have superb taste on every level.. plus I love listening to your calm sweet voices…
    The Modrn line is divine.. but I love love the marble coffee table ??
    I really enjoy n appreciate your kindness..?

  74. Love love love! Already have those marble lamps in my cart to order. Those and the blue/white canister are my favorites from the line!

  75. My favorite piece of yours is hands down the lamps. I love them! I love the decorative knot also. If I happen to win the giveaway though I would actually pick the sheets anyway. I got a new mattress and it’s so tall all of my sheets don’t fit down the whole corner. It’s such a pain to have to adjust them every day. So I need sheets lol

  76. I honestly am so impressed with the whole line! My favorite is the marble lamps! Just love the simple, yet elegant look!

  77. I’m heading to Walmart. I love the lamps and I want to get a set of the bamboo sheets. Going to get the knot sculpture for my niece. She is getting married soon and I think it would be the perfect gift because she is tying the knot. ??

  78. Everything is extra special but I really LOVE the marble/brass table lamps stacked on books!!!!

  79. Love the combination of marble and brass. Very up-scale. The description of the sheets sounds like something I’d like to try. Deep pockets make the bed so much easier to make. ?

  80. I love the marble lamps and think they would look lovely in any room. Impressed that this line is from WalMart.

  81. Absolutely love how bright and airy your master is! The lamps are stunning (love all things marble!) and would love to try out the bamboo sheets!

  82. Love the refresh! You have such great taste and it’s hard to pick one that I like best!! The knot is amazing and the lamps!! So I picked 2 lol!!! So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  83. The whole bedroom looks like so clean and fresh, it’s wonderful! The bamboo sheets sounds so lovely especially since I feel like I sleep a lot ? can’t wait for your giveaway!

  84. OMG! I can’t believe all these amazing items are valued at such a great price ! I am IN LOVE with the circular marble coffee table. Stunning. Keep up the great work!

  85. I just love the glam cylinder marble table lamps. They are gorgeous. Have been looking to add table lamps to my bedside tables. These are just perfect. Also, love your bedroom?

  86. I love the marble lamps and the knot accessory
    Would love to win the sheet set (need one) and the knot!!!

  87. Kristy, I am amazed by these pieces, so beautiful .. good job and congrats to Walmart! I’m with you on falling in love with that lamp .. there are many beautiful things but I’d choose the lamp as a favorite! After your great description of the sheets I can almost feel the softness through my phone! Lol .. can’t wait to try them! And the knot is very chic! Beautiful items for your bedroom refresh!


  88. I love everything about your bedroom refresh but my favorite are the marble lamps. They are beautiful!

  89. Hi Kristy! I’m new to your blog and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I love your eye for subtle colors and accents that are just simply indulging. I absolutely love the marble lamps! They are so unique and look amazing. They add such a nice touch to the room, and definitely draw in the eye!

  90. I love so much about this room! It’s hard to choose one thing, but I’d have to say its the velvet pillow. The wall paper is perfect!

  91. I love everything in your house, I love the lamps, they look amazing. I hope I can win those sheets they look so soft.

  92. The whole setup is beautifully thought out, Kristy! My favorite addition was between the lamp and blanket. If I had to choose, I’d go with the Chenile throw just because it reminds me of my great grandma. She was a seamstress all her life and made meaningful pieces like that for the family. We LOVE good snuggles, especially in the colder weather we are finally seeing less of. Let’s just say it would get a lot of use in my home!

  93. Love all the new additions to your bedroom! My favorite is the gold swirl accent piece, so fun! I can’t believe the great prices on all of these items.

  94. You inspire me! Your style and taste are beautiful. Even better, you are such a kind, genuine person— I haven’t even met you, but know you have a good heart! Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely going to need to try these sheets!

  95. Everything is gorgeous Kristi! Who would of thought Walmart would have such gorgeous pieces at such a great price point! Love that the sheets are soooo soft!!!!

  96. Bonjour Kristy!
    Your bedroom is very classic and cozy with a pop of gold and beige champagne against the beautiful whites and creams. I just adore your style and tasteful designs. The new spring refresh is very quant and it’s so nice to add small pieces of art on your nightstands, love the knot and those lamps! Your bedding is simple yet classily pretty and the new sheets look very comfy. Also your painting diy of the knobs is so nifty, love it. Your ideas are amazing too! You did once again and your hard work shows! Ty Kristy!

