Master Bedroom Reveal with Ballard Designs

 Every New Year I get the itch to begin a renovation project… This year I was given the perfect opportunity by Ballard Designs.  When asked if there was something I would like to change in my home I immediately thought of my Master Bedroom.  


KRISTY WICKSDon’t get me wrong, I love my bedroom. As a matter of fact… I had everything picked out for this space long before we first moved into our new home 10 years and I’ve been so happy with my choices I haven’t felt the need to make any changes.

After the 10 year milestone however… I decided that maybe it was time for a change.  It was Ballard Designs afterall…  Change was long overdue.

Those who know me well know that I have had a love affair with Ballard Designs for as long as I can remember.   Opening my catalog as soon as it arrives is always an event and on those days you can find me absorbing every last detail…
Once I decided to switch things up I began looking at the bedding. I didn’t take long making my choice.  I knew I wanted a relaxed atmosphere so I stayed with the calming spa blue family that Ballard Designs is well known for.
All I needed was my husband onboard for a little painting project to help complete the look I desired.

To be honest, my husband nearly died when I told him of my upcoming weekend painting plan.  Poor guy, it really is a large set of furniture but once I explained my vision for the space, he was all in.  His initial hesitancy can be understood when you see how large our furniture set really is.  The espresso grouping consists of a king bed, two large bedside dressers and an armoire.  I know what you may be thinking… why buy such a large matched set?  It may not be very ‘designer-like’ of me but with our room size taken into consideration as well as the busy patterned drapes and duvet I wanted to use, it was perfect.  The dark contrast between the espresso furniture and wall color were exactly what I had been searching for at that time and more importantly?  I was able to snag all pieces for a steal.  My husband also loved the masculine style and with the sale price taken into consideration and a new house to fill… it was a go. ;)

KRISTY WICKS Finding the perfect white paint color for my furniture wasn’t difficult once I narrowed it down to the cooler color tones.  I chose Sherwin Williams’ Elder White in a satin finish in the end and I’m thrilled with how it looks against the Silver Sage painted walls.  I decided to lean toward a complimentary soft look with my bedding as well by choosing the Jardin Toile bedding and drapes.  The delicate pattern of the design is not only one I love but the spa color matched my walls perfectly.  I added the Halle Pickstitch Quilt and shams and layered everything with the Casa Florentina Washed Linen duvet and shams in white.  The texture of the linen is extremely soft..  I was thrilled with the personalization aspect so I included this feature on each linen piece as well.  I’m a monogram fanatic and this bedding looks even more classic with the style and the silver metallic thread color chosen.  Love it!

KRISTY WICKSKRISTY WICKSI replaced my Audubon bird gallery wall above my bed with the Paris inspired Coretta Wood Fragments.   I needed something that brought the eye upward yet offered texture and dimension.  Remaining in the same white color family, the intricately scrolled crest design of each of the 3 fragments helped me achieve the look I craved.  They are both classic and unique and have become a definite new favorite of mine…

KRISTY WICKSAside from my new bedding and art from Ballard Designs I found new lamps to create more of a ‘wow factor’ on my newly painted dressers.  The bases of the lamps weren’t exactly what I was looking for so I touched them up with Ceramcoat Metallic 14K gold paint to add a bit of richness and luxe that I felt complimented the wall color.  I followed suit by using the same shade on my RH black iron drapery rods and also touched up my new cabinet and armoire pulls.  I then kept going and painted the edges of the large wall art holding the lyrics to our favorite Van Morrison song.  It moved the piece from more of a rustic look to a more elegant level that I loved   I’m a little paint obsessed if you haven’t already noticed…  ;)
The gold accents brought about an entirely different look and my walls seem a different color with the introduction.

KRISTY WICKS KRISTY WICKSKRISTY WICKSKRISTY WICKSIt’s amazing what new bedding and painting can do to transform anything.  My furniture, now painted, has a completely different look and texture which leads me to see it as an entirely new set.  Keeping with the two toned color direction with my new bedding, drapes and art makes me feel happy and relaxed.  It’s now more of a soft, spa-like atmosphere in my bedroom and one I know we will enjoy for many years to come.  I’m so happy to have been nudged by Ballard Designs to move forward with making new changes to our Master suite… I now have a gorgeous and serene space that I can look forward to retreating to at the end of a busy day.


