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Mid-century Modern is currently the hottest trend in the design world.  How could it not be? The extremely popular show, Mad Men was designed masterfully around this time period and as a result introduced so many to the very cool styles of the dayEven I, a traditionalist by nature, found myself swept up in the design frenzy after watching the series.  I love the returning looks that are not only classic but offer a timeless feel.

image via Gaff Interiors

What is Mid Century exactly?  Wikipedia states,”Mid-century modern is an architectural, interior, product, and graphic design that describes mid-20th century developments in modern design, architecture and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965.”

For me personally? Mid Century Modern with it’s large graphic designs, tufted button sofas and bold colors.. is a return to my childhood. I’m nostalgic and this clean effortless take on decorating lends a light and airy feel to a space that is indescribable. When I was younger we lived in Greece and I vividly remember our marble home decorated with a mix of the popular mid century pieces.  I’ve always been one to blend styles and I welcome the return of this minimalistic trend in kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.  Every room can use a little mid century modern flair as far as I’m concerned.  It’s fresh vibe brings a hip elegance to every space.

Below I’ve pulled together several mid century pieces in the three most decorated spaces.  Most are on sale making it possible to test this hot new trend without feeling entirely bound..  I love each piece and feel they add a bit of an artistic style that can elevate every home. (affiliate links used in this post)

xo, Kristy

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image via Becca Stephens

image via Amber Interior Design

image via Crush Collective

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Family Rooms

image via Christen Ales

image via Amber Interior Design

image via Sarah Sherman Samuel

image via Studio Mcgee



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image via Loombrand 

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image via Kara Cox Interiors





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  1. I love all that you do and am so happy to follow you and Jeff and Emma on Insta. I live just outside of Toronto, Canada and you always bring that little bit of California sunshine to my life. Thank you ❤