  97. I posted already but firgit to add my fave piece…so hard to decide because all are amazing but I do love those lamp, Marble is so durable, classic and longevity of it is a lifetime plus against the brass they are gorgeous. Your designs of all your spaces are very thoughtful and so personal plus beautiful and timeless!

  98. For the Thursday Night Giveaway: my favorite piece in the bedroom refresh is the love knot and the cute matching dish. Love! ❣️

  99. Very curious about the sheets!! Love the chenille throw!!
    Love watching your Instagram blogs. You have great taste!

  100. Hey Kristy ,

    Love what you have done with your bedroom refresh!! Subtle changes can go a long way!
    I love the lamps, they look like they are designer pieces ?!

  101. Everything is so beautiful! I love this new line and the price! Luxury items but at great prices! I love your lamps the most. So classy!

  102. Your bedroom looks so clean peaceful and serene!! I’m so impressed that Walmart has upped their game.
    I love the love knot but the chenille throw looks pretty cozy!! I’m very curious about the bamboo sheets!!
    ❤️Watching your blog and it’s definitely a big part of my daily routine to watch!!

  103. I actually ordered a set of those sheets through your link, but I wouldn’t mind having a spare! I’ve also had my eye on that knot! Thanks for the giveaway, Kristy!

  104. Kristy, as always everything is perfect and I’m in love with those lamps! Thank you for always sharing your home with us! ❣️Kristi

  105. I love how clean peaceful and serene your bedroom is!! My favorite item is probably the love know but that chenille throw looks pretty cozy. I’m super impressed how Walmart has used their game and I’m very curious to try those bamboo sheet!!

  106. I really enjoy your gorgeous room, so bright, clean and simple! I love everything about this room, especially the lamps, Love!

  107. Love this whole line, especially how you styled it to make it all look so warm and inviting! My favorites are the lamp and the sheets!

  108. I love the marble lamps and all the white and light in your bedroom! I am finally an empty nester, although that’s actually kind of sad to me, and I feel like I can have more white in my life :) Thank you for sharing all of the beautiful things in your life!

  109. My bedroom is my sanctuary and I love the look and feel of soft sheets to help me relax and get a great night of sleep!

  110. I love that you pull different designs from so many different company’s and everything flows together so seemingly

  111. I love that that beautiful lamp and the pillows and the outdoor decor. I loved a lot of things, it is hard to pick just one.

  112. Chenille throw blanklet for the win!! It’s so elegant looking. Would be gorgeous over my chair in the bedroom where I sit often. ?

  113. Everything about your bedroom is to die for ?? I screenshot your bedside table because it is so beautifully decorated. You’re an inspiration ? and you’re right, finding good sheets are a struggle

  114. You asked us to tell you our favorite. That’s easy. Maggie wins, hands down. My favorites are the beautiful lamps and the love knots.

    I can’t get over how creative and confident you are in painting the pulls on the night stands to blend better with your new gold accents. It’s all so beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing this new line on your blog!

  115. Your home = GOALS!! I love the serenity of this bedroom. I’m especially in love with the lamps (and your dog!!)

  116. I never imagined that less make every space look more elegant and simple. The way you have decorated your night stands is so simple but yet looks soft and elegant. Love the decorative swirl piece. And I love the nightstands❤️

  117. I love the glamorous lamps! They give your room such a beautiful vibe. But the bamboo sheets are my favorite because I am a sucker for soft white sheets. And the fact they are from Walmart is such an amazing thing!!! Affordability and quality?!! That’s awesome!!! Thank you!

  118. Kristy…❤️❤️❤️the lamps! I just bought the sheets , washing them now and changing them in the morning! I got the sea foam sheets, color is amazing and I can’t wait to put them on the bed!

  119. I am a light freak!! Love the lamps, but…I also love the monogrammed pillow cases!! What a nice luxurious touch!!

  120. I love the marble table lamps and also the swirl accent piece (love knot) they are both gorgeous and look great in your room. Everything you do I simply elegant and beautiful!!