Have a great week! xo


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71 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Reveal with Ballard Designs

  1. Kristy, I love what you did!! It really made a huge difference to paint your furniture. I am also a fan of curtains that only frame a window instead of closing. Also, the gold metallic paint is a fantastic idea! Can you tell me what brand you used? Thanks!

    1. Hi Judy, Thanks so much! Yes, the paint is Ceramcoat Metallic in 14K Gold made by Delta. I found it at Hobby Lobby but you can get it almost anywhere. Folk Art also makes a really good one.

      I really love using drapes as an accent rather than covering windows entirely with expensive fabric I’ll feel guilty about changing out. Why spend so much money when you really only need the accent? ;)
      Thanks for commenting! xoxo

    1. Hi Michele, We sanded lightly then applied 2 coats of primer from Sherwin Williams before applying 2 coats of their premium paint. It dries hard so it’s perfect for furniture. WE went with a satin finish which when applied heavily goes on velvety and dries beautifully. It’s important to wait several hours at the very least to allow the paint to dry properly. We also used a finish roller or one that doesn’t have a furry nap on it on all large flat sections which includes the top. Make sure to apply a heavy coat when rolling so it doesn’t pull up what you’ve just rolled on. My husband said there is a new thing called Flow Trol that you can add to your paint (paint store should have it) which smooths out brushstrokes. :) Hugs!

      1. Thanks, Kristy! I am actually finally getting to this project. I LOVE your design style!

  2. Hi Kristy,
    Absolutely love the transformation! What did you use to change the lamp bases and pulls to that great satin gold look?

    Always look forward to reading your blog.

  3. This looks so beautiful, Kristy! I adore Ballard linens and love they way they look with your newly painted set! :) Great idea to paint the rustic look of the sign… I’ve been brainstorming what to do with mine to make it look less rustic!

    1. Doesn’t that look so good with the gold edges? I always loved the sign but wanted to make it a little more ‘me’ and the gold addition really does the trick. Thanks so much for dropping by Jen. Hugs sweet friend! xoxo

  4. I have a dark restoration hardware bed. When we moved into our new house, with a smaller bedroom, I purchased two new side tables in cream color. I keep waffling about painting the bed to match and your makeover has convinced me that is the way to go. Thanks.

  5. Such a beautiful bedroom. Lots of painting! I love Ballard s also. Love the throw on the chair. Is that from Ballard as well? Thanks Kristy.

    1. Thanks Paula!! :D It was a fun albeit busy project simply because I couldn’t find exactly what I needed… Lamps took forever and the cabinet pulls? Soooo frustrating. lol. Miss you and Sammi! Give that baby a hug for me. xoxo

  6. The chair in the corner is perfect. Is that also from Ballard? If so, can you share the name of the fabric? I need to do this for our Master Bedroom! I’ve been thinking about it but didn’t know which direction to take for decorating.mmyour from is a beautiful inspiration.

    1. Hi Leanne… That chair is a find from Homegoods that I snagged for a mere $249! It matches perfectly… Thanks so much for your support! I’m so happy with what I’ve done. I was worried about painting my furniture at first because I really didn’t mind the color but now that it’s finished I’m sooooo happy I went ahead with my plan. My room feels 100 times lighter in color and mood. Good Luck with your bedroom… It’s fun redecorating a space. :) Hugs! xo

      1. Thanks so much for the reply. I just placed a huge order with Ballard because I couldn’t get your bedroom decor out of my mind and after 11 years, it was time for a change. The spa color totally hooked me!

      2. So exciting Leanne!! I am probably loving this bedding more than anything else. The soft light tone makes me feel instantly relaxed ad I can’t believe how much more I like it than my custom made previously. The pattern is so easy on the eyes. Let me know how it goes once you’re finished! xo

  7. Your new space is beautiful! I have painted some furniture before and now I’m thinking of doing the same again for my boring family room. I’m realizing that getting all new furniture is not a budget option at the moment..LOL! Also, I’m in the process of redoing our room…which was never really done in the first place. Choosing things for the space is taking for ever…My mind goes blank! Anyway, coming over from IG…I follow you on there!

