My Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Master Bath

My RH painted Master Bath ~

Entering my bathroom this morning I found the sunlight coming in through the window and bouncing off the white tile surrounding my tub…

https://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comhttps://kristywicks.comThis immediately brought a smile to my face because I was reminded of how much I love my bathroom and the materials I chose.

When we first built our home we knew we had limited choices in our upgrades because our home was not custom built.

I did the best I could with the budget I had and went with my true love which is everything white with a little black for contrast.

When I first think of bathrooms and master baths specifically, I immediately think of white, tranquil, spa-like spaces.
I knew to achieve my look I’d need to paint it with
Restoration Hardware’s Silver Sage paint.
It’s always been a favorite of mine and I think it’s a great staple that contrasts nicely with white and black tile.

I’m drawn to marble and white cabinetry with chrome and/or brass fixtures.

While I love the glass tiles that surround my pool I knew when choosing tile for my bathroom that I wanted a more ‘classic’ look with as much natural stone as possible.

Having lived in Greece, marble plays a strong role in my life.
Marble is everywhere in Greece and it looks just as gorgeous old as it does new.
With time marble reflects history and character and that’s just fine with me.

When choosing color I knew that I wanted everything as white as I could so I went with a white subway tile surround with my bathtub and shower and a listello liner made of a Carrera marble mosaic tile set in a beautiful scrolled design that was placed within the subway tiles.
The listello added the necessary interest I needed and introduced the marble that I wanted in a way that was more affordable for us at the time.

Had I a larger budget and the wide array of marble tile choices that are offered now I’m sure I would have chosen a chevron or basket weave pattern instead of my scrolled design…

On the bathroom floor we went with Carrera marble 12×12 squares and smaller squares set in a diagonal pattern with a border around the edge for the shower floor.

I wasn’t able to choose the new furniture style cabinetry with legs that is readily available nowadays so I went with the best choice I was offered which was a basic white cabinetry.
Because the builder would not let us go with our first choice of a marble slab countertop I had to chose something that would flow properly.
Absolute Black granite was a huge contrast with the Carrera and white colors in the space but it fit in with the look I wanted.
All that was left to find was the right listello piece to pull it all together.

So happy when I found the scrolled marble listello with a mosaic tile mix of Carrera marble and black marble.
It was perfect and to top it off it was a style I actually loved, then I had a scare that our pipes were not to a relative standard and we might have to look into hiring plumbing companies, but rest assured our pipes are fine.


I’ll leave you to look at my bathroom and although it’s not large
it’s perfect for us and really reflects our style…

Everyone has a different style when it comes to Bathrooms…
Do you have a favorite?



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8 thoughts on “My Restoration Hardware Silver Sage Master Bath

  1. It’s beautiful, Kristy! Your tile, marble, etc. all flow together perfectly! Love the wall color too! Our cabinets didn’t come with the furniture style legs either, so I just added them myself. Well…actually my hubby added them. ;) We started adding them in one bathroom, then went on to add them in the kitchen. Easiest project ever! Anyway, you did a fabulous job picking out everything. Looks great! :)

    1. Thank you Lisa! I’m definitely happy with it but there are some things I’d do differently given the opportunity. ;) Your hubby sounds like mine! So happy my guy can do so much… Especially for someone like me! LOL! Hugs! xo

  2. It is a beautiful bathroom Kristy! Love the black granite countertops with the cabinets. Very striking! Silver Sage is a favorite of ours. We’ve used it in a couple rooms in our home. Your bathroom is so crisp and classic. Really beautifully done. Next week we head into a total gut job with our master bath and guest bath. Can’t wait!! I love the process.

    1. Thank you Allison! I love the process too as difficult as it can be… How fun! What materials are you choosing? I’d change to the things I’ve mentioned in my post. All Carrera in a mix of shapes and sizes and slab along with white furniture style cabinetry and different mirrors and lighting. ;) Hugs and Happy Weekend!

    1. Hi Shannon,
      I used the regular RH ‘subtle velvet’ texture in the bathroom shower area because I’ not a fan of glossy paint in the home…
      If my shower didn’t have a glass door that had a large cutout opening above it (that’s open at the top providing air flow) I would use the glossy one but still just for ‘inside’ the shower area.
      Even though we have a cut out above our thick glass door… after we shower we ALWAYS leave it open. Everything has a chance to dry out properly and I’ve never had issues like sooo many of my friends. :)

      In my daughter’s bathroom and the guest bathroom I also just used the same ‘Subtle Velvet’ texture because they are open rooms that aren’t used often and both have the window in the shower area for easy ventilation.

      If you are going with ‘Silver Sage’ make sure you test it on poster boards because it can play differently in different light scenarios.
      I’m not a big fan of it with red/brown floors or darker rooms. You can split it in half with their ‘right white’ to make it softer.
      I know split hers in half in her laundry room and it looked great. It’s an easy thing for a painter to do so don’t be afraid to get some sample jars (RH sells them for $4.99?) and test out different colors. Oftentimes if I like the color I’ll split it in half.
      Also, Benjamin Moore has some great paint colors in the same hue that I like. I have a paint board on my Pinterest account that you can look at to find some other ideas and recommendations of blues and shades similar to Silver Sage. Everything depends on the room and lighting.
      Good luck and let me know what you and up choosing. :) xo

  3. Oh, Kristy, your bathroom is beautiful and inviting to wile away some time just soaking in that tub and savoring the peacefulness! I really like your accent tile.

    1. Thank you Carol! The accent tile was key to pulling everything together. I had such a hard time finding the ‘right’ listello when we were building so you can just imagine how thrilled I was to find it. Thanks again for your sweet words! Happy Friday! xoxo