‘Mini’ Autumn Tour on Pink Peppermint Design

Hi Everyone!
In case you missed my post earlier in the week…
I had the wonderful privilege of  Guest Blogging for sweet Tammy Mitchell at Pink Peppermint Design revealing a ‘little Fall Tour’ of some of the pictures I’ve been posting on Instagram this past month.
You can find the link to my blog post here.
I adore Tammy and her very creative and fun Blog.
She’s full of amazing ideas and showcases her gorgeous DIY projects in such a beautiful way!
Definitely take the time to check out her special posts celebrating this beautiful season.

Thought I’d also show you a little snap of my front entry today…
I’ve been enjoying decorating this Autumn using all of Mother Nature’s best gifts.
Here you can see I’ve used beautiful hydrangeas, pumpkins and a twig wreath on my entryway table.
I find it inviting and colorful in an understated sort of way.  :)

Found sweet Cal waiting for me at the front door after running out this morning.
He always sleeps by whichever door you’ve left.
Not sure if I’ve ever mentioned that before. ;)
He’s such a cutie!

Hugs to our beautiful Thursday! 
xo entry9


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2 thoughts on “‘Mini’ Autumn Tour on Pink Peppermint Design

    1. Thank you Lisa… you are so sweet. I love the windows surrounding my entry and as you can see Cal is often there waiting for me. We have to have a bed by every door so he has a comfy place to sleep because he never leaves whichever door we’ve left from. He loves us that much… Lol. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you so much for asking abut little Cal. Hugs sweet friend! xo