Milk and Honey Luxuries Collection

One of the things I love most about the sweet company, Milk and Honey Luxuries is that they take every day items and make them fun and unique by adding special hand stamped quotes and phrases to each piece.  I can’t get seem to get enough of their vintage spoons and I’m growing quite the collection…
https://kristywicks.comI have seen these beautiful pieces in so many places including Martha Stewart Magazine, People and even Better Homes and Gardens but it wasn’t until my friend, Sandi gave me my first ‘Coffee now, Wine Later’ perfectly me spoon that I knew I was in love. :)  I adore my new collection and can’t wait to share these special pieces.


Milk and Honey Luxuries is a small business that is growing in leaps and bounds.   Sarah and Ryan Parker began this venture from their studio in Richmond, Virginia and now sell their unique gifts and housewares which includes my favorite vintage silverware line online and in collaboration with large companies like Nordstrom and Martha Stewart.

There are so many reasons to purchase these elegant, funny spoons full of personality… They are vintage which gives them an immediate leg up on the new store bought spoon.  The fact that you can include a phrase or inside joke, family quote or rule to their vintage pieces makes it one of my favorite gifts. I love things that have meaning and history behind them.
Milk and Honey Luxuries recognizes the need to personalize items by offering a Custom hand stamped option so that you can make your own piece even more unique and personal..  Love that!

I’ve included some of my favorite Milk and Honey Luxuries items below that I’m enjoying right now…  Take a look at their online Boutique for even MORE!  I dare you to not find something you absolutely need for either yourself or someone special.
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