    1. Thanks so much Zan! Good Luck with your painting… You will be so happy and I’m sure your set will look and feel amazing once you are finished. :) It’s only paint afterall.. Put a good movie on… pull out a drop cloth and go for it! xo

  8. Your bedroom is absolutely beautiful – so soothing and relaxing. I’m wanting to do my bedroom similar to this. Thank you for telling us your painting process for the furniture – plan to paint mine.

    1. Thanks Glenna! Good luck with your project! It’s really not as big a deal as everyone makes it out to be. ;) It’s only paint… if you aren’t thrilled with the color you can always paint it again. ;) Hugs and have fun! xo

  9. Where did you originally purchase the bedroom set if you dont mind me asking..its beautiful

  10. The paint job is just amazing! My husband is paint and home repair challenged !!!!! So I’m on my own with projects. I want to paint a (black) dresser and vanity and was confused as to what type of paint to use, I’m not too experienced With chalk paint being all the rage I considered using that because of the apparent easy coverage over most colors and surfaces but I’m not sure if I love the complete flat look of the paint. Your paint has a light shine without being over glossy ? And I do worry about brush strokes. Any tips? Thanks so much. I love your color palette throughout your home. So beautiful.

    1. Hi Mary, Thanks so much! I simply use a satin paint from a good company and I always ask for something that will work well on furniture. They will direct you properly. I always use a primer first then paint a couple of coats. I usually roll with a smooth roller over wide areas but I don’t stress about it. Go for it… I think you will love what you’ve done! xo

  11. I really like the paint color you chose for your walls, I saw that the paint color is silver sage by RH , I clicked on the link you provided and it shows various colors in the silver sage collection. Please provide which silver sage color you have on your walls? Thanks in advance

  12. I love the Jardin bedding too! Did you use it for sheets or a duvet? What would you recommend with the lavender color?

  13. Everything is beautiful! I also love the carpet. It looks flat and easy to layer with area rugs foe adde dimension. Do you remember who the manufacturer is?

  14. Hi kristy!
    Great job in the bedroom. Can I ask what were the steps you had to do for painting the furniture? I have the same espresso color furniture and wish to paint it creamy white. I’m just scared that I need to sand them first which is s huge and messy job. Please share your steps to the transformation. Thx!

    1. Hi Herica, I didn’t sand anything simply because it’s bedroom furniture and I wasn’t worried about it being handled in a rough way. I did use a good strong primer however and painted everything with 2 coats of a strong paint from Sherwin Williams that is made for furniture. We also made sure to wait the allotted amount of time to allow for drying between coats. I haven’t experienced any chipping or scratches as a result. To help prevent issues with our side cabinets we use coasters. We simply placed large drop clothes all over our bedroom and went to town… ;) Good Luck and let me know how it goes! xo

  15. Kristy, I LOVE your bedroom transformation! I have searched multiple Home Goods for that chair in your corner but am having no luck and of course Home Goods can’t help me out because the store’s stock changes weekly. Any chance there is a manufacturer or maker label on the chair so I could search for it that way? I love that corner in your room!

    1. Hi Molly, I’ve seen it around at several Homegoods stores. The only label underneath the chair is from Homegoods. They must buy the chairs directly from a Manufacturer and put their name on it..? Sorry I can’ be of more help. Hugs!

    1. Hi Terri, I’m so sorry I missed this… I’ve been waiting to post abut the house until mid October as I am undergoing an entire Blog revamp. :) The plaques above my bed are from Ballard Designs. There should be a link in my post. :) Thanks for dropping by! Hugs!

  16. What color would you classify Spa as? Is it a minty aqua?… I have my eye on a chair in that color from Ballard, currently on sale.

    Love your bedroom

  17. Oh Wow! I just found this on Pinterest and I’m in love! I so want white furniture in my bedroom. I have a beautiful set, but the stain has that orangey color. Does your painted furniture feel smooth like the original stain?