  121. The lamps are absolutely my favorite . Can’t believe the price ! Redoing one of my daughters bedroom I’m going to purchase them. The love knot is adorable .

  122. Kristy, thank you for keeping us updated on new things that come out. I’m a teacher and shop on a budget so this new line at Walmart is a great way for me to safe! Love your home!

  123. Everything is so nice, hard to pick one thing but I really do love your lamps. Very Chic!! Love your instagram and blog posts.

  124. Love the entire look!!! ❤️❤️ The sheets look amazing and love the gold knot…. and the lamps! So hard to choose a favorite

  125. Oh my! I love everything in this collection. My favorite is the lamps and I would love to try the sheets too! Thanks for sharing this collection with us!

  126. I love watching you and Jeff and everything you do, Y ou guys are so fun. I have copied many things but I’m really enjoying this new collection from Walmart, I love the bamboo sheets and I love the marble and brass lamp and love knot, you go girl and Jeff?

  127. Everything is so beautiful- I love your style! Affordable, quality sheets are always something I’m looking for! Can’t wait to try the bamboo sheets!
    -Mary ?

  128. My very favorite is the Copper Charger Plates, But I do really love the marble and gold lamps you have. ?

  129. I still can’t believe everything is from Walmart…so pretty. And I absolutely love how you’ve raised the lamps with a few books…brilliant. Love everything about this room…especially Maggie.

  130. Looks Amazing as always !
    And Walmart ? who knew lol ? All the pieces look great but I think I favor the lamps??? But Maggie really is the best thing in all your photos?☺️?

  131. Wow! Very impressive line for WalMart. I love the Scandinavian Teak outdoor pieces?! Your marble lamps are also beautiful! Can’t wait to try the sheets! Thanks for introducing us to this new brand at Walmart.?

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    The pool chaise
    And the marble cylinder stand

    I still can’t belive it’s Walmart though

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    Im exated to try out the bamboo sheets.
    Greetings from Sweden ??❤️

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  151. Kristy, everything is so beautiful!! I love all the new pieces you Introduced! They look beautiful in your room. Such a classy and elegant look that I love! My husband and I are always on the look for confi and soft sheets. I’m very interested in trying the bamboo ones! Thanks so much for linking them to your post!

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    Thank you for the opportunity ? Hands down I love the marble lamp and love knot. I will also have to try the sheets. I am so glad Walmart has put out this line ?

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  181. Kristy,
    I must say this is so thoughtful of you and Jeff, you both are so generous to share with your followers.
    I think I would choose the sheets. You speak so highly of them that I am very curious. I don’t mind if they get wrinkled, I’ll be sleeping soundly because of the softness.
    Aloha, Tiffany

  182. Kristy, these changes are so beautiful and I am totally impressed by the line! I have two faves: the coffe table and the lamps are gorgeous!

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    I am loving the new look for spring! I love soft sheets as well so I will definitely be ordering those. The swirl/knot piece is a great accent for any room. I am already looking at this collection for my home.

  220. Hi Kristy! Your bedroom is so dreamy and looks like a comfy white cloud of tranquility and peace. I went to my Walmart yesterday and they did not have the sheets yet, so I’ll have to go online. I love the lamps!!! And the love knot is really a great accent! My husband and I just downsized and I revamping everything and you have inspired me! Love the look and love your stories and tell Jeff I’m cooking w my le creuset w the spoon rest !!! Who knew?

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  222. I think it all looks beautiful, but my favorite piece is the throw as I can imagine myself and my labrador snuggled up in it, relaxing and Maggie too if she would like to come visit.

  223. The lamps are absolutely lovely and my favorite in the line. I am a sucker for good, beautiful lighting!

  224. I love those lamps, I was looking at some very similar yesterday but will have to check these out. And you have more than convinced me I need these sheets in my life. I’ve also learned that Viscose and Rayon are pretty much the same thing, made from Bamboo processing. I had to look it up for my own sanity after Jeff read that they’re 100% rayon but also Bamboo. Thx!

    1. I learned so much after buying these sheets Lisa.. Who knew? Lol. Super great price and they’re really soft and lightweight. Yes, you need them! ;) xx

  225. Walmart has always had great prices but I love that they are steppping up their design game too. I love everything you do but if I HAVE TO pick one thing the love knot is just so very cute!

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