Mixing and Curating Your Decorating Style


Christmas with Painted Fox Curated Collection.
Most everything I post on Instagram and my blog has to do with my search for ‘finding the beauty in everything’ and mixing and curating your decorating style…  I get a thrill from combining and mixing different pieces and styles. My Mom was queen of this and knows how to express it masterfully.  Our nomadic military life required that she build a comfortable stylish home more times than I can count and every house was approached in a new and exciting way. She incorporated our experiences from traveling and living all over the world in ways that balanced the cozy elegant family style with which we lived.  She is so good!  As a result, my entire family has cultivated that same love for mixing and introducing styles and decor within all of our homes.

While I’ve learned that beauty can be found in so many things, the most important part of the puzzle is knowing how to mix it with what you have.  As my friend Eddie Ross states in his new book, Modern Mix, “Curating personal style” is done by ‘the hunt’ for those special treasures and “mixing what you find…”.  I agree wholeheartedly. Through the ‘mix’ you take something from one level to the next.  With every choice I make I reflect on what it is that I’m really trying to say about each piece, my home and me. I paint something if I don’t like it, old or new.  The dresser in the above photo was a new piece I purchased from One Kings Lane.  I painted it white after just having it a few days because I changed my direction of the room and now I love it all the more.  I did the same with the 3 small mirrors above my fireplace.  In the picture below I painted the large round consignment store mirror and buffet and changed the hardware. All transformations bring so much elegance to each piece, my home and reflect my style. Mix shiny new silver lamps and accessories with all and you have a mix that is texturally interesting and beautiful.

Have fun ‘mixing’ something new/old within your own home… You may be surprised what you come up with!


White Christmas with Kristy Wicks and Painted Fox Curated Collection.

Christmas home decor with Painted Fox Curated Collection.

White Christmas with Kristy Wicks and Painted Fox Curated Collection.


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