  18. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, your room. I have Williamsburg blue walls in my bedroom. An oatmeal upholstered bed with all white linens. Had two vintage nightstands painted white. Want to buy pale blue throw for bed and add a couple of blue throw pillows. Also a blue chair like the one you added to your room. But when I look at soft blues on line they indicate spa color. Is your bedding and accessories a soft blue or more of turquoise blue? I want to order my items from Ballard Design but afraid they won’t be a true baby blue. Love the color show but does it have a mint green tint or teal? I want it to be a blue that will go with Williamsburg blue. Also found lamps like yours but had a silver trim. Would painting it the gold like you did go with blue or should I stick to matt silver? You are certainly talented at designing!

    1. Hi Charlene.. This blue is a silver sage so it does have a hint of green in it. You could always try ordering a few shams in colors you’re considering to see which matches your colors before ordering the full set. You can then return the pieces that don’t work and order the set you love that matches properly. I love golds right now when it comes to lamps but you need to follow your heart. :) You can always try buying a tester lamp from homegoods to see if you like the gold before painting yours? Good Luck and thanks for your sweet words! xx

  19. I am in a similar situation with darker bedroom furniture that I love but want to have a new look. I have been thinking about painting the pieces a white or soft dove color. I am super afraid I will regret that decision and feel frozen. Do yous miss the dark wood tones? I love your entire makeover!!

  20. Hi Kristy,
    Did u use gray or spa colored toile bedding? I’m also painting my bedroom furniture, with a sea salt wall color from Sherwin Williams. I love your paint color on your walls, it looks like it takes on a spa color as well.

  21. What a restful and beautiful room. I totally want to go and paint my bedroom set now! I am renovating my master bedroom and bathroom. I am painting my walls with SW seasalt and am looking around for inspiration .I love your window treatment. Would you be willing to share the kind of curtain rod and mount?

  22. Hello, I am looking at the Jardin bedding. Can you tell me when (what year) you completed this project. I don’t see it on the article or the comments. I love the bedding and believe it to be classic, but want to make sure that I will love it for years to come. Thanks,

  23. Could you please tell me what your master bedroom wall color is? My bedroom wall are BM Palladian Blue and I have been considering the same toile bedding that you have, I just didn’t know if the Ballard Design toile bedding would go with my walls. Is the bedding more “SPA” colored rather than light blue or green? Thanks so much! Your bedroom is really pretty by the way!

  24. Could you please tell me what your master bedroom wall color is? My bedroom wall are BM Palladian Blue and I have been considering the same toile bedding that you have, I just didn’t know if the Ballard Design toile bedding would go with my walls. Is the bedding more “SPA” colored rather than light blue or green? Thanks so much! Your bedroom is really pretty by the way!

  25. Absolutely love your bedroom. Do you recall the name of your bedroom set? I know you painted it but I love the style and cant find anything like it. I also love the armoire. Gorgeous.

  26. Hi Kristy, Love , Love , Love your master bedroom makeover .. my bedroom set was dark as well and I painted it white couple years ago.. I had pale blue grey psint on the walls , but more recently have fallen in love with the Sage Green. So then I was considering removing the paint and restaining my bedroom set to a honey stain.. but after seeing your bedroom I decided to keep it white. I love your wall paint , the bedding , the gold accents .. your walks are the right color I was looking for .. Sherwin Williams right.. silver sage .. and where did you get your bedding , and your bed throw ? And curtains .. I simply love them. Oh, where did you get the textured wall art ? I’m so happy I came across your site . Thank you, thank you for sharing your Master Bedroom. It is truly serene and relaxing, exactly what one wants . Thank you for making me fall in love with my white bedroom set again. Have a blessed day!

  27. Hi. I’m considering taking on painting an armoire similar to yours with the shelf inside. How did you get in there to paint the shelving? Looks great!

  28. I am obsessed with Ballard Designs … love everything they have! Where did you get the custom wall art made with the song lyrics? That would be a perfect addition to our bedroom with our wedding song. Thank you.