Mixing Hardware Finishes In Kitchen Design

Many continue to ask me whether I think it’s acceptable to mix finishes within the same kitchen and my answer is a resounding yes! Designers are demonstrating all the time that it’s possible to maintain the integrity of a well put together kitchen while adding a little mix in finishes.  Rather than devoting everything in your kitchen to one finish why not reflect a little more of your personality by adding another if that’s what you really love? Introducing another finish in a pendant light or cabinet pulls adds a complexity and richness that many kitchens can handle.

source – Annesandbek

Different finishes allow for the opportunity to introduce a more interesting and eclectic mix when approaching seating choices, serve ware and kitchen decor too.  I personally love the way a polished nickel fixture and hammered copper or brass piece look together.
My one rule of thumb however is to not add two shiny finishes.
 I find that it’s distracting and takes away from the glamour rather than adds to it.  For example, I love a shiny polished nickel pendant with a vintage brass faucet or oil rubbed bronze piece.  Shiny and antiqued finishes play off one another beautifully and the mix looks more interesting and elegant.

My friend Sue Chiarra of The Zhush, successfully combined 3 different finishes in her new kitchen renovation giving her space a much more customized detailed look.  From the stainless steel appliances to the polished nickel pendants, brass faucets and cabinet pulls… everything flows perfectly yet each finish shines on it’s own merit.  I’m crazy about the details and the process Sue followed while trying to stay within her budget.  It can be done…  This kitchen is not only gorgeous but also speaks volumes about Sue and her confident style.
source – The Zhush

Mollie of Design Loves Detail also mixes finishes in her new kitchen design.  Mollie chose to combine her stainless steel appliances with antique brass faucet, brass cabinet pulls and pendants.  She then added a little glitz and shine by introducing glass knob pulls as well.  I love how the warm tones from the brass fixtures and pendant lights play against the cool stainless steel appliances, glass knobs and stools in her space.  They balance one another perfectly.  Everything in this kitchen is not only soft and pretty but contrasts in the most elegant of ways with Mollie’s mix.  I love that details in all materials were considered.

source – Design Loves Detail 

Both Sue and Mollie stepped outside the matchy match world and went with what they loved…  It’s what makes their kitchens more individual and their own. Kitchens should reflect the life and taste of those living within.
Not everything needs to look  ‘cookie cutter’ made. It’s important to remember when designing your own kitchen that it’s ok to play with textures and finishes.
Sometimes rules are made to be broken